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  1. WTB- Protein Skimmer

    I am looking to get a new skimmer for my system and I figured instead of just buying an expensive brand new one, I would see if any of you have one for sale first. I am looking for a skimmer that will do about 125 gallons well (my system is a 55 with 15 gallon sump). Currently I am looking at getting either Bubble mag curve 5 or 7. Another option I am looking at is a Super Reef Octopus skimmer of some sort. Does anybody have one they wouldn't mind selling? I am open to different makes and models so just let me know what you have and how much you want for it. Thanks!!
  2. WTB-Zoas/Polyps

    Oh trust me, I have not forgot about you my friend. I was planning on coming to check out your stuff sometime soon! I'll shoot you a PM.
  3. WTB- Protein Skimmer

    PM sent
  4. WTB-Zoas/Polyps

    I will be in the PDX area on the 16th! Shoot me a PM of your prices.
  5. SPS Questions

    Thank you everyone for your input! I'll have to keep watching the tank and see how it does. Might have to move some rocks around to create low flow areas for my LPS.
  6. SPS Questions

    I plan to make the tank mostly SPS/zoas so if I remove my LPS would I be golden flow wise? I'm slowly transitioning to SPS and want to try and make the least amount of errors I can haha.
  7. Tunze Care Magnet

    I guess I will have to give it a shot! Where did you guys get yours from?
  8. Need help picking a new Skimmer!

    I am slowly making my way into the world of SPS coral and I feel as though I need to upgrade my skimmer. I have a 55 gallon tank with about a 15 gallon sump/fuge. I am currently running a CPR CY192 skimmer/sump combo and I don't feel like it is good enough. I am not exactly sure what skimmer I should get and how big it should be (i was thinking somewhere in the 125 gallon rating range?). I was hoping that the kind people of PNWMAS would flood me with ideas and knowledge and possibly a solid deal on a skimmer if anyone has an extra one laying around. Thanks in advance for your help!
  9. Need help picking a new Skimmer!

    Thank you everyone for your help! I have at least narrowed it down to either a bubble mag or a reef octopus! Now to pick one haha
  10. WTS- Light Fixture for sale!!

    Pictures can be found in the craigslist ad here. http://corvallis.craigslist.org/for/4998767518.html Thanks for Looking!
  11. Protein Skimmer anyone?

    I am currently running a CPR cy192 sump/protein skimmer on my 55 gallon tank (about 20 gallons worth of fuge and sump water also). I feel as though it is not pulling enough skim and that my tank might be suffering as a consequence but I am not sure. Does anyone have any experience with these all in one sump/fuges? I got the set up as a package when i bought the system so i do not know that much about it. If I do need to get a new skimmer does anyone have one they wouldn't mind parting with? I would prefer to get one used so its less of a blow to the budget.
  12. Help!! I have ICK!!

    Well now that I have your attention, I have two tangs in a quarantine tank (hippo tang and Yellow tang) and the hippo has ICK which means the other one isn't far behind. I have used Quick Cure before to cure fish of ick but I am about to run out in the next day or two and they discontinued the product. What medications do you guys recommend I use instead? Thanks!!!
  13. Help!! I have ICK!!

    Thank you both for all of the informations! Would you guys recommend hypo salinity or copper? What are the pros and cons of both?
  14. Help!! I have ICK!!

  15. Help!! I have ICK!!

  16. IMG_0844_zpsuhnbzlto.jpg.html IMG_0843_zps16jed3o8.jpg.html Does this work for the pictures?? And I believe there are 6 of em. Paratore "Cody" Grow Out Tank Specs System Specs. Tank Size-- 55 Gallon tank with a 15 gallon sump/refugium. Flow- 1500 GPH return pump and one RW-8 Jabeo wave maker. Filtration - My sump/ skimmer is a CPR 195 it has a built in skimmer that is rated to 100 gallons. I also run two mesh bags of carbon and one bag of purigen. The second part of my filtration is a DIY 10 gallon refugium that has a 4" sand bed, rubble rock, and a ton of Cheato. I also have a powerhead in the rubble rock section to keep the water moving. Lighting- Right now I am set up with two 150 watt 20K metal halides but will be upgrading to OR t247 LEDs soon. Dosing- I use a 2 part Calcium and Alkalinity from BRS and add magnesium when my levels need it. I Feed- I feed my fish New Life Spectrum and Prime Reef Flakes every day and my Corals get Reef Chili from BRS and Mysis Shrimps. Not quit sure how to load pictures.
  17. Looking for SPS coral

    I am finally starting to venture out into the world of SPS! I am looking for some pieces of Monti to buy. I live in the corvallis area so if you are around here and have some monti frags you wouldn't mind parting with let me know! Either shoot me a PM or comment. Thanks! Also, free advice on keeping SPS is always appreciated!!
  18. Looking for SPS coral

    I am looking for a wide range of montiporas, so I have not settled on any one type or color. I would love to get some diversity in the tank so I am open to all types, shapes, and colors. I do know that I would like to get some purple and orange color into the tank eventually though! Thank you! PM sent!
  19. Frag Swap Questions

    So this is my first ever Frag Swap so I was hopping you guys could answer some of my general questions. I am relatively new to the hobby and therefor do not have some of the higher end corals to trade. Are people generally only interested in the higher end stuff or a little bit of everything? For example some things I have are.. -Kiwi Zoas -Eagle eye Zoas -Armor of Gods -Green Bay Packers -Brown Star Polyps -and some other zoa/polpys i don't know the name of and will attach pictures of. Are people interested in the lower end stuff like this or should I just pass on bringing stuff to trade?
  20. Free German blue digita

    I can defiantly be there by then! PM me your address and a number to reach you at and I'll drop you a line before I head over!
  21. Frag Swap Questions

    Nice! I will definitely have to prepare better for the next one so I can participate!
  22. Free German blue digita

    I would also love to get a frag from you tomorrow if you are available! I will be in the portland area almost all day!
  23. Frag Swap Questions

    Thank you theclark for the feed back. I might have to just observe this frag swap and see how it all works unless someone responds to this wanting me to bring something to trade. On another note, how often do these things happen?