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  1. Calcium Reactor Output

    I wouldn’t think so only because I don’t think you lose any from your display to the filter socks, I could be wrong but I wouldn’t think the filter would be fine enough to pull out CA or ALK. Following to see what others think.
  2. Wavemakers

    Ok was just curious I mean it’s only $40 or so more for just the unit but was just thinking it might be over kill. But I may eventually just do that route
  3. Wavemakers

    So I recently set up a maxspect gyre XF250 which came with controller for my 180, question is does anyone know if the controller would work on an XF230 as well? I know it can control 2 units but I’m unaware of there are any difference with the 230 and 250’s. Reason I’m wondering is because even with the 250 I’ve noticed a couple areas that aren’t getting much flow and started noticing cyano growth.
  4. Today is the day!

    Wish I wasn’t stuck at work, would love to come and hang out.
  5. Misc Equipment

    I have a 40B set up for sale, comes with tank, black wood stand, ASM mini G protein skimmer, a sunsun powerhead and a return pump (not sure make or anything). The tank was drilled and has bulkheads on it just needs piping - $100 29 Gallon bio cube with black stand, HQI light, glass top, protein skimmer, some extra replacement filters and small hydor kralia pump - $300 Unknown brand protein skimmer used on my 180 gallon reef tank - $50 If your interested in something let me know may come down on price a little hit me up with any offers worst I can say is no.
  6. Breakdown sale

    I would take the short polyp leather and the pincushion urchin if still available
  7. The unfortunate 93 cube breakdown.

    Sent a PM
  8. How to rehome livestock?

    I would say anyone on the forum who would be willing to take them would ensure they went to a good home, everyone on here loves the hobby and seems to take good care of there critters. As for if to sell as a set or individually I would say list out what you have and do individual sales, not many people I know of looking for an aquariums worth of fish all at once, and I dont know if any of the LFS's do consignment for fish.
  9. WTB a Skimmer

    I have an ASM mini-G I used on the same set up and ran for 6 months before taking the tank down. I paid $120 and was looking to get $60 for it or trade for some SPS/Euphillia/lobo corals.
  10. WTB a Skimmer

    What size tank?
  11. CNC Auction #9 Rainbow Trachyphilia

  12. Lighting repair

    Ya the lights are like 5 years old and I would have no prob driving an hour to get the lights fixed haha,
  13. Lighting repair

    Does anyone know how to repair lights? I have a programmable led I have had for a few years and it looks like the channel for the blue lights went out. Last time this happened with one of my other lights the maker repaired it, but since then he has liquidated the company and doesn’t work on them anymore. Wanting to see if anyone on here knows how to diagnose and work on lights that may be able to work on them depending on the cost, that way I can have my light as a backup (had to put my backup on the tank).
  14. Lighting repair

    Ya I reached out to him last week and he said he liquidated everything and didn’t do them anymore
  15. Lighting repair

    How much do you think it would possibly cost?
  16. Lighting repair

    It’s reefcorner, it was a local shop but he shut it down about a year ago
  17. Time to part with tank

    If you part out I’m interested in the hippo tang
  18. Anyone selling a large tank?

    There was a post the other day, @fishmanmike01 selling a 200 gallon tank i believe maybe hit him up for more details.
  19. Contractors?

    Just curious if there are any general contractors on here? Potentially looking for a contractor to look at replacing some T-111 siding on my house out in Scappoose and maybe adding a roof over a deck.
  20. Gauging interest.

    Sent you a PM
  21. Does anyone have a biocube for sale?

    I have a 29 gal biocube with stand and the hqi light (metal halide) that came with it. Hasn’t been set up in a couple years also have a wave maker (believe it’s 400gph) and a pump and biocube skimmer. I would have to look around to see how much to ask for it cause I am not sure what they are going for.
  22. Gauging interest.

    How much would you be looking for on the yellow tangs if you decide to part out?
  23. Alkalinity and calcium

    So what is a good way to lower calcium and alkalinity? I put a calcium reactor in to stabilize my parameters which worked for about a month then in the last couple weeks I noticed they were increasing as of tonight (based on API tests, I have more of my Hanna reagents ordered) the alk was at about 14dkh and calcium was at around 560ppm usually I like my alk around 9-10. I have always thought that alk and calcium were alternates (when one is high other is low) but right now I’m seeing different. any ideas would be helpful, gonna need to re adjust the calcium reactor soon cause it’s atarting to get low on CO2
  24. Alkalinity and calcium

    Ya that’s what I’m thinking if I did a water change would probably be 15 gallons (it’s a 180), ive disconnected the CO2 (this will also give me a chance to get it filled). I don’t think my sps are that stressed a couple of my lps though I have noticed aren’t opening as wide as usual so I’m hoping it coming down naturally will make them happy.
  25. Alkalinity and calcium

    Was not aware the calcium reactor would increase the alk as quick as the calcium, what if I just close the CO2 and allow the ph in the reactor to increase until I’m able to do a water change (prob on Wednesday)