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  1. I've got a 50 gallon drum? I use to mixsalt water from my DI system. Could be used to store rock...let me know if interested
  2. I've got a 10 gallon located in vancouver. Short square tank. Just got one from my friend yesterday. Decided not to keep. Its more of a drag tank I would say. Really short. Square. .707 332 9152 Vancouver/portland area
  3. Michael


    yes! thank you so much guys. i got a coral bandit shrimp and a long tentacle anemone as a trade, so those guys are in their along with some snails and hermies, hopefully ill be on my way to another reef tank soon! Thanks a lot!
  4. What kind of algae is this? And what snail.crab. or fish will help keep this down in my 30 gallon. Its a new tank. And this algae is all over my sand rock and glass! Thanks guys Pics below
  5. ive got one, but i think its only rated 60 gallons, so maybe this would be last option, but 20bucks takes it from me! Thanks for reading
  6. if anybody else has anymore? im also interested. Thanks guys
  7. Hello, good condition RO/DI water purification system, just replaced all three of the filters last week. you should be good for a couple years now depending on how much water you make. All you need is some resin, i get mine from Bulk Reef Supply. $80 bucks. has TDS meter inline, but it got wet and does not turn on, may need batteries??? or it may just be toast. Thanks guys 707-332-9152 Vancouver WA
  8. FRESH WATER EH? ive got an led light fixture on my freshwater, its not SUPER bright, but bright enough for sure, works great. i can send you photos, i also have a T5 fixture, very bright for saltwater, but its only 38 inches... let me know what you'd like! maybe 60 bucks for LED?
  9. okay, i am thinking of setting QT tank, an probably will, maybe then dosing that tank with copper. Im guessing DT tank stands for my... main tank? i dont have any coral in this tank, just fish, only thing i was worried about was my snails. setting up a QT tank will be best for powder blue and hippo tang, but that doesnt mean that my main tank (DT?) will be ready for new fish? Thanks again guys
  10. i also agree with peppermint shrimp, never fail
  11. i also have a clown, two snowflake eels (babies), 4 chromis, 2 fire fish, coral beauty, damsel, foxface, along with powder blue (has ich) and blue hippo tang (also has ich). wanting to add a yellow eye tang, and a wrasse. but cannot due to ich
  12. Hello, 100 gallon tank, no recent spikes that i can read, chaeto in fuge ive done two 50-60 percent water changes ich has been super bad on only my powder blue tang, not so bad on blue hippo tang ive used about two bottles of tropical science probiotics, i feed my tangs seaweed thats garlic infused, mix of frozen food i got from cuttle fish and coral, i've heard from many people its great stuff. every once in a while i feed flakes, also contain probiotics... after everything ich is still bad in tank, powder blue is established have had for a while now, he's been fine but recently got ich after i introduced a new fish that died.... My next option that i can see would be to copper dose my tank, but doing so i believe that i will loose my snails. i dont have to many, but i still would like to keep them. is there any medication that anybody knows of that will save my snails, my fish, and rid my tank of ich? or as much as possible? is QT my two tangs my only option? and at that point is my tank able to handle new live stock? i would like to add a few more fish. i dont have nay coral...YET but i know there is some stuff i can buy that will remove all copper from tank, right? thus making it reef safe? Thanks guys
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