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  1. Flame Angel -$30

    Thank you for the beautiful fish.
  2. Flame Angel -$30

    PM sent
  3. Maxspect Razor and Tunze ATO

    Thank you for the ATO, do you still have the magnet holder? It wasn't in the box.
  4. Salifert Mag kit

    I'll grab it. Sending PM
  5. I'll give him a home if you catch him. I'm 15-20 minutes away. Peter
  6. Livestock Moving Sale

    I'd be in for some goodies, blenny, skunk shrimp, 2 hurricane chalices, maybe a few other corals. I'm in NE Portland.
  7. Livestock Moving Sale

    Oh well :-( Some great deals here.
  8. Livestock Moving Sale

    Where are you located?
  9. Large green Birdsnest colonies FS

    PM sent
  10. Box of fittings, bulkheads, PVC, etc

    I'll grab that for $20, I have room in my garage. Sending a PM.
  11. PM sent on the Apex & Reactors, I can pickup tonight.
  12. 40B and 29G sump

    PM Sent
  13. Price drop: Maxspect $225 55 Gallon $40 Magnet $20 Refractometer $15 I need them to go today.