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  1. sroberts

    Super awesome aussie acropora spathulata

    Still interested if you have availability today. Thanks!
  2. Joel, Thanks so much for the very generous frags. I loved your mature tank. For those of you that are thinking of frags this is a great opportunity to get some nice coral at great prices! Steve
  3. sroberts

    $10 Early Bird tickets for Frag Fest!

    Thanks for your extra time on this!
  4. sroberts

    $10 Early Bird tickets for Frag Fest!

    I put my email address down with the payment but here it is also in case you did not get it. Steve@musicworldstores.com Looking forward to Saturday!
  5. sroberts

    $10 Early Bird tickets for Frag Fest!

    Payment sent for two tickets.
  6. sroberts

    $10 Early Bird tickets for Frag Fest!

    I would love to get in on the early ticket. Are any left??
  7. Very impressive. I hope it works well when completed!
  8. Should be a good choice. I will look forward to the pictures for sure.
  9. A great looking fish!
  10. sroberts

    Sps grow out contest?

    I would be interested in doing this grow out. I will be out of town from Nov. 5-18 however. Hope it starts prior to the 5th!
  11. sroberts

    50g low boy

    Very great looking system. Sounds like I need to make the meeting next month!
  12. sroberts

    Moving sale-- Last of it!! SW Portland

    I would be interested in the mini maxis, the rhodactis and the zoa rock if they are still available. Also the frog spawn and torch if they did not sell already. My number is 360-921-5421 either call or text. Thanks!
  13. sroberts

    Share the Love

    Tanks are all gone. Sorry I could not help everyone that wanted one.