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  1. sroberts

    Something is brewing in Vsncouver

    I hope it works out for you. I would love to see it once it is open. I am in the Hazeldell area of Vancouver.
  2. sroberts

    Something is brewing in Vsncouver

    Looks like a pretty decent store front. Where is this located in Vancouver? That sliding garage style door would make a lot of things easier to take care of and in the summer months would make it a lot more comfortable I would think. Lots good to me!
  3. The photos look worse once posted than they do on my phone. Hope you can see enough. I have them about 28" from the lighting (Kessil). I dose two part via my Apex system. Really I try to no disturb it as much as possible and only moved it once from a much lower location in my tank to its current location.
  4. Here we go with some photos. I wish the color was more accurate.
  5. My frag is still growing and looking more healthy each day. Are we supposed to be posting pictures?? I have no idea if mine is actually growing bigger yet but it does look good.
  6. sroberts


    Looks like you guys are having fun! I hope you bring some great stuff back to your shop.
  7. sroberts

    Stomatella snail and view of corals

    Great looking tank. Everything looks happy!
  8. sroberts

    Coral For Sell

    I have some interest. I sent a PM. Thanks!
  9. I am so impressed by all of your perserverance on this project. I hope it is working like you are hoping for!
  10. sroberts

    Super awesome aussie acropora spathulata

    Still interested if you have availability today. Thanks!
  11. Joel, Thanks so much for the very generous frags. I loved your mature tank. For those of you that are thinking of frags this is a great opportunity to get some nice coral at great prices! Steve