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    P.S. Don't put lv2reef on your license plate... you'll have the weirdest people want to hang out with you, that don't know a thing about aquariums :-p
  1. I totally forgot about these. They were at Toys R Us 3 years ago. I was looking for gifts for my niece and nephew and while I was shopping they threw a huge pallet of these down on the isle. They were pretty cheap, I think about 25 bucks. I ended up picking a couple up for them. I bet they are stuffed in a closet collecting dust. ...... I should have gotten one for me :-(
  2. Dropping price to 350.00 Here is more info on the tank: http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/349162-pico-aquariums-5g-desktop-system/ I can also throw in cured rock for it. Official refugium link as well here: http://micro-reefs.com/refugium.html
  3. I threw it up on CL. If anyone wants to see pictures, they can be found here: http://portland.craigslist.org/clk/for/5183354755.html
  4. Thanks. Ya, I will throw up on CL this weekend. I know it is a bit steep for a 5 gallon (8 total with sump), but the quality is amazing and somebody will be happy with it :-). I'll add best offer too.
  5. I am ready to sell my little 5 gallon Nano tank & 3 gallon Sump. 1) (All Brand New) PicoAquariums (same tank shown here: http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/350798-ultimate-nano-reef-giveaway-by-pico-aquariums-nano-box-legendary-corals/) a. BUT, this had the overflow double sealed, and professionally drilled (by Chris as well) for the sump. b. *** Has the PicO 5G glass display cover for it. c. *** Has the PicO Life Net mesh cover for PicO 5G d. A package of extra PicO 5G pre cut filtration pads (200 micron) 2) (All Brand New) Micro-Reefs Mini Micro Sump (3 gallon). (This is shown here: http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/342836-new-micro-reefs-mini-micro-sump-on-sale/) a. It comes with the return pump, filter sock, and Refugium light. 3) (All Brand New) PicO SkiM 2.0 Skimmer (http://www.picoaquariums.com/pico-5g/141-pico-skim-20.html) a. Comes with some extra Diffusers 4) 2 - 25W - Hydor Theo Heaters (used, but in excellent condition and both work flawlessly). 5) (Brand New) Hydor Pico Evo.Mag Pump 6) Tropic Eden Live Reeflakes Sand 20lb (Brand new in Package) 7) I was working on a custom stand (built from a night stand), but needs a bit of work. I have paint glass and everything needed to finish the job….. I will throw in if wanted (Nice Antique Look, with some modern touches added and stain glass fish) I would like to get rid of all this as a bundle. About 750 invested…. I’ll let it go for 450 Pretty much everything is new (except the 2 heaters). All it needs is a light and plumbing and you are good to go!
  6. Tunze Sold. Thanks Mike, it was nice meeting you today.
  7. Apex sold Tunze price drop to 110. Everything works perfect. Pics @ http://portland.craigslist.org/clk/for/5164826341.html
  8. Gacayon

    Need a simple 2x4 stand asap

    I know this (something like it), went around the forum a while back, but i would recommend somethin like this over plain wood stand: https://virtuallyamy.wordpress.com/2008/08/13/build-a-strong-inexpensive-aquarium-stand/ You can get really fancy and it looks good (you could even cover it with a nice table cloth) with the bricks in a "dire need" quick fix for just a few bucks at Home Depot :-) .
  9. They are just collecting dust :-( $325 for the Apex $125 for the Tunze $ 400 takes both. I am in Vancouver
  10. Gacayon

    Ideas for a nano fish?

    Tailspot is one of my favorites and have great personality (Another great one is a yellow watchman goby .. They always look grumpy, but awesome personality as well). If you want a little rarer you could always go with the beautiful Dracula Goby and pair him with a Pistol Shrimp. They are fun to watch.
  11. Gacayon

    Anyone Have a Drop Off Tank?

    I LIKE IT (link to nano drop off): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWzQijEjQUs
  12. Gacayon

    Anyone Have a Drop Off Tank?

    Then soon you will see Nano and Pico Drop off tanks . Dang it, now I want a Nano one.
  13. Gacayon

    early father's day gift

    Looks like it started June 9th :-(... So I missed the camp fires.... Ugh
  14. Gacayon

    early father's day gift

    Ya, from my understanding there is a burn ban in both states (recent local news). I was up @ Mt. Hood last week and forest station said was already in affect. This upcoming weekend Trout Lake ????. At least I have fishin.