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  1. Nicely done John. Entire setup looks first class!
  2. I just paid the paypal. Not sure where pickup will be?? Thanks!
  3. I am not seeing anything on how to pay for these or where I should be picking up. Any help appreciated!
  4. That would be great. Thanks for your help getting it going!
  5. Dodge, I will take 20 for my tank. Thanks
  6. Two for Steve and Lora Robertson. Thanks!
  7. Wow, those corals look so healthy and happy. Great photos!
  8. PM sent,... I hope there is room for one more!
  9. Waves, thanks for selling me several beautiful frags at an affordable price. All of the coral is settled quickly in the tank and they are looking very good at this point. I appreciate your giving me such large frags on the coral I got from you. Your tank is beautiful and it is clear that you have a very healthy system that is well taken care of. Best of luck on the other frags you have up for sale - they are really top notch corals if any others are looking for this type of coral!
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