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  1. IntoTheMystic

    Possum wrasse issues

    I can't weigh in on this one. Without getting eyes on this animal and examining a skin scrape under a microscope, there's no way to know what's going on. It would be speculation and supposition and that ain't science. Or helpful to Crabby and this community. I appreciate the mention but in most cases, I won't be able to provide an accurate diagnosis. Hope this resolves, Crabby.
  2. IntoTheMystic

    Torch coral

    I reckon it takes a while for the zooxanthellae to populate all that new tissue and start cranking out the glucose for the coral.
  3. IntoTheMystic

    To clarisea or not to clarisea

    I've looked at several of these rolling mechanical units at trade shows over the last few years. Was thinking about putting one on one of my teaching systems to illustrate another means of particulate removal. Would've pulled the trigger, too, but the build quality on any of them did not impress. Wasn't wild about committing to spending budget money on the media for the foreseeable future, either, but would've bought one that looked like it was anywhere close to built to last for my students to examine and work on. Also thought the price points were on the silly side. Shaywood brings up a good point that I also considered. Hmmmm.......... poop, decomposing food, and whatever else..... not a big deal in my lab but I figured pretty much guaranteed to result in cohabitational terrorism in a house. Just one guy's opinion and if you want the convenience, go for it. That's what they're for . But also agree with monkeyboy's sentiment about biofunk spilling over the edges of the media and impairing the efficiency of the chemical and biological filtration. I believe you can adjust the turn speed on most of 'em but then you're blowing through $20 rolls even more quickly. If you think this tool will simplify your life and help maintain the joy of aquatic animal keeping, by all means, give it a shot. Then please let us know how much you like it and take a shotgun to all this skepticism in my post! Good luck with this!
  4. IntoTheMystic

    December 2018 Annual Holiday Meeting Pictures

    Really tried to make it over to the valley to make this one but duty called. Typically, looks like a good time was had by all. Also typically, the event was documented with verve by Bert. Well done as usual, man. 🍻 I'm not able to make many meetings but when I do, I am always impressed by how many cool people make this organization what is it. Cheers to you folks. 🍺 Have a safe, fun, prosperous and very Happy New year, everyone!
  5. IntoTheMystic

    Spot on clownfish ID

    How's your fish? Any changes in the size or appearance of that insult on your Clown?
  6. IntoTheMystic

    Spot on clownfish ID

    Can't vouch for Prime over Stresscoat. Really don't know. I'd say, at least for now, monitor this insult (whatever it is) and see if it begins to resolve on its own or whether it's going to need more attention. Your eyes will tell you when you need to go proactive on it. If you do, whatever the bottle dosage is should work well. Good luck with this. Hope it resolves without intervention. 🍻
  7. IntoTheMystic

    Spot on clownfish ID

    That's a much better image. Thank you. Pretty fish. When I zoom in on what looks like a lesion, I def see scale loss and what is probably exposed muscle tissue. Curiously, I don't see much inflammation at the site. I would expect to see some on the margins. Is the tissue raggedy in appearance or smooth? It looks smooth at a distance. The fuzziness I'm seeing could just be loss of definition at max zoom. To me, it looks like this animal may have bolted into something unforgiving and given itself a nasty abrasion. With no swelling, no sign of inflammation and the fact that is started out this size and has stayed this size makes me think that this is trauma, rather than some type of pathogen. It could also be a bite. If there's a way to safely extract this critter without too much collateral damage , I'd recommend at least 1 Stresscoat bath to get it some osmoregulatory relief. If that's impractical, just keep a real close eye on it and holler if you see any reddening around the margins, swelling, excessive mucous production or other signs of an infection. On the plus side, the color and posture of this fish looks good. I've seen these types of abrasions before. If the fish is in good shape before it happens, and this appears to be, they often heal well on their own. 'The microbe is nothing. The terrain is everything." Louis Pasteur
  8. IntoTheMystic

    Spot on clownfish ID

    Can't really get a good look at it from the image but a few questions: 1. How long has this lesion/discoloration/ulceration/whateverthehellitis been on this animal? How long is a few weeks? 2. Looks like there might be scales missing on the spot. Is this true? 3. Have you noticed this animal flashing (i.e. rubbing against hard objects as if to dislodge an ectoparasite) at that spot? 4. Doesn't appear to be any swelling at the site. Is this true? 5. Are either the pectoral or pelvic fins on that side acting odd, seemingly impaired, or otherwise affected by this? 6. Does this spot appear to be getting larger over time? 7. How long has this animal been in your collection? A bit of context and perhaps another image or two will help me work this problem a bit more effectively. Please let me know what you think when you have a moment or two.
  9. IntoTheMystic

    Coral growth

    This morning, I'm giving thanks for some SPS polyp porn. That colony is blowing up. Well done!
  10. IntoTheMystic

    Kole Tang with HLLE - Lesson learned

    Best concise yet comprehensive description of HLLE that I've seen yet. Get this animal plenty of nori , algae wafers and fresh greens, such as bok choy, mustard greens, romaine, etc. This will result in a lot more waste and you'll have to step up cleaning but you may start to see an improvement in a couple weeks. If you do, keep up with the "green" feeding. Good luck and keep us posted!
  11. IntoTheMystic


    Nice shots! Look like hydroids to me. In the temperate marine world, several nudibranchs mow down hydroids like grass. I wonder if Berghia would take a shine to these things? Crustaceans might enjoy munching 'em down, too. Dunno for sure but the Peppermint is probably worth a try as long as there isn't anyone in the system that might fancy eating a fancy shrimp.
  12. IntoTheMystic

    new clown fish created...total immunity!!

    I see a whitish, rectangular herniation on the ventrum there. Could also be a monogenean fluke. Big sucker. I recommend manual removal followed by medicated baths to retard secondary infection at the site. Closely monitor food response after Tx regimen. Prognosis: fair. Good luck!
  13. IntoTheMystic

    Need advice on adding my first clam

    Look at all the scutes under magnification and around the byssus. Also look for gelatinous egg masses near the mantle and byssus. Zero tolerance on these snails. They'll kill the clam and start working on your janitorial snails.
  14. IntoTheMystic

    MACNA 2018 Las Vegas

    I'm at the Westgate. Arriving Wednesday, leaving early Monday.
  15. IntoTheMystic

    Salt Creep Removal

    Definitely try vinegar. Best salt creep remover I know.