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    Feeling defeated

    Man I'm right there with you feeling defeated. I have been fighting my tank trying to keep sps since last June. I had a lot of sps colonies that were growing good and then when we had the first heat wave last year the AC in my house was broke and I tried everything to keep my tank cool (aside from buying a chiller I know I should have). But I lost about $500-800 in SPS, since then I haven't been able to keep any sps and seems like my parameters are always fluctuating. Then this last week I left for vacation and came back to 5 fish missing and 3 sps bleached all parameters seems find still not sure what happened.. and very very tempted to take down my 180 gallon tank and turn it into a fresh water community tank and just have a 40gallon reef set up
  2. bamburgb

    Remaining fish and corals for sale

    If you cut up the red gono I would be interested have the space for a large one just not the funds
  3. bamburgb

    Remaining fish and corals for sale

    How much for the gono? Also where are you located
  4. bamburgb

    SPS Frags/colonies! Priced to sell fast!

    Beautiful pieces, wish I had the money for them good luck with the sale.
  5. bamburgb

    Chaeto (or other Macros) FS

    I will be coming up to Vancouver tomorrow and can bring some, sandwhich bags filled for $5
  6. bamburgb


    Hey just curious as to what everyone runs for phosphate control, I currently run a small refugium and some rowa phos, but am wanting to try something cheaper, any ideas? Currently my phosphates are at .3ppm and im thinking thats a little high. i dont feed often so another thing i have thought about is vodka dosing to up the nitrates. any advise would be great.
  7. bamburgb

    ISO shelf rock

    As the title says I'm currently looking for some shelf rock, wanting to redo my aquascape and would like a couple pieces. Let me know if you have any lying around and price
  8. bamburgb

    ISO shelf rock

    Looking for both big and small just depends on price mostly,
  9. bamburgb

    lots of GSP

    Just sent you a PM
  10. bamburgb

    lots of GSP

    I have a lot of gsp mostly bigger rocks around 8-10lbs with most of the rocks covered in it, I am thinking of re organizing my tank this week and am looking to see if anyone is interested in trade or buying any?
  11. bamburgb

    lots of GSP

    Like most zoas and lps,
  12. bamburgb

    Vodka dosing...

    definitly gonna follow, i have been debating for a while on starting to dose vodka
  13. bamburgb

    WTB macro algae

    If you want cheeto I have a whole bunch. I am in Scappoose but go to hillsboro/beaverton daily
  14. bamburgb


    I have a lot growing on my overflow if you want I can try to scrape it off of there to where it's like a sheet
  15. bamburgb

    WTB: Zoas!!!!

    Dang I'm up in Scappoose, how often do you get up to the Portland area?
  16. bamburgb

    WTB: Zoas!!!!

    Where are you located? I have a small thing of pink zippers I believe it's 6 polyps I could get out (was on a rock that broke).
  17. bamburgb

    Wtb ato

    its sold.
  18. bamburgb

    Wtb ato

    I tore down my 40B recently and dont think ill be setting it up for saltwater anytime soon, I have a Hydor Smart ATO that I used for maybe 4 months. I Paid ~$70, would be willing to let it go for $45. let me know if your interested. I also have a 3.5 gph pump that I paid $15 for and would let go for $10.
  19. bamburgb

    Green star polyp wtb

    Are you still looking for a big chunk?
  20. bamburgb

    FS: Copperband butterfly

    If you happen to still have it Sunday I'll take it
  21. Looking for some cheaper frags of LPS, SPS and zoas hopefully in like the 5-10 range or can possibly trade for some. Right now the main thing I have to trade (due to a tank crash that im finally recovering from) is Duncan coral, I have a colony of around 150+ heads that I can frag (usually I sell it for about $8/head unless buying many heads). Let me know what you have and what you want for it. Im really looking for some more torch corals also.
  22. bamburgb

    WTB/Trade for cheaper frags

    Sent you all PM's
  23. bamburgb

    WTB/Trade for cheaper frags

    Ya i might be able to make it up there tomorrow evening or sunday morning if those work for you
  24. bamburgb

    WTB/Trade for cheaper frags

    Ninja Beaver send me a PM with what your wanting to trade I and how many heads you want, I have a lot