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  1. Tiny Tank, Tiny Budget Contest

    is that a 5 gallon glass tank that you cut and caulk the glass back for the drop off? If so did you just use a hand glass cutter? OHHHH I see what you did... smart.. LOLOL
  2. Tiny Tank, Tiny Budget Contest

    wow I love this drop off tank... Now I have to learn how to make one myself
  3. Tiny Tank, Tiny Budget Contest

    LOL must not ........... dang its so temping....... well will see what happens tonight. If the sale falls threw Im going to keep my all in one. But going to move it to a new location and replace sand bed... A major cleaning and restart... If I sale it I will go back to what I started with a pico again
  4. Tiny Tank, Tiny Budget Contest

    Awww man this is all so cool.... and here I am getting rid of my tank....
  5. Sadly due to financial difficulties and possibility of a forced move, Im forced to sale my Nuvo all in one 20. It running now with livestock and a few coral. Im asking $350.00 OBO for everything just bring buckets and a little help to move it. Has a 2 sps and a few lps. Along with a skunk shrimp, a pair of clowns,one blue damsel, fighting conch, a few small hermits and snails. Comes with light, stand, everything you see has to go. I have grown some nice coral in it, ask others that have gotten stuff from me. I take very good care of my stuff. This tank has been setup for 3 years and still going. I have a sump too that was planing on repairing and adding to it. Comes with a Arctic-T247 light, all test kits, Auqa Gadget Spin Stream, mini max reactor, Jebao Wave Maker, brs alk and cal. just ran out of mag. what salt I have left and what ever else I can find.
  6. Nuvo all in one 20 for sale

    It's a mixed yay... I just keep telling myself that it was just the stepping stone for a bigger and better setup down the road.
  7. Nuvo all in one 20 for sale

    Pending pick up on Friday
  8. Hello!

    Welcome to the group new home owner. Buckets lots of buckets. Lol a reefer best friend. Hopefully soon I will be joining the new home owner no longer renting group myself.
  9. Nuvo all in one 20 for sale

    weekend bump
  10. Nuvo all in one 20 for sale

    few photos with how the lights are hung and stand per request
  11. Nuvo all in one 20 for sale

    LOL aww come on you know you can make room...LOL isnt that what you guys always tell me
  12. Nuvo all in one 20 for sale

    Thanks I really am heartbroken to do it, but it must go... Well Kim your like 4 months to late on the 10 I had. Sure you dont want your 20 back LOLOL
  13. Lf black sand

    If jadams7 doesnt have any I do your welcome to. Im starting to shutdown all my tanks.. so I will be posting my all in one this weekend
  14. Lf black sand

    I think I do I will check when I get home
  15. What are your parameters tonight?

    good question need to check before i do the big water change
  16. Here we go again

    lol you and your projects
  17. Can't lower nitrate

    dont really care about sightly or not... just want to fix the tank... yeah protein skimmer not very good. I will look at the ATS box or some kind of cheato reactor.. Im going to do a very large change either later today or tomorrow. I pre-mix my saltwater a week ahead... any recommendations for the all in one?
  18. Can't lower nitrate

    Ok this kinda goes with the nitrates issues, has anyone ever added a hob o overflow and sump to a nuvo all in one? Lol yeah so much for the all in one...
  19. Can't lower nitrate

    Hmmm I'll check it out after I do a big water change and take a flashlight to the back again to make sure I didn't miss anything. I'm still thinking of maybe a hob refugium for macros...or work on hob overflow and patch this old trickle filter sump
  20. Can't lower nitrate

    I will look into that... ahhh I have something similar already, but I will look at brightness export no3 brick
  21. Can't lower nitrate

    I do vacuum the sand ever water change which is weekly. And I so clean once a month the back. It's a pain in the butt. I'm considering adding a sump with a hob overflow. Time to prep for a tear down and sand change I suppose. I was thinking of moving the tank good time to change out sand. Next time in going for a drilled tank... lol just no room in these tanks
  22. Can't lower nitrate

    how far apart did you do your changes? I just did a 25% change. Cleaned everything
  23. Can't lower nitrate

    mine is crazy high like around 25 + no matter what I do. Been like that for ever...
  24. Holly's Amazingly Awesome $10 Frag Sale

    Im so happy you are doing that ... lol makes me feel like a proud mom
  25. Holly's Amazingly Awesome $10 Frag Sale

    wow that is just amazing stuff Holly. Are the pulsing zena from the large rock you got from me?.... I look over to my poor tank... makes me sad its getting empty