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  1. Sounds good, it's not going anywhere and I tend to have more every few weeks.
  2. I have a soccer ball sized lump in my garage you can have, I've been meaning to break down the tank. I'm in NE PDX near the airport.,
  3. I have an MP10ES and an MP10ES Wireless, both with aftermarket power supplies. Both have 2012 production dates and bad wet sides, they've been sitting around and I'm in need of some cash ASAP. Both for $140 or best offer, just looking to get a fair price for them. Pickup in NE Portland near 158th & Sandy. Shoot me a PM.
  4. Just an update, I dropped it one point over the week and now my frogspawn and lobos don't look happy. 😞
  5. I've got more cheato, anyone need some?
  6. That's what I read in some of my research, it's kind of like a drug high, not worth chasing, there are better things to spend you time on.
  7. I did recalibrate the probe and I recently got the Salifert test kit because all I had around was an old API kit. All 3 confirm. I can see a slight spike when the ATO kicks on but then back to the prior reading. I do mix my own SW, a mix of Kent reef and Reef Crystals. I may back off on the kalk for a bit see if it drops. I'll look over Randy's site, thank you for the suggestion. Overall the tank looks good except for a few chalices that just haven't done well, haven't lost a fish in a year either. My RBTAs keep splitting so I'm not too stressed, just seemed high to me, I'd like to be at 8.2-8.4, happy with all the other levels.
  8. I've been battling with high pH latey. Between 8.3-8.6 (max 8.7) depending on the time of day. (Apex lab probe and Salifert test). I dose Kalk2+ in my top off. Ca: 480 Mg:1480 Alk:8.1 10 hour ramped light cycle with fuge light overlapping by an hour. I've been adding a bit of vinegar every few days to bring it down but it seems to creep right back up. Should I be concerned?
  9. Years back when I lived in LA and picked up stuff from customs I'd never had no problem with chalices or acans. Quick acclimation and in a few months I fragged. We had 3 tanks at home and 220 in the office. The current stuff is tank cultured from my understanding and I'm failing. It bums me out.
  10. Thank you for your input. My understanding is that receding normally mean tissue loss. See the pic above. Parts of the structure are showing though. I've tested every two days, Alk is consistently 8.9. I do have Kalk+2 in my top off which dumps into my fuge for a slower mix.
  11. Thank you, I'm not new to this but it's good to reach out and see if others have experienced this recently. I've had many corals that have come back a year later from nothing, always leave them in the tank! Here are the three that are worst off, Mummy Eye, Golden Fleece, and a red/pink frag. I also have a new Miami Hurricane colony that wasn't in the best shape but also started to recede in 1 or 2 days. Again, other LPS & SPS is doing great.
  12. Emerald525, There isn't anything around them that would sting them, I'm pretty good about placement. I've dipped them a few times now with Melafix and I've used Restor. Did Lugol's once and for now I'm just leaving them alone. The only fish in my tank that digs is a clown and I've moved them far away from him and his two RBTAs. Exodus, I have them about 10" off the water with an adjustable hanging kit. I put the controller into acclimation mode which should cut the levels in half and I'm going to order the controller for the apex to it's easier to adjust. I'm pretty much doing what you're recommending. It's just odd that it's mainly chalices from different stores. I have a lot of very happy well-fed LPS, SPS, and softies. I'm a little confused. Here's a pic of my setup, I'll get a shot of the chalice frags when the lights are at mid day.
  13. Hey all,Lately, some new chalices and one acan started to recede. The tank is about 18 months old, existing coral is good and haven't lost a fish since I started this tank. It's a 65 corner with a 20 sump/fuge. Running two MP10s, good return, cheato grows well. Salinity: 1.025Ca: 480Mg: 1500+ (running high for bubble algae)Kh: 8.9pH: 8.3 (avg)Nitrates: 5ppmAmmonia & nitrite: 0I do run 3 old AI Sol Blue units, 9 hours a day with a 1 hour ramp, W: 45% B1: 80% B2: 90%I've moved the receding coral to a corner with low light and low flow and they seem stable.Any thoughts?
  14. I kind of want the L1 but I've spent my tank budget for the month. It would be a great addition. (Counts his dollar bills)
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