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  1. Which stores to visit?

    Ocean in a Box in Vancouver is another good one, I have heard the new owner is doing a really good job I havent been there since the new owner took over due to not having the time yet.
  2. In search for led light

    I believe I have a par38 lying around believe its got white and blue bulbs so would be ok for softies and some LPS. It doesnt have many hours on it, it was on a frag tank which I took down after about a month if that. Im out in Scappoose
  3. WTB Jawbreaker mushroom

    Idk if you found one but i thought frank might have one for sale recently
  4. Share the Love: Random Euphyllia

    Share the love -4
  5. Livestock Moving Sale

    If all available when you come down next weekend ill take everything I mentioned above
  6. Livestock Moving Sale

    If you were down south near Portland I would take the brain, anthias, torch, and the hammer
  7. Livestock Moving Sale

    Is that a condy anemone or a torch coral? cant tell
  8. Large green Birdsnest colonies FS

    I should be free this weekend I'll hit you up as soon as I know for sure to try to plan a time to stop by have been told to check out your tank by many people on the forum
  9. looked like you have a big torch how much is it?
  10. Large green Birdsnest colonies FS

    I live in scappoose too, I might have to make a trip over to see what you got. very interested in a smaller colony and a couple acros and milliporaras.
  11. Hey so looking at getting a couple people together who would wanna go in and buy a beautiful coral colony. Reefnjunkie has a nice colony of Upscales microcladas for 250.00 its 8x10 if we can get 3 more ppl in we could all get a 4x5 colony for $62.5 let me know who all is interested.
  12. Group buy Upscales Microcladas

    Thank you, the color is amazing
  13. Group buy Upscales Microcladas

    Think we're gonna keep it to the first people who messaged me about it so everyone gets a small colony, someone commented in the post saying they had one they are willing to frag might wanna hit up badxgillen.
  14. Group buy Upscales Microcladas

    Hey Brian I sent you a pm maybe we can take a look at cutting it tonight gonna meet with him as soon as he gets off work around 5-6
  15. Group buy Upscales Microcladas

    I'll let everyone know, right now there are about 8 people wanting to, I'm gonna pick up the colony tonight and try to see how we can cut it to where everyone is getting a nice colony
  16. Group buy Upscales Microcladas

    O I thought he just didn't wanna try to sell the individual chunks. I could ask Jason to cut it I believe he has a saw up in Vancouver
  17. Upscales Microcladas colony

    just sent you a PM got a group who is interested
  18. Group buy Upscales Microcladas

    Cool looks like we might have enough to do it, I'll shoot him a message and ask if he can cut it for us and I'll pick it up.
  19. Upscales Microcladas colony

    If you wanna frag a chunk I would snag a piece but I couldn't afford the whole colony right now
  20. I have fish needing relocated asap

    Sent you a PM if still available ill take the cardinals and the wrasse, what size are the clowns? I have a couple clowns that were just introduced to my 180 so I think if they are close to the same size everyone would get along
  21. Tank Support (Physically)

    I ran a 4x4 the length of the tank along the beams in about the middle of the tank and used 2x 2ton screw floor jacks sitting on 12"x12"concrete blocks my house was built in '82 and I have a 180 with about a 50 gallon sump or so
  22. Warm welcome to our newest sponsor!

    Went in yesterday to check it out and was just mesmerized by the jellyfish, probably one of the most relaxing things I have seen was just watching it.
  23. Feeling defeated

    Man I'm right there with you feeling defeated. I have been fighting my tank trying to keep sps since last June. I had a lot of sps colonies that were growing good and then when we had the first heat wave last year the AC in my house was broke and I tried everything to keep my tank cool (aside from buying a chiller I know I should have). But I lost about $500-800 in SPS, since then I haven't been able to keep any sps and seems like my parameters are always fluctuating. Then this last week I left for vacation and came back to 5 fish missing and 3 sps bleached all parameters seems find still not sure what happened.. and very very tempted to take down my 180 gallon tank and turn it into a fresh water community tank and just have a 40gallon reef set up
  24. Remaining fish and corals for sale

    If you cut up the red gono I would be interested have the space for a large one just not the funds