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  1. Please put me down for the Meteor Blast. Thanks
  2. Kim, Could you put me down for 1 - Lava Rain and 1 - Blood Drop. Thanks!
  3. May Meeting May 12

    I was at Rudy's place this morning and it is great. He was extremely helpful and there was so much to look at. I brought home several pieces that are looking good in the tank. Thanks Rudy. The meeting next month will be great there!
  4. Jumping fish

    Those are great pictures. Did you just use your phone or was there some other equipment used? The corals looks great!
  5. May Meeting Save the Date!!

    I think that is very common place at the meetings. Check with Emerald525 for the definitive word.
  6. May Meeting Save the Date!!

    Rudy - What is the chance of stopping by your shop this weekend. Is there a time when it would be open to site members? Thanks!
  7. Feather dusters, whats the secret?

    I just got a couple at the meeting last week and they are not looking too healthy at this point. I lowered them to a point where the flow is much less and the light is not as intense. Hope that helps them open up more fully. In the past I have found them to be fun to watch as part of the tank and they have been really healthy and open.
  8. Acro Grow Out Info??

    That sounds great. I just thought it was a grow out. I have several frags in the tank for the first time and most are looking really good showing signs of growth and good color. Thanks for the reply!
  9. Acro Grow Out Info??

    I have not seen anything yet on the acro frag grow out from our last meeting. Does anyone know if this grow out has officially started and where the info can be found? Thanks!
  10. NEW Par Meter Booking Thread

    I would like to get put on the list to borrow the USB meter. Whenever it is available would be great. I have never checked my par ratings and would love to see what they are in different parts of the tank. Thanks!
  11. May meeting ideas!

    Would there be enough people interested to get an educational round table discussion about growing SPS or some other skill that many of our members seem to possess? We have lots of members that have tons of hands on experience.
  12. This is my first post. I have a 200 gallon system. 2 - MP40 opposite sides staggered flow 75 gallon sump (homemade) with sock, Vertex Omega 180i skimmer (1 bad attitude powder brown tang resides here along with a coral eating butterfly) 4 Kessil A360WE tuna blue on variable 8 hours up to 30% color and 50% intensity. 1 purple tang, 1 powder blue tang, 3 clowns, 1 goby, 3 shrimp, several hermit crabs and lots of snails. Fish get fed 4/5 times weekly frozen and occassional pellets Corals include mostly softies with some SPS that I am trying for the first time including currently acro grow out contest. Parameters checked several times each week, water change of 40 gallons every 1/2 weeks. Corals get fed 3 times a week or so with Reef Roids doing spot feeding Currently dosing with two part based on tests last test showed: alk 9.2, cal. 410, mag. 1360, ph. 8.2, temp. 78, sal. 1.025 i have 4 polyps - plug is currently set pretty low for acclimation but will raise it up soon for more light.
  13. Buying a used ICP-OES Testing Machine

    Looks good. I would give it a try for sure.
  14. The Sell Off - The Meat & Potatoes

    I gave you the wrong number and so did not get your text. I am interested in your sump still and will be in Kelso this afternoon if you had time to show it. My number is 360-921-5421, Thanks!