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  1. Thanks for the heads up, this is one I was looking at getting.
  2. I can’t wait to see what you got tomorrow, love the stuff I picked up last time.
  3. +1 to the main brew, havent refilled in a while but it was cheaper then anywhere else when I was looking around.
  4. I've had one since February and absolutely love it, only reason I got an apex was for the trident. But I am very addicted to checking the results of the tests lol.
  5. If it said free coral I think he would have better luck in this group lol. depending on when I might be able to help, would have to talk to my gf because I know she has plans Saturday (not sure what time) and I’ll have the kids.
  6. Currently have 3 reefcorner 180p lights 2 work good 1 half the lights blue channel is out and needs a diode replaced. I have ran them for a quite a while but recently changed lights and do not need them. They are 180 watt fully programmable on the face plate with timers and dimmers built in. They ramp up and down on the intensity based on your settings you put in. 3 channels (night, whites, blues) and each channel has 6 set points. $100 obo
  7. If these are available later this week I would definitely take them.
  8. I would take the blue throat trigger if it falls through
  9. Definitely looking to add some new fish especially from an established tank.
  10. I’m good for now, still working on the light stand for the new lights I got.
  11. @Higher Thinking can I get added to the list once the meter is available.
  12. Would you recommend going the full length of the tank (6’) or do you think doing just 4’ centered would be ok?
  13. I tried to do that with my light stand I made but I couldn’t find any T5 2 bulb fixtures that were the length of the tank, I was gonna add 2 bulbs in the front and 2 in the back but ya.
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