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  1. Looking for advice on RVs Who has them?

    Had mine for two years with no problems. They are built for the NW weather and come with off road tires. I take mine hunting as well and take it down some rough roads. Highly recommend.
  2. Looking for advice on RVs Who has them?

    I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee with eco diesel and tow a Rpod with no problems. Got 20 mpg towing over the pass. You just need trailer brakes set up in your truck. Funtime RV can set you up with a hitch and a sway bar. Rpod is an awesome trailer for the size
  3. Do MHs and chillers go hand in hand?

    I have used Halides for years without Chiller, but I keep my AC on all summer. I don't know which would be cheaper when it comes to your electric bill though.
  4. Maxspect Gyre or Jebao CP40?

    I would not waste your money on either one. I had a Maxspect and it failed the first month (too many moving parts to fail). I have had over 8 Jebao pumps and all failed within a year. Just my experience.
  5. Powerhead recommendations

    I have tried a lot of different power heads and for the money Hydor Koralia are hard to beat in my opinion. Unless you have some money to spend then go for a Vortech.
  6. FS 120 gallon tear down

    Thanks, I am glad he went to a good home. Funny how attached you can get to a bunch of fish..I can't wait to move and get my new tank set up.
  7. FS 120 gallon tear down

  8. FS: RBTA on live rock

  9. FS: RBTA on live rock

    $50 ....
  10. FS 120 gallon tear down

    I don't know the name of the sump but its a large acrylic sump. Probably a custom made sump. I purchased the tank used.
  11. FS 120 gallon tear down

    I'm keeping them, the clam and a few other corals for my new tank.
  12. FS 120 gallon tear down

    $ 300 for tank, stand, sump and two return pumps
  13. FS 120 gallon tear down

    Ya, I live right next to Randall. I will give you a call soon.
  14. FS 120 gallon tear down

    Ok it's yours. Very friendly and fat.