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  1. OOPS, might lp if te waas more text heer.
    These are some zoas I do not ahve but would like to get a polyp or two of if you have any to spare for the trade. Whatever you see fitting really.
    WCC Blue ice,Blue rhino ,OG vamps,JF askraks,Candy Apple Reds,CNC Hot Lips (aka BigR butt kraks) ,Rastas ,WCC Silver dragons,King Midas,MagiciansJKR Crab Nebulas,TPA Green Galaxys (aka shadows) ,WCC Blue Che,LC petroglyphs ,ASD Arch Mage,Tyree Orange Rainbow ,Seductions (maybe) , Butt munchers (maybe) 

    Well I found your post that I missed Bert! I’ll put together a solid pack for you and bring it by soon!

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  2. So to make sure I have everyone and everything in order I have...
    OptimusPrime--for 1 Shazam zoa.
    Paratore--for 1 Shazam, oxides, and ORA Supernatural monti.
    Sasquatch-- for Mohawks Zoas.
    Exodus-- Orbits, Blond Blue Eyed Bithes, purple tipped hammer.
    Gumby --  Mine Field Cyphastrea, Pink and Golds, Blonde Blue Eyed Bithes,OG Alien Eye, Pink Panther, and Mango chalices.
    Stylaster--Dragon Scale Chalice
    Am I missing anyone here?

    Oh man I had totally forgotten, good thing you posted lol. What am I supposed to bring you!?!?

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