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  1. I hope I can make it. I would love to see your setup. Looking forward!
  2. I would be interested in a frag. I am in Vancouver.
  3. Brian, I have some in the small cube size if you need some. I would love to stop by tomorrow to take a look at the new shop! Steve
  4. Hey, a darned good looking guy. I actually am going to be in Kissimmee next week. I may have to stop by and check it out again! I currently have my 200 gallon main tank empty as I am putting hardwood flooring in the house. At the same time I am running a line from my RODI to a pot filler mounted above the tank location. No more hauling buckets! Once the 200 gal goes back in I will have a 230 acrylic for sale which is set up currently in the garage. So far everything has survived the move nicely! Thanks for posting the pic of my wife and I. It was fun seeing the show last year.
  5. I am looking forward to seeing your new shop. Congratulations!
  6. I am pleased that you are a part of this group. Your tutorials on the Apex stuff are absolutely fantastic. I hope you are going strong at the end of next year!
  7. Excellent! Great news.
  8. Look in your overflow. I have had fish stuck in there several times. They are really hard to get out! Good luck with it. I hope you find him soon.
  9. I am looking forward to seeing your new shop in operation!
  10. I really appreciate your work putting this together. I think from my point of view that much of it was baffling for me when I first installed it and now I am about ready to move my main tank as I remodel my living room. That means moving the Apex to the temporary tank that will be in the garage,.... cleaning up the existing tank while the living room is being worked on and then moving it all a second time back to the original location. One of the things in this new move that I will add is a "pot filler" (like the one that is going above my oven) set just above the tank to transport water from my RODI set up. It will save me a lot of time moving buckets Great work on the tutorial!
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