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  1. My BC-29

    Hi All, Well It has been a while since I have posted. Here is a run down on the Equipment I am running and a photo of my tank. Barry Equipment: Cobalt 100 W heater Jabeo RW8 Tunze 9001 skimmer InTank media rack Nanobox LED retro kit 26 Full spectrum LED array with Storm Controller BRS GFO & Carbon Reactor Tunze Nano Osmolator 3152
  2. My BC-29

    The aiptasia are GONE... Barry
  3. My BC-29

    Hi All, It has been a while since I have had an update. Things are going well been a couple of changes. I have added Lobophyllia. The photos were taken yesterday, most of my sun coral have not opened yet today. Barry
  4. My weight loss story

  5. My BC-29

    Hi All, Just a little photo update for Dec. Everyone seem happy and healthy. The photo was taken just after feeding time Barry
  6. My BC-29

    Hi All, Here is a little update. I have spawning yellow sun coral. My tank is now full of baby yellow sun coral. Here is a photo of a couple of them. Barry
  7. My BC-29

    Hi All, Here are a couple of updated photos. I did a bit of re-landscaping this week. Also I had to do several water changes as my nitrates were a little high. Barry
  8. What are you using to post pics/videos

    Dropbox works great for me.... Barry
  9. My BC-29

    Hi All, Here is a photo of my new Matted Filefish. He just came out of QT and getting familiar to his new home. Needless to say I have a problem with aiptasia. Well I will keep you posted as to his progress at getting rid of them.
  10. Welcome AcanLord, I live in the Roseburg area Barry
  11. My BC-29

    Hi All, Here are a couple of photos of some of my babies. There are at least 10 babies sun through out my tank, But most I can't get photos of. The Black Sun Coral has been in my tank over a year. The Dendro only since April of this year. Barry
  12. My BC-29

    I will take a few photos the next couple of day and post them Barry
  13. My BC-29

    I have been using selcon for over a year. About the only thing I can say for sure is, I have lots of baby sun corals. If you like I will post a pic or two of the babies. Barry
  14. My BC-29

    I feed my Sun Corals and Dendro every other day Mysis and Brine Shrimp soaked in selcon. Barry
  15. My BC-29

    I must have left the dendros photo out, here is a close-up
  16. My BC-29

    I think the biggest thing one can do when taking photos of your tank is turn off all pumps and powerheads. Also a good macro lens and a tripod. I find, I will take 20 photos and maybe get one that I think is good. Barry
  17. My BC-29

    Hi All, Just a little update on my tank, my BC29 is a year and a half old. And things seems to be going good. Below are a few photos I took the other today.
  18. Need Help With Kindle fire 7

  19. May POTM - Voting

    Gotta love the dendro
  20. 29 BC

    Very nice, love all the color. Thanks for sharing, Barry
  21. Auto Refresh

    Hi All, Is there a way to stop auto refresh on this site? This is the only web site I have seen refresh every couple of seconds. It makes the whole page jump. Thanks, Barry
  22. Auto Refresh

    Thanks, the problem must be fixed, working fine on my computer and tablet. Thanks, Barry
  23. Redneck RFA Tank

    Love the rock flowers....... Barry
  24. My BC-29

    Hi All, Here is the latest photo, I got my fathead dendro removed for it's frag plug and placed in my tank. Barry
  25. My BC-29

    Hi All, I just added a new coral to my tank. A small colony, five head flathead dendros. Thanks to calimorphreefer a member here. Barry