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  1. bamburgb

    FS: frag tank, hydra 26 non HD pair, coral

    Ya I am, when are you available?
  2. bamburgb

    FS: frag tank, hydra 26 non HD pair, coral

    If it’s still available ill take the trumpet coral
  3. bamburgb

    blue tang for sale or trade in tigard or

    @city hunter is the tang still available?
  4. bamburgb

    blue tang for sale or trade in tigard or

    If still available I’ll take it if @Manny Tavan isn’t going to.
  5. bamburgb

    New Addition

    Ya I messaged him on facebook (right after I saw this post yesteday) but havent gotten a response so figured I would ask and see if anyone was aware, was thinking about hitting him up this weekend and take a peak at all the LPS he has (maybe some SPS too).
  6. bamburgb

    New Addition

    Is rudy still open to public on Friday/ Saturday or is it by appointment or what?
  7. bamburgb

    WTB File fish.

    Not that close to Oregon City but Paradise Corals in Hillsboro usually has a couple in stock. I would say hit up @MrBret, also Cuttlefish has them in most of the time I have been there.
  8. bamburgb

    Starter coral pack

    Hey has she found what she is looking for? still looking I have a few different Softies, and Zoas I can send your way. Hit me up if interested.
  9. bamburgb

    LED repair

    Me too I love how everyone on the forum is really helpful and there was that thread going around a while ago of what people did for a living haha, lots of experience in different areas so its one of those have a question about ANYTHING (tank related or not) Im sure someone on here knows a thing or two about it haha.
  10. bamburgb

    Getting crowded! rainbow btas for trade

    I was in the same boat you were in, mine kept splitting to where I was getting over run and decided to trade them into an LFS, I ended up taking a few to Brett over at paradise corals. I would hit him, Jeff or Seahorse Aquarium supply up if your looking to get them out of the tank relatively fast.
  11. bamburgb

    LED repair

    Ya I think Ill create a spot under my tank (sealed in a ziplock or something of course) just for spare Diodes,
  12. I have been seeing a lot of biocube 14 and 29 for sale lately. I started with a 29 biocube and those were great AIO tanks. I know its a bit bigger but I just saw someone had posted on FB a 29 gallon biocube with stand for $100.
  13. bamburgb

    LED repair

    Thanks so much man, Im gonna be placing an order for a few to have on hand, but in the mean time I had a smaller spare LED light in the garage and was able to take 2 diodes from it and now the light is working perfectly.
  14. bamburgb

    LED repair

    Thanks so much man, Went out and bought a multimeter this morning and found there are 2 LED's that are out causing the blues to be out. Do you know of a good place to buy LED Diodes?
  15. bamburgb

    LED repair

    So curious as to if anyone can assist, I currently have a reefcorner 180P (programmable 180 Watt LED light) and it appears one of my blue channel is out. any ideas on how to trouble shoot and find/repair the problem?