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  1. Small pump

    they have cheap ones for like $10-15 at fred meyer they are fountain pumps, I used one on my phosban 150 for a while
  2. OIAB Group Buy

    looks like a beautiful red planet, I have one similar color but it to is a very slow grower
  3. Im interested in the dosing pump is it still available if so can I get a pic of it? my number is 503-961-2504
  4. 20# liverock $25

    Do you still have this? if so can you send me a text my number is 503-961-2504
  5. Frag tank sps sale $20 a piece

    Do you have any frags remaining of the: 1)Romel Watermelon Milli 2)PC Rainbow 3)RMF Superman If so I am interested. my number is 503-961-2504
  6. WTS Bleeding Apple Scoly $80

    I have always wanted a scolly, but have never been able to justify the cost but this is a killer deal
  7. Frags / Mini Colonies

    what all do you have left?
  8. WTS Bleeding Apple Scoly $80

    If it doesnt sell I want it please
  9. Fishtank Stand

    Looking for a stand for a 40 gal breeder that looks like this so it will match my 180 gal. Must be black let me know what you have and your price please. My other option is to build one but I don't wanna put all the time into it if I can buy one for a little cheaper. http://www.fishtankstands.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/31LZ7zOAToL.jpg
  10. Zoa ID

    I have this zoa I was told was radio active dragons eye and am wanting some help to confirm it and if its not RDE then what is it? also what would someone sell a small frag of it for? http://s12.photobucket.com/user/bamburgb42/media/IMG_1860_zpsra6i8cb2.jpg.html?o=8
  11. Miami hurricane frags

    i get off work at 7:30 Am, so I could be up there around 9 if that works. Wednesday is the start of my weekend
  12. Miami hurricane frags

    I can come by wednesday morning if that works for you?
  13. Miami hurricane frags

  14. Miami hurricane frags

    When would be a good time to meet up and snag a frag of that
  15. Miami hurricane frags

    Do you still have any left that arent claimed?
  16. WTB: Chaeto

    Ocean In A Box has it for like $5 for a bag of it.
  17. Frags for sale or trade

    Are those the nightmares everyones getting in line for? if so I would love to be added as well haha. Also do you still have the frag of Sunny D?
  18. Does anyone still like Miami hurricane

    Heck ya ill for sure take a piece
  19. Does anyone still like Miami hurricane

    depending on price I would like a frag too
  20. Breakdown Sale

    sent you a PM
  21. Phosphates

    Hi Everyone, Just was curious as to how often people will check there phosphates? what levels they usually run at? The reason for this discussion is I have been watching bulkreefsupply videos on youtube about a conference from last year and saw some beautiful tanks and people were saying they had phosphate levels of like 1.1 and .9 which most of us would consider high levels. So just wanted to see what peoples opinions are about having elevated phosphate levels, I know in some instances it will cause algae growth, but has anyone had any experience where it has actually helped with SPS growth? the tanks they were showing saying they had higher phosphate levels were mostly SPS and doing amazing.
  22. Lots of stuff to get rid of

    Im interested in the hannah alk and calcium checkers. I'll shoot you a text in a few hours haha dont wanna wake you at 5am. do you still have the liquid solutions?
  23. $20 frag sale

    ya if you could that would be awesome =)
  24. $20 frag sale

    Im kinda interested in the PC Rainbow, and the Tyree Red Dragon. Anyway I could get a pic of those two?