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  1. Depending on the day/time there is also the possibility of meeting in the downtown portland area.
  2. We went to the huge rock, mineral and jewlery shows in tucson, AZ. The most amazing experience ever! Looking forward to hopefully going back next year. Brought home some amazing rocks too. Picture does no justice but this is my 65lb beauty.
  3. If an admin would like to change the listing to say jewlery instead of jelwery that would be great. I proof read everything but the darn title and can't figure out how to change it myself
  4. I'm back from my trip and brought some amazing jewlery with me. All stones are 100% real (except the white fire opal) and set in sterling silver. You probably won't be able to find prices like these anywhere. So, if you are looking for something for yourself, mothers day, valentines day or just a gift and see something you are interested in let me know. I have: -Gemstone stud earrings $10-15 each pair (normally $25-$45 a pair) -Most rings $11-$25 (normally $30+ each) -Pendants w/sterling silver chains $16-$25 ( you could pay this price for the chain alone at the store) -Raw stone pendants with sterling silver chains (aqua marine, tanzanite, amethyst and apatite) $11-$25 -Pearl necklaces and bracelets $10-$20 -various other bracelts $10-$20 (except the all opal bracelet which is $85, retail $300) If you are interested in a pendant but don't want the chain I will take $2 off the price. Some of the rings and pendants don't look as good in the pictures so if you need me to take individual pictures let me know.
  5. Good choice it is such a good looking fish! We were eyeballing it too but went with china wrasse instead
  6. So we seem to be going the wrong direction in this competition, lol. We are down to 4 heads which still don't really want to open up.
  7. Alrighty we are in the same spot as spectra as ours have not opened. We have 6 large polyps and 1 baby. Keeping 🤞 they figure their crap out, lol. System: 120gal tank with 30gal sump Reef octopus skimmer Not currently dosing anything Biweekly water changes of 20gal Lighting is 3 strip current usa led's- don't judge, lol. We are running our own experiment just to see success or lack there of you can have running cheaper lights. If anyone is curious so far they do okay the only problem is they don't seem to penetrate far enough so only corals about 1/2 up and higher do well. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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