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  1. I have a 40B set up for sale, comes with tank, black wood stand, ASM mini G protein skimmer, a sunsun powerhead and a return pump (not sure make or anything). The tank was drilled and has bulkheads on it just needs piping - $100

    29 Gallon bio cube with black stand, HQI light, glass top, protein skimmer, some extra replacement filters and small hydor kralia pump - $300

    Unknown brand protein skimmer used on my 180 gallon reef tank - $50


    If your interested in something let me know may come down on price a little hit me up with any offers worst I can say is no. 

  2. Just curious if there are any general contractors on here? Potentially looking for a contractor to look at replacing some T-111 siding on my house out in Scappoose and maybe adding a roof over a deck. 

  3. Ya that’s what I’m thinking if I did a water change would probably be 15 gallons (it’s a 180), ive disconnected the CO2 (this will also give me a chance to get it filled). I don’t think my sps are that stressed a couple of my lps though I have noticed aren’t opening as wide as usual so I’m hoping it coming down naturally will make them happy.

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  4. Ya I have sps (smaller frags currently) and sps corals. I’m waiting until I get my new test reagents before I start doing a major water change, but I might have to bring them to a store to have a second test ran...  not sure what my mag is but in the calcium reactor I have mag as well. 

  5. So what is a good way to lower calcium and alkalinity? I put a calcium reactor in to stabilize my parameters which worked for about a month then in the last couple weeks I noticed they were increasing as of tonight (based on API tests, I have more of my Hanna reagents ordered) the alk was at about 14dkh and calcium was at around 560ppm usually I like my alk around 9-10. I have always thought that alk and calcium were alternates (when one is high other is low) but right now I’m seeing different. any ideas would be helpful, gonna need to re adjust the calcium reactor soon cause it’s atarting to get low on CO2

  6. 8 minutes ago, stylaster said:

    Also if you want to bring nitrates down you can use a denitrator brick.  I use the brightwell xport no3 brick seeded with their microbactr7 product.  This brought my 25ppm nitrates in roughly 500 gallon system down to 0 in a little over a week.  

    I’ve been reading up on those, how long do they seem to last a lot of the things I have read say that after 2-3 weeks they became a pile of mush that you have to fish out of the water.

  7. I have a 1969 Owens fiberglass boat, New fish finder I bought late 2017 and only used it maybe 6 times. The fish finder i believe is a Hummingbird helix 5 with down imaging. Boat trailer lights were re-wired in 2017 and are good to go, tires on the trailer are good. tags on the boat are from 20167 and need to be renewed. Also has the covers shown in pictures as well as a traveling cover. when not on the boat the covers have always been stored in the garage and in the storage bags.

    reason for selling is the motor is not currently running, the fuel was mixed two lean for the 2 stroke and its gonna cost me to much to repair. Asking 1500 for boat, fish finder, trailer, and some rod holders. Motor will go with it, you can either attempt to repair or replace.




  8. 3 hours ago, Manny Tavan said:

    Get salifert kit

    if you want nitrates to go down quickly, only a water change will do that

    carbon dosing with nopox took months to make a change in my system and it was only a small effect (nitrate from 5 to 1)

    maybe look at a better light for refugium. Not sure what you are using

    not feeding fish for 5 days won’t make a difference. Lighter feeding over months will slow down nitrate build up but won’t really make it go down 

    Ya i think ill pick up an additional test to run it. I guess I was just thinking that by doing 60+ gallon water change that my nitrates would have went down a little bit on that test. As for the refugium light I am running a cheaper white led, it seems to grow the cheato pretty well.