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  1. I think this is the post TaylorW mentioned.
  2. https://portland.craigslist.org/clc/for/d/oregon-city-clownfish-breeding-pair/7122402246.html
  3. I would say reach out to Jeff from Cuttlefish and Corals (located in SW PDX) or Brett from Paradise Corals (located in downtown Hillsboro), I have always gotten good quality fish in from them and usually the exact size I wanted.
  4. Looking forward to seeing what you post tonight, miss the last $10 sale and was sad.
  5. Right now I have the crushed coral and was now thinking I’ll remove some of that and then maybe add in a few bags of the smaller stuff like Bahama oolite or something similar
  6. So looking at moving the tank one thing came to mind, who has a large tank (180 gallon or more) on carpet and has moved it? Was there a lot of residue under the tank (I know mine has been messy and over flowed a few times)? How did you clean it if there was? I’m thinking I would rent a rug dr or something but not sure How well that would work.
  7. So later this week I’ll be moving the tank from one location in the house to another, and am thinking I might take this mini tear down as a chance to change out my sand. I currently have crushed coral coarse sand, what would people suggest, also tank is a 180 gallon.
  8. I’m in Scappoose, so if your near this way I have green sinularia, alone with some candy cane frags. And some green polys very similar to the ones pictured above
  9. Ya I still can’t believe I didn’t lose any of the fish due to that.
  10. So as some of us maybe stuck at home be extra careful when working on your tank. As a good reminder to people when doing work on your sump and taking it offline, make sure your tank has enough surface agitation for gas exchange. I started adding a baffle to My sump last night to make a refugium and didn’t ensure enough surface agitation, when I came down this morning I saw my yellow tang struggling to breath and 2 other fish at the surface trying to get air and a few others moving around the tank extremely slowly. Luckily after realizing what was happening and why (took only a few seconds to think what could cause it) I moved my gyers to the surface and after about 15 min everyone seemed like they were back to normal. I know some people may say you could just bring the sump back on but I was waiting for the baffle to dry and the sump was drained for this and the rodi hadn’t finished making enough water for it yet (incorporating a 30 gallon water change while doing this).
  11. Hi all been looking for some Red Planet acro, if you have a frag or colony your wanting to sell please let me know and how much you want for it.
  12. I was gonna be updating my LED's but due to the cost Im just looking at maybe adding my spare in and then adding T5's. Right now i only have a few SPS but am planning on getting more soonish.
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