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    Hello all, I am back after a 5 year hiatus. My new BC-29 has been up and running since 12/1/14 after being in storage for 4 years due to a divorce (had just started it cycling, then tore down due to moving). Had a few issues with getting things up and running again due to it sitting for so long. Finished cycling by 2/1/15 and it has been off and running since then. This is my 2nd BioCube, and like my BC-14 I have heavily modified it to be a perfect little all-in-one tank for our home. BioCube 29 Stats Nano-tuners LED 5 lighting system Bare bottom (Andy at Saltwater City made a great argument for going bare bottom and I now love how it looks compared to a sandy bottom. Thanks Andy!). Jaeger 75w heater Rio 1400 pump with a rotating Hydroflo and 2 nozzle outlets (3 total outlets) Hydro Koralia Tunze 9001 skimmer Yes, it does have enough flow and light for SPS's. just not sure I want to go that route .....yet. At this time I do not intend on adding fish as I travel. Only crabs, shrimp, snails, and coral so my neighborhood kids can look after it while gone (top off and empty skimmer). Assorted snails for cleaning Emerald crab Scarlet hermits (just love them) Cleaner shrimp Torch Branching hammer Duncan Assorted zoa's Need to add a peppermint shrimp as I have had a horrible Aiptasia outbreak and Joe's Juice isn't keeping up or working as well as it should/could be. I have renewed my PNWMAS membership (just haven't got around to picking my card up yet). Still looking to add some zoa's (anyone have some for sale in the Kirkland area?) and porcelain crabs once Andy gets some in. Will post pictures once I figure how to resize so they fit. Happy to be back, Harry