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  1. reefbandit

    Tank blowout sale!

    Tank is sold! Thanks Holly!!!
  2. reefbandit

    Tank blowout sale!

    Tank is pending pickup
  3. reefbandit

    Tank blowout sale!

    Selling whole tank as package. $500 firm. This includes: apex jr. With one power bar. Ph and temp probe and display. Simplicity d.c. skimmer Gebeo d.c. return pump 2 ai hydra hd 26 One vortec mp40 quiet drive. 9 months old. Jaeger heater Tank: acrylic sump, 65 gallon display. All rock, 2 chromis, 2 snowflake clowns, 1 exquisite wrasse, 1 leopard wrasse, 1 royal gramma. One bubble tip anemone, two rock flower anemones, and varies lps corals and zoas $500 takes it all. Firm on price.
  4. reefbandit

    Golden Basket Auction - JF Sunset Stylo

  5. reefbandit

    Tank trade??

    What's the asking price.
  6. reefbandit


    Looking for a tang to buy. Either a kole, tomini or purple. They must be healthy and free of ick and other diseases. Let me know what you got!
  7. Selling my Coralife 75gpd 4 stage rodi system. Prefilter and Carbon Block have been recently replaced. Only made 30 gallons of water since replacing them. It may need the DI resin changed soon. Asking $50 obo.
  8. reefbandit


    Now $20
  9. reefbandit


    I have the smaller simplicity 120 on my tank. It runs great. Broke it in with vinegar for a few hours than put it in the sump. It started skimming the next day i have been very happy with it so far.
  10. reefbandit

    Nano 10gal and 2 hydra ;blue as is for $100

    Is the ro/di unit for sale. If so PM me a price.
  11. reefbandit

    Looking for zoa frag pack

    Looking for zoa frag pack at a reasonable price. Trying to start a zoa garden in my tank.
  12. reefbandit

    Overnight bleaching !!!

    Sounds like you may of brought the nutrients down to quickly. How much gfo did you run?
  13. For sale is Sunlight Supply 2x39w t5 36" retrofit fixture with 2 1 month old ati coral plus bulbs and clip on style metal reflectors. Asking $50 obo or trade for frags or livestock.
  14. reefbandit

    Lights Needed

    Having problems with my current t5 setup. Looking for some leds for a 36" tank or possibly a nice t5 fixture. Let me know if you have anything.