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  1. vicmacki

    Metal Halide

    I just traded in a 150w metal halide to the lfs. Got a bit of credit for it.
  2. vicmacki

    Hey gang, new to saltwater

    Well, the tanks been up and running for four months now. Current stock is 1 cleaner shrimp, 2 peppermint shrimp, 2 emerald crabs (love these guys) and 1 carpenter wrasse and some hermit crabs and turbo snails. Looking for advise and some easy to grow corals. Thinking about trying some green star polyps. Quick refresher the tank is a 14 gallon bio cube with a couple finnex marine+ leds. Thanks
  3. vicmacki

    Hey gang, new to saltwater

    If there is one thing i am good at, its hemorrhaging money. So this might work out well.
  4. vicmacki

    Hey gang, new to saltwater

    With my current lighting i am getting about 80 par at the substrate and over 120 up where my one coral is. I think i definitely am going to need more water flow though. I will try and get some pictures up this weekend.
  5. vicmacki

    Hey gang, new to saltwater

    Wow so many replies. I got slammed for awhile but back in it. I did not experience a cycle, or it cycled really fast, it's been running for almost 5 weeks now. I think maybe because the amount of live sand and live rock? Also i used a bottle of beneficial bacteria when first starting, don't remember the brand though. Week three i added some red and blue legged hermit crabs. Last weekend i added a turbo snail and a cleaner shrimp and a very small pulsing xenia. So far everyone is doing pretty well. I also tore out all the flourescent lighting and mounted a 12inch Finnex fugeray Marine + and a regular 12inch Finnex Fugeray. Though i think i'll probably swap out the regular Fugeray for the Ray 2 for the 10k leds.
  6. vicmacki

    Seachem Reef Trace

    Hello, Newer to salt and working on my first reef tank. I was given some Seachem Reef Trace and wondered if this stuff is safe for shrimp. I noticed it has copper in the ingredients which is usually a no go for freshwater shrimp. Thanks
  7. Just dropping in to say hi Been into freshwater planted tanks and decided to make the plunge into salt. No tanks set up yet however i just picked up two turnkey saltwater tanks. They were just tore down by another member. Looking forward to reading through the forum and meeting some people. Thanks