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  1. sroberts

    50g low boy

    Very great looking system. Sounds like I need to make the meeting next month!
  2. sroberts

    Moving sale-- Last of it!! SW Portland

    I would be interested in the mini maxis, the rhodactis and the zoa rock if they are still available. Also the frog spawn and torch if they did not sell already. My number is 360-921-5421 either call or text. Thanks!
  3. sroberts

    Share the Love

    Tanks are all gone. Sorry I could not help everyone that wanted one.
  4. I did not get my last post in on time. I have been demoing two decks and getting ready to replace the decks in the back yard. It is a lot of work! I started with 4 and finished with ended up with 9. I do not expect to be in the contest still,.... but I am pleased that they stay open pretty much all of the time finally. I would do it again next time. Congratulations kev311 - incredible growth - you are the zoa master around here
  5. sroberts

    Share the Love

    I have four tanks that I am looking to give to someone that would like to have them. I need to clear out space and it looks like I will never use them again as I once thought. I would love to get some frags in return if you have them but I am not looking for a lot. First come first served. I have a 75 gallon glass tank that was the sump on my 200 gallon tank until just recently. It needs to be cleaned up and have some of the partitions re-glued. It is a three chamber set up. I have a 75 gallon acrylic tank that I believe holds water fine. I have not had it full for some time. I used to sit in one of my classrooms to hold koi that I grew out from the summer spawning. Before that it was in another classroom growing Salmon fry. The third tank is a 40 gallon tank that comes with a black stand and a black canopy. This could be a great looking tank if you spent some time cleaning it up some. This is a nice looking setup that has not been used in several years. Finally I have what I think is either a 40 or a 55 gallon glass tank that again has not been used for some time. It is clean and will not need much to get it going. Feel free to call me directly if any of these tanks would be of interest to you. I would love to give them to someone that is part of the forum. My number is 360-921-5421 and you could call me or text me. I am located in Hazeldell area of Vancouver with easy access to either Hwy 205 or I -5 Share the Love!
  6. sroberts

    New to reefing -- Recently set up a Reefer XL 425

    Nice rock work. I like the arch! Welcome to the forum.
  7. sroberts

    Algae Barn?

    I ordered the pods and they worked out really well. I like their products.
  8. Here is my third post on the zoa growout. I still have the original 4 (only three show) and I believe I may have two new babies showing on picture.
  9. sroberts

    Rainbow Monti

    PM sent feel free to call or text - 360-921-5421.
  10. sroberts

    NEW Par Meter Booking Thread

    That would be great. I have some flexibility in my schedule on Tuesday and hopefully we can meet. I start my day Tuesday up in Woodland but should be back just before noon. I have a noon appointment at Clark College which is just into Washington off I -5, maybe we could meet there just before noon? Feel free to call or text - 360-921-5421 Thanks!
  11. sroberts

    NEW Par Meter Booking Thread

    I am in Vancouver. Where is it now located? How might I get it?
  12. sroberts

    MACNA 2018 Las Vegas

    My wife and I are planning on attending. No sure where will stay yet but we are looking forward to being there!
  13. sroberts

    Banana Rama

    I will be there. Actually it is within 5 minutes of my house. I am looking forward to seeing what all is there that day.
  14. sroberts

    My acro collection

    I love your camera work. The colors are beautiful. How about some entire tank photos??