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  1. Yourmedic

    FS 70 cube with stand $180

    Nice looking tank
  2. I could do $100 for the skimmer and sump if your able to meet me in Portland this saturday. I am in Tri-cities, wa
  3. What is your location?
  4. Is this still available? If so, what is the brand of the skimmer and what is it rated for?
  5. Yourmedic

    55 gallon with black trim 30 bucks!

    That's a steal!!
  6. Yourmedic

    Live rock.

    This is a great deal!!!
  7. Yourmedic

    120 gallon tank break down

    Any idea if your willing to break it up yet, or still holding out for a package buyer?
  8. Yourmedic

    So New the Word Newbie Doesn't Even Apply

    Welcome to the group and the great hobby!! 280 gallons, I see you started small... That sounds like an amazing tank that will only get better with each passing day!! Excited to see some pictures!!
  9. Yourmedic

    July Oregon Reef Expo Frag Swap

    Is this taking the place of our July meeting? I haven't been to a meeting in awhile and now am starting to get the opportunity to, so I don't want to miss out on July's meeting, If I haven't already done so. . . LoL
  10. Yourmedic

    Hannah phosphate checker

    sounds good, I'm interested.
  11. Yourmedic

    Hannah phosphate checker

    Still available?
  12. Yourmedic

    To PAR or not to PAR. . .

    As I continue to buff my new tank and order things like crazy, as well as pick up some great help from here on the forum, I begin to check my list of all things needed to ensure my first coral tank will be successful. I'm still deciding on what lighting to go with, but as I do, a question comes to mind. Should I get something to measure my PAR? Is that something I should be doing, or is it more, start your lights on low, and slowly come up each week until your coral seem happy? The plan is to have ups, ops, and softies galore!! Any and all input is appreciated!! Thanks.
  13. Yourmedic

    48" t-5 6 bulb fixture with new bulbs

    Is this still available?
  14. Yourmedic

    New 90G!

    Looks great!!!
  15. Yourmedic

    Motion of the ocean. . or. . my tank

    Thanks guys, side note. . . this should be in general, not Classified. . .