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  1. Calcium Reactor Output

    I wouldn’t think so only because I don’t think you lose any from your display to the filter socks, I could be wrong but I wouldn’t think the filter would be fine enough to pull out CA or ALK. Following to see what others think.
  2. Wavemakers

    Ok was just curious I mean it’s only $40 or so more for just the unit but was just thinking it might be over kill. But I may eventually just do that route
  3. Wavemakers

    So I recently set up a maxspect gyre XF250 which came with controller for my 180, question is does anyone know if the controller would work on an XF230 as well? I know it can control 2 units but I’m unaware of there are any difference with the 230 and 250’s. Reason I’m wondering is because even with the 250 I’ve noticed a couple areas that aren’t getting much flow and started noticing cyano growth.
  4. Today is the day!

    Wish I wasn’t stuck at work, would love to come and hang out.
  5. Breakdown sale

    I would take the short polyp leather and the pincushion urchin if still available
  6. The unfortunate 93 cube breakdown.

    Sent a PM
  7. How to rehome livestock?

    I would say anyone on the forum who would be willing to take them would ensure they went to a good home, everyone on here loves the hobby and seems to take good care of there critters. As for if to sell as a set or individually I would say list out what you have and do individual sales, not many people I know of looking for an aquariums worth of fish all at once, and I dont know if any of the LFS's do consignment for fish.
  8. WTB a Skimmer

    I have an ASM mini-G I used on the same set up and ran for 6 months before taking the tank down. I paid $120 and was looking to get $60 for it or trade for some SPS/Euphillia/lobo corals.
  9. WTB a Skimmer

    What size tank?
  10. CNC Auction #9 Rainbow Trachyphilia

  11. Lighting repair

    Ya the lights are like 5 years old and I would have no prob driving an hour to get the lights fixed haha,
  12. Lighting repair

    Ya I reached out to him last week and he said he liquidated everything and didn’t do them anymore
  13. Lighting repair

    How much do you think it would possibly cost?
  14. Lighting repair

    It’s reefcorner, it was a local shop but he shut it down about a year ago
  15. Lighting repair

    Does anyone know how to repair lights? I have a programmable led I have had for a few years and it looks like the channel for the blue lights went out. Last time this happened with one of my other lights the maker repaired it, but since then he has liquidated the company and doesn’t work on them anymore. Wanting to see if anyone on here knows how to diagnose and work on lights that may be able to work on them depending on the cost, that way I can have my light as a backup (had to put my backup on the tank).