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  1. I wouldn’t think so only because I don’t think you lose any from your display to the filter socks, I could be wrong but I wouldn’t think the filter would be fine enough to pull out CA or ALK. Following to see what others think. 

  2. So I recently set up a maxspect gyre XF250 which came with controller for my 180, question is does anyone know if the controller would work on an XF230 as well? I know it can control 2 units but I’m unaware of there are any difference with the 230 and 250’s. Reason I’m wondering is because even with the 250 I’ve noticed a couple areas that aren’t getting much flow and started noticing cyano growth. 

  3. I would say anyone on the forum who would be willing to take them would ensure they went to a good home, everyone on here loves the hobby and seems to take good care of there critters. As for if to sell as a set or individually I would say list out what you have and do individual sales, not many people I know of looking for an aquariums worth of fish all at once, and I dont know if any of the LFS's do consignment for fish. 

  4. 34 minutes ago, katarian said:

    40B with a 20 gallon sump

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    I have an ASM mini-G I used on the same set up and ran for 6 months before taking the tank down. I paid $120 and was looking to get $60 for it or trade for some SPS/Euphillia/lobo corals. 

  5. 6 hours ago, Blue Z Reef said:

    IIRC ReefCorner lights were just a branded black box light. From the sound of it, you likely have one of two things wrong:

    1. One of the blue LEDs brunt out and the fixture doesn’t have a bypass. Earlier units and cheaper ones never did so if you lost one led on the channel, the whole channel goes dead. (Most likely the issue if it’s 1-2 years old)

    2. The driver went bad. They are pretty easy to get these days on eBay.


    if you lived closer I’d take a look at it for you. I’ve fixed a few myself. From where I’m at (Camas) it says it’s over an hour drive...

    Ya the lights are like 5 years old and I would have no prob driving an hour to get the lights fixed haha, 

    6 hours ago, Bubbles said:

    I wold not be able to give u a firm price until I see what’s wrong with it.

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