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  1. Paratore

    Free German blue digita

    I would also love to get a frag from you tomorrow if you are available! I will be in the portland area almost all day!
  2. Paratore

    Frag Swap Questions

    Thank you theclark for the feed back. I might have to just observe this frag swap and see how it all works unless someone responds to this wanting me to bring something to trade. On another note, how often do these things happen?
  3. Paratore

    Mostly Free Stuff - Today only

    Where are you located?
  4. ill be at the meeting on sunday!!
  5. I am still in!
  6. Paratore

    The New Kid on the Block

    Hi there everybody, My name is Cody and I am completely new to the reef club thing and still trying to figure out how it all works. I have only just recently gotten into reefing in the last few months and so far I love it! I have done freshwater before so I do have a basic understanding of how things work in the aquarium world but have so much to learn still about freshwater. I basically built my new reef aquarium from scratch so it is a work in progress but it has been up and running for a about a month now and I am finally looking to add corals and fish! I still need to come up with an auto top off system and dosing system. I currently run metal halides but i am hopping to get LEDs soon I imagine I will be asking tons of questions on here to expand my knowledge of reef keeping so bear with me.
  7. Paratore

    Coral ID?

    Picked this coral up today but i have no idea what it is, does anyone recognize it?
  8. Paratore

    The New Kid on the Block

    Thats awesome! I love OSU, its a blast here!
  9. Paratore

    Anyone Know the name of this Zoa?

    I was recently given this zoa as free gift with a hammer coral i bought on craigslist but the guy did not know the name of it. Does anybody recognize it?
  10. Paratore

    The New Kid on the Block

    We do know each other! Small world haha.
  11. Paratore

    Anyone Know the name of this Zoa?

    Im not sure if they are AOG's or Devils armor because they have a more purple center. I have some AOG's and they are very pink, much different than the unknown purplish ones.
  12. Paratore

    The New Kid on the Block

    I go to Oregon State University! You? I'm from corvallis. your name looks familiar too. is your first name Robert?
  13. Paratore

    The New Kid on the Block

    Jmanro- I will be back, and as long as my school schedule allows I would definitely love to come to that, it sounds pretty cool. Thank you for the invite! Mitrillion- I had a bunch of neon tetras and then switched lol! I will definitely have to hit you up for those frags once my tank is running nice and steady! That is very nice of you, thank you!
  14. Paratore

    The New Kid on the Block

    I am out of state right now but I will defiantly have to do that once i get back!
  15. Paratore

    New Users/Probationary Users

    Hi, My name is Cody and I am new to this whole reef club thing. How odes it all work? Do I need to sign up for the subscription? Basically just a newbie looking to gather knowledge on how this all works.