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  1. I’ve heard mixed on it and figured I would give it a shot, partially because I see people dosing that along with some other stuff and seem to have way better growth then me so just trying something new
  2. Ya that’s one thing I thought about was the refrigeration but both zooplankton by brightwell and the acropower both said they don’t need refrigeration.
  3. Nvm I’m guessing you mean Two Little Fishes haha my bad.
  4. Not sure what TLF is but that’s what I was hoping just because I ordered a gallon jug and didn’t wanna have to shake that thing every time I go to add it haha.
  5. So im gonna start dosing Acropower in the tank and was gonna set it up with a dosing pump, but was concerned because it says to shake well before each use. So my question is has anyone done this? Is there any concern with setting it up with a dosing pump and not shaking the bottle each time prior to dosing? If set up with a dosing pump how did you keep it mixed if it needed it? Also was curious as to any brightwell aquatic products? I was thinking about the zooplankton but wasnt sure which ones would be good to dose, I have a scallop, SPS, LPS, zoas, and some softies.
  6. Dang wasn’t aware of that just liked the idea of those dimensions, sucks they don’t have a good rep
  7. Dang wish I had seen this before, those are awesome dimensions I wish my 180 was like that. Just reading those I already imagined how I would do the rock and everything.
  8. Do you have any pics of the torch? Where are you located?
  9. I have a calcium reactor, 10lb CO2 tank (currently empty), 3/4 bag TLF reborn, 3/4 bag NeoMag, and Milwaukee pH meter I’m looking to get $180 for. I can’t seem to figure out what I’m doing with it and am just gonna go back to doing 2 part dosing. The not sure if there is a leak with the regulator or if I just can’t get this thing on tight or an o ring needs to be replaced but the tanks only seem to last me about a month which I thought it would last longer. Calcium reactor has a spot for the probe on the top, meter is a MC122 pH controller (which on Amazon is $130 alone).
  10. Dang haha, I always wanna go to the meetings but they are usually on Sundays (which I work) then one lands on Saturday but I’ll be out of state taking the kids somewhere for sprint break. Everyone will have a great time out at Paradise Corals.
  11. Any pics of the rainbow lobo if its still available?
  12. dang man, if you get it im looking forward to the pics, the 180 already looked great.
  13. bamburgb

    Pew Pew Pew

    any concern about the it affecting your tank glass? How long do you leave the beam on the aptasia?
  14. If you havent found what your looking for yet, I know Bobby who owns Auto Spa 360 in Vancouver had quite a bit for sale if I recall correctly.
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