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  1. Thanks for the info. I am excited to do this for my students. Been wanting to for the past couple of years, am finally making it happen instead of just talking about it! I suppose I could do a build thread. Might be fun to chart the process and discuss what the kids are up to
  2. Nichole

    Hello, glad to be here!

    Thanks for the welcome. Super excited to be on a forum with "fish geeks". My bf doesn't always understand my fish obsession I could write about my lungfish if people are interested. He is freshwater, though. Is that ok?
  3. Nichole

    Hello, glad to be here!

    Oh, I'm a fish nerd, too! Lol
  4. Nichole

    Hello, glad to be here!

    That all sounds great! Since it is an elective class, I get to basically decide to teach whatever I want. I eventually want to set up 2 tanks, a tropical and cold reef so kids can compare them. I want them to know local species as well as others. I am planning to go to the Oct. Talk. Sounds interesting! I think in the beginning the tank will be for observations and as a chance to see so, even of what we are talking about in person. As time goes on and the tank is stocked I'd like to expand its use. It would be great to have a cube system eventually to allow individualized projects. First semester is all inverts, so I want as many examples as possible for them to see. It would be great to have lots of little critters for dissecting scope lessons. Love symbiosis. Will definitely check out Todd L. Thnx!
  5. Hi! Super excited to join the site and pick the brains of all the experts. I teach Marine Bio at North Salem HD and want to set up a teaching tank for the classroom. I have a 100g bow front sitting on a huge table in my classroom. I am currently setting up a DonorsChoose project for funding and need ideas of what I should ask for. I want a sump with refugium under the table with a spot to grow macroalgae and propagate frags. I want a reef tank with all the different inverts we study in class. I'm thinking maybe I need an RO system? Most of my personal tank experience is freshwater so any advice on setup and equipment would be much appreciated!!!
  6. Nichole

    Hello, glad to be here!

    Hi, I'm Nichole from Salem. I have had freshwater aquariums for 25 years, grew up with fresh and salt tanks. I am now ready to take the plunge and start a reef teaching tank for my Marine Biology class (I teach at North Salem High School). Hoping to learn everything I need to know and pick the brains of the experts! I also spend way too much time at Premium Aquarium, pestering Garrett and Chris lol