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  1. 8 minutes ago, Higher Thinking said:

    I think he's whole point was that he didn't want to deal with cutting it up.


    I'd message Robert and get him in on it. He's got a couple coral band saws.


    Probably have to bring it to him in Corvallis, though.



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    O I thought he just didn't wanna try to sell the individual chunks. I could ask Jason to cut it I believe he has a saw up in Vancouver 

  2. Man I'm right there with you feeling defeated. I have been fighting my tank trying to keep sps since last June. I had a lot of sps colonies that were growing good and then when we had the first heat wave last year the AC in my house was broke and I tried everything to keep my tank cool (aside from buying a chiller I know I should have). But I lost about $500-800 in SPS, since then I haven't been able to keep any sps and seems like my parameters are always fluctuating. Then this last week I left for vacation and came back to 5 fish missing and 3 sps bleached all parameters seems find still not sure what happened.. and very very tempted to take down my 180 gallon tank and turn it into a fresh water community tank and just have a 40gallon reef set up 

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