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  1. jmp21677

    Looking for a frag pack!

    Looking for a frag pack. Would love to find superman monti, grape juice, tierra del fuego and SSC. Open to any offers. Would prefer shipping to Seattle area.
  2. jmp21677

    Wtb coral

    I'm in the PDX area Wednesday and I'm looking for an SPS frag pack. Lps is good as well. Please let me know what's out there!
  3. jmp21677

    60 gallon cube

    Didn't get pm
  4. jmp21677

    60 gallon cube

    Yes it is
  5. jmp21677

    60 gallon cube

    Standard 60 gallon cube 24x24
  6. jmp21677

    60 gallon cube

    The only thing I can figure is the stand looks weird in the picture. I built it bigger then needed for extra space for a bigger sump and to keep everything concealed.
  7. jmp21677

    60 gallon cube

    Still have it
  8. jmp21677

    60 gallon cube

  9. jmp21677

    60 gallon cube

    I have parted out everything and have the following remaining for a smoking deal...only catch is I'm near Tacoma. 60 gallon cube Stand with removable front panel 29 gallon sump Asking $80 bucks or I'll trade for sps frags! Can't beat that
  10. jmp21677

    wtb 6 bulb 24" t5

    I want to try a t5/led combo. If anyone has a t5 6 bulb set up please let me know
  11. jmp21677

    60 gallon cube

    Bump 225
  12. jmp21677

    60 gallon cube

    Sold some of the equipment and all of the livestock. Still have the following pkg. 60 gallon cube Stand 29 gallon sump Dc6000 return pump Jbj ato Aquamaxx cone-s skimmer 275 obo
  13. jmp21677

    60 gallon breakdown

    Sump is a 29 gallon. I wouldn't sell without the tank though.
  14. jmp21677

    60 gallon breakdown

    It's a dc6000 I believe. I'd just have to confirm
  15. jmp21677

    60 gallon breakdown

    The whole tank didn't sell. Let's try breaking it down. 60 gallon cube with stand and sump. 200 80 plus pounds of nice rock. 100 DC return pump 50 Radion G3 pro light 575 Vortex 150 skimmer 150 2x mp10w. 115 each or both for 200 Few soft corals. Various pricing. Livestock and rock must go first