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  1. What do you do?

    I am a retired high school band director. I still play music for fun about four to five nights a week. The groups I play with include two full symphony orchestras as well as two big bands. I have been a koi enthusiast for 25 years and into saltwater tanks more recently. If you need advice on who to take music lessons from give me a holler!
  2. Trigger Emerald Sump $250

    I would be interested in talking to you about your sump. Please call or text 360-921-5421 Thanks
  3. Looking good Jeff. You were very articulate and showed your enthusiasm for the hobby!
  4. Rasta colony fs

    PM sent
  5. I would hate to add some bug that would attack the koi. All of my koi are much more expensive than a bag of salt. When I add salt to my water I put in two 60 pound bags so the salt alone from your water change would hardy be noticed. Just my opinion, but I would hate to take this risk for the reward! I also would not do this when the water temperature is 55 degrees or less. The fish need to be left alone for the winter months.
  6. I'm Back Baby!!!!

    Things are going well after losing some fish when I was off on a vacation last year. It really upset the balance of the tank and took a long time to settle again. I finally think I am pretty even with parameters. I tried a new product (which was mentioned on the forum) that I was totally impressed with called "Vibrant" which literally got rid of pretty much all of the algae that came about after my tank crash (there was a lot). It is great stuff and incredibly - really works. Look them up at www.uwcmn.com I am now a big fan of this product. I would think it might also work in your case??
  7. I'm Back Baby!!!!

    Glad to hear you are still at it. Hope the tank shapes up quickly for you!
  8. Navarchus AKA Majestic Angelfish

    I sent a PM.
  9. LED'S

    I just sent a PM.
  10. November Meeting at Cuttlefish and Corals!!!

    I want to try to make it so I can check out your new store Jeff. I am really excited about having some parking space
  11. LF blue cloves

    I have some I would be happy to give you. My number is 360-921-5421.
  12. Tank shutdown sale 210 gallon

    What part of Vancouver are you in? I am in the HazelDell area and would like to take a look. I would be interested in a couple of items and possible some fish when available. Please contact me at 360-921-5421.
  13. Looking for Bubble Tip Anenomes!

    I have got a red/orange BTA and a green with white tip that both split from my original. I have separated the red out already but have not been able to get the green to release from the rock around where it currently sits. I would be interested in talking to you about trades for some of the zoas that you had up for sale. I would love to get some that I do not have. Let me know if you have interest. Steve
  14. 40gal Breeder Start Up

    Nice rock work. That will make a pretty display once you get the corals and fish in. Good job!
  15. Signs of Zoa Stress and How to Fix It

    Thanks for the valuable pointers. There are so many things that can affect the growth of our corals!