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  1. So here is the real story: Scott @spectra had WAY too much to drink and evidently floated his bags in the toilet, thinking it was "the sump." He flushed, flooding the bathroom. In his embarrassment, he made up this cockamamie story about some mysterious person stealing his frags, even going so far as blaming ME. Be forewarned Scott, you will be limited to juice boxes* on Sunday. *Juice BOXES just in case Mr. Butterhands @albertareef starts throwing beverages again.
  2. @SuncrestReef Ahhh, all is now clear. Thank you!
  3. @SuncrestReef Sorry to be so dense. I see it now. I changed all the setting that are marked on the "Notification List" to the "Email" list. But what is the Notification List? Is that something that triggers the bell?
  4. This is great you guys. @SuncrestReef this is what I got. Does it have to do with the "disabled" setting?
  5. Thanks, Jeremy @TheClark and also Sean @albertareef for doing the testing. So here is what I got: Desktop--I have a # on my little bell at the top showing me a notification that you mentioned me, as well as a PM and comments on my Sale post (which I have followed). Email--I did not get an email that you mentioned me, but I did get an email saying that someone had PM'd me. Tapatalk (on my phone)--No # on the Tapatalk icon or on the bell, but if I pull up "Notifications" the mention shows there. This is way better than it was, so thank you. In my perfect world, I'd get an email about the mention too, but no biggie.
  6. It will be a fun one! You know the drill--100's of frags, all $10. Yep, all $10. The frags below (and a ba-zillion more) will be for sale, and I have multiples of many of them. NO PRE-SALES! I hear that my BFF Jeff @CuttleFishandCoral may make an appearance to help you pick out some beauties. This time, I'm going to put out a bunch of free things in the room next to the aquarium room so you have something to look at while waiting for your turn. There might even be some cookies involved. Here is what you need to know: WHEN: Sunday, November 17, 1 PM to 3 PM WHERE: My house in southwest Portland, near Washington Square. I'm guessing most of you have been here, but if not PM me for the address. Did I mention...NO PRE-SALES! *A special Shout Out to Kai @Bubbles for taking these pictures for me. He's a rock star.*
  7. Sorry, brunera. I PM'd you, but I'll post here as well--all of the free frags are gone. BUT, I will be having a $10 sale next Sunday so look for the announcement. It's a lot of fun and you can get some crazy deals. Mods--you can close this one. Thanks.
  8. Okay I think it's fixed now. Sent from my SM-G928P using Tapatalk
  9. Evidently not. : ( I'll look at my notifications again and see what I did wrong.
  10. Nope. No notification. Back to the drawing board. Thanks, Sean.
  11. Thanks you guys for following up on this. I actually had a change in my notifications where the bell would show a number anytime anyone I followed posted something. I agree that it makes sense it was something that happened during an update. Anyway, I did go through all my settings and I think that I've got it set right, but will somebody post on my free palys thread and I'll see if I get notified? @SuncrestReef @albertareef
  12. Oh my gosh you guys, I'm so sorry. I just saw this. I'm not sure why my notifications aren't working. Let me look to see what I have today and PM each of you. Again, sorry! Holly
  13. Carbon is yours. I haven't been doing the QT for a while. Sent from my SM-G928P using Tapatalk
  14. I'll be there! Thank you! Sent from my SM-G928P using Tapatalk
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