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  1. As the title says I’ve got some lights for sale. Both are in excellent condition and are great lights. Just decided to go a different direction after I fell in love with Kessil/T5.


    The radion was purchased in March of last year but was ran for only 6ish months at $25% intensity over my frag tank. $300 for it.


    The ATI Sunpower was purchased from Powderblue during one of his tank break downs. It comes with two Blue + and two actinic bulbs. Also has the hanging kit. Both bulbs have maybe 3 months of use on them.

    $225 for the unit.


    I’m planning to be at the meeting this weekend and can bring the lights with me. Otherwise local pick up is welcome. I’m just outside of Salem.


    Pm me with any questions.



  2. Wow!!! Doin' it justice man.  Exciting time, filling it up!

    Side note, I actually turned the back into the front haha. The side you used for the front had some scratches and the back was almost perfect so I did a 180 on the tank lol!

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  3. Finished up the Canopy today. Soon I’ll add two vent fans to help cool the future LEDs and T5s.
    I installed the LET T5 retrofit kit and it’s awesome! Really nice quality and a decent price. Still more details to do on the stand/canopy so they aren’t so boring :)

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  4. Its a 150W "UFO LED" bought it on ebay for 32 bucks. Hard to beat the price and its definetly pretty powerful.

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    Dang! I’ll have to check it out.

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  5. Nothing exciting here, thanks just cycling and I’m slowly adding more equipment. Today I finally hooked up the ATO and it worked perfect. Tapped into a water line and a drain line. Having never tapped into lines before, I found it pretty easy :)
    So now my unit pushes water up into the attic and then half way across the house, inside the wall and come out at my tank. Solenoid, electrical floats and mechanical float work perfect. Very excited to never top off an ATO container.
    Now to see how the solenoid holds up over time. I’ll keep everyone updated!

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