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  1. After six month wait I just received notice from BRS Trident being shipped. I’m calling to see about expedited shipping and can order additional reagent if you need it ASAP? scott
  2. Share the love- very generous of you.
  3. Time for a public service announcement: Jeff or Holly would look great on camera!
  4. Good to see public acknowledgement that the corals fate is not all doom and gloom. Just wish the scientist would have acknowledge the contribution hobbies and professional aquaculturists have contributed. It appears that the Florida Aquarium uses Apex for some monitoring in the video. Sorry I didn’t post the link to the video, most embers are more technically proficient than I on these things. Scott (PetVet)
  5. From reef central: Scott Registered Member Join Date: Nov 2002 Location: Miller Place, NY Posts: 5,955 Needed a friggin magnifying glass --- V-Infinity Class 2 Power Supply Model EPS 120050 Part# EPS120050 P5P Output 12V .5 A Made in China
  6. Happy to help out. I look forward to your help with the new programming on Neptune system in the frag station.
  7. I have a few extra-white only. I’m in Vancouver during the daytime.
  8. I was thinking of donating my old laparoscopic surgical equipment for this purpose. It would be interesting to take photos in the rockwork and plumbing. Plus the instrumentation would allow retrieval. I guess I could petition the board for a receipt for tax purposes?
  9. Fenbendazole is known in the US by it’s trade name Panacur. You can purchase it without a prescription from many places, including Costco pharmacy. It comes in three packages/box. The strength of it is 222mg/gram of powder. The boxes are 1gm, 2gm and 4 gram. Hope this helps. PetVet
  10. My Work tank is going crazy with Zoas- I would be happy to share, I’m about due to frag some stuff.
  11. I’ve used and prescribed it multiple times. A compounding pharmacy is definitely cheaper than grinding pharmaceutical tabs and making stock solutions. I think I had to pay $13.00/tablet to purchase from local pharmacies. In fact, I bought out all of the available tablets in Vancouver to treat my system. The various pharmacists looked at me like I must have had malaria or Denge fever.......
  12. Colored 1/4 lines are ran through 3/4 PVC in the ceiling and connected to DOS to perform auto water changes. Thought it would be a time saver-not. Your system looks clean and thought out. At first I thought the PVC was running into the small freezer. That would be a hell of a Chiller. Arctic Phytoplankton system?
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