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  1. Very nice looking! Are you still running West Coast Coral? I was referenced to this build thread from the occupation thread and was curious. Always looking to see new shops/facilities. 

    I am not. I didn’t have enough time to work in the coral industry while helping run my families nursery. So something had to go. I do sell corals and such but not on a business level anymore :)

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  2. Thats a Hammer bud

    It’s actually both. It’s a frammer.
    Zoom in on the pic. It has both tentacles with a single tip (hammer) and some have multiple tips (frogspawn). I used to have a piece like this in the past. Most people mistake it for just a frogspawn. But since the two are in the same family they can interbreed. Unique piece :)

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  3. Awesome zoanthid collection!  Your corals are stunning 

    Thank you! Zoas were my favorite for a long time so I’ve got a couple of them haha. Didn’t even get pics of them all lol.

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  4. Got around to taking some pics today :) ignore the green algae on the sad

    Rainbow Nem

    Speckled Nem

    Ritteri Nem

    Long tentacle plate



    Recovering Aussie Gold Torch

    Mini Gold Branching Hammer

    Miami Hurricane Chalice

    Green and Blue Star Polyp

    Zoa Garden!

    Tyree Orange Rainbow


    CARs and My Clementines


    Red People eaters and Pink Zippers

    Scrambled Eggs

    Utter Chaos

    Rastas and Blueberry Fields

    Forget the name of these

    Iron Mans

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  5. Stopped by yesterday and picked up a beautiful purple long tentacle plate for myself and the wife picked out a cool neon green with purple Goni.

    As always the Cuttlefish crew was awesome and it was nice talking to you guys! Shop was absolutely PACKED with sweet corals.





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  6. Looking good Cody!  That retteri is pretty awesome so nice to have it featured. 

    Thank you :) it’s my favorite coral and it definitely deserves to be the center show piece!

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  7. Much different the other structure was so cool but wasn’t very good for LPS and other “flowy” coral. Which is the direction I want to take this tank in. So now we have a zoa garden on the left, my beautiful Ritteri Nem in the middle, and the right side will be nems and Euphyllia. Or so that’s the plan lol

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  8. Sorry to hear about the purple magnifica but looks like you have a few other happy nems  in there!

    It’s ok the greenish yellow one is way cool lol. But it’s always sad to loose a coral :/
    One magnifica and about 3 different types of bubble tips right now :)

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  9. As the title says, I’m looking to get some new LPS and I have an extra MP-10QD that I never got around to using. To be honest I never even opened it lol. Had plans for it but changed my mind. So before I sell it on R2R I wanted to see if anyone had a killer LPS pack they would to trade for it since that’s what I would use the money on anyways. So this could be a win win. I get nice corals and you get a brand new MP-10 lol.


    What I’m looking for:

    Bleeding apple scoly

    Wall hammer (bright green mostly)

    Torches(want the most, all colors)


    Green bubble coral (for the Mrs)

    Elegance coral

    Long tentacle plate

    Higher end BTAs

    Rainbow welso

    Other bright or “flowy” coral

    No ACANs please.


    So pm me what whatever kind of pack you’ve got that might make me want to give up my Mp-10 lol!

    And if nobody has the perfect pack, I will just sell it and then hit you up individually to buy the stuff I liked lol!


    I might be at the meeting this Sunday.


    Thanks for looking everyone :)






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  10. Been a while since I posted a full take shot. Lots has changed and I need more coral still haha.

    Nutrients got low due to not feeding much (oops) so colors are a little lacking. But I’m working on fixing that. Lost the purple magnifica but the greenish yellow one is doing great! Looking to get a bunch of LPSfor the tank :)





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  11. I agree. If you are having trouble, break the rocks up into spalls stuff and glue them together. Way easier to work with and you can go fancy structures. The whole structure in my 75 is made up of about 2” to 5” pieces. Lots and lots of superglue and about two tubes of epoxy for the whole structure.




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