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  1. Filter sock

    Are these the thick ones or the skinny mesh ones? Also where are you located Im interested as well
  2. Thinking about selling my zoa colonies

    Can I get a pic of the RPE with less blue? cant really see them.
  3. WTB Skimmer

    Hi All, Im looking to possibly buy a cheap skimmer only needs to be rated for about 60 gallons. Its gonna go on a coral only frag tank Im still kinda debating if I need a skimmer. Its mostly gonna be LPS and Zoas but ya.
  4. WTB Skimmer

    Hey everyone just wanted to say thanks, I recently bought one for the tank Im setting up just wanted to say thanks for the info
  5. building a tank

    I am curious if anyone has ever built a custom glass tank by themselves if so how was it as far as difficulty? I'm thinking it wouldn't be too hard to get a frame to hold the top and bottom together, then silicon the heck out of the sides and bottom... BUT i dont want those to be the famous last words. Im wanting to build a glass frag tank like 30L X 15H X 20D Any advise would be awesome. If it would be cheaper I am debating on just doing a 20gal Long (maybe 2 with a water bridge) but really wanting like a deep 40 gal to make shelves.
  6. building a tank

    think i might just do the 40B
  7. Huge thanks to MrBret & Softy

    Ya they have some amazing looking zoas, I picked up some Rastas from them today and then last week I bought a Sunny D, Captain America and a rainbow raptor
  8. WTB 40B

    Idk if it currently is but I know it will be back again on the weekend of the 6th - 8th of August
  9. RBTA's and more for sale

    Do you have any of those pink and white looking ones left? if so how much are they depending on price I might try to pick up a couple
  10. WTB Skimmer

    thanks but those are a little more then I am wanting to spend, Im still on the fence if i should even put a skimmer on the tank im gonna be putting together or not
  11. Browser Zoa or not!

    How much would a frag be?
  12. Browser Zoa or not!

    idk what it is but i really like it haha nice coloration
  13. WTB Zoas

    Im looking to buy some zoas, in particular the ones im looking for are: Sunny D's Captain Americas and maybe some rainbows depending on price. If you have any let me know how much you want for them.
  14. Moving a tank

    Hi Everyone, So I am in the middle of purchasing a house and am kinda curious as to what people have found the best methods for moving there tanks with minimal stress on the fish and corals? Ill be moving a 180 gallon and also a 30 gallon. what equipment did you find was most helpful in the move? did you save most of the water or start from scratch? thanks for any advice
  15. Moving a tank

    Also I have heard from some people that they do not recommend keeping the current sand but I don't see why it would be necessary to change the sand any one have any opinion on this or any reasons to change it?
  16. Zoas for sale

    Hey MrBret sent you a PM
  17. Zoas for sale

    who is it i should be emailing haha i was emailing Softy about some red hornets and fruitloops or should i be emailing MrBret?
  18. Zoas for sale

    Hey Softy i sent you a PM
  19. Another zoa id

    Need help with a zoa ID, got it from someone but neither know what it is was told it might be people eater but am not sure. http://s12.photobucket.com/user/bamburgb42/media/IMG_2041_zpsucdgu7md.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0 Its below the radioactive dragons eye
  20. BOGO SPS Weekend!!!

    what is that wrasse???
  21. Help choosing LED's PLEASE

    His prices are also a lot lower then of others for programmable that i have seen
  22. Sps fs

    Hey Isaac thanks again I am loving everything I got. Also you have a beautiful tank.
  23. Help choosing LED's PLEASE

    Also he is local and a sponsor of the group
  24. Help choosing LED's PLEASE

    Look at reefcorner.com the owner is very nice and helpful to deal with. his also already have hanging spots for wire mounts.
  25. Just a few corals for sale

    I might be interested in the cup coral if I can see what it looks like