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  1. Which stores to visit?

    Ocean in a Box in Vancouver is another good one, I have heard the new owner is doing a really good job I havent been there since the new owner took over due to not having the time yet.
  2. In search for led light

    I believe I have a par38 lying around believe its got white and blue bulbs so would be ok for softies and some LPS. It doesnt have many hours on it, it was on a frag tank which I took down after about a month if that. Im out in Scappoose
  3. WTB Jawbreaker mushroom

    Idk if you found one but i thought frank might have one for sale recently
  4. Share the Love: Random Euphyllia

    Share the love -4
  5. Livestock Moving Sale

    If all available when you come down next weekend ill take everything I mentioned above
  6. Livestock Moving Sale

    If you were down south near Portland I would take the brain, anthias, torch, and the hammer
  7. Livestock Moving Sale

    Is that a condy anemone or a torch coral? cant tell
  8. Large green Birdsnest colonies FS

    I should be free this weekend I'll hit you up as soon as I know for sure to try to plan a time to stop by have been told to check out your tank by many people on the forum
  9. looked like you have a big torch how much is it?
  10. Large green Birdsnest colonies FS

    I live in scappoose too, I might have to make a trip over to see what you got. very interested in a smaller colony and a couple acros and milliporaras.
  11. Group buy Upscales Microcladas

    Thank you, the color is amazing
  12. Group buy Upscales Microcladas

    Think we're gonna keep it to the first people who messaged me about it so everyone gets a small colony, someone commented in the post saying they had one they are willing to frag might wanna hit up badxgillen.
  13. Group buy Upscales Microcladas

    Hey Brian I sent you a pm maybe we can take a look at cutting it tonight gonna meet with him as soon as he gets off work around 5-6
  14. Group buy Upscales Microcladas

    I'll let everyone know, right now there are about 8 people wanting to, I'm gonna pick up the colony tonight and try to see how we can cut it to where everyone is getting a nice colony