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  1. IntoTheMystic

    MACNA 2018 Las Vegas

    I'm at the Westgate. Arriving Wednesday, leaving early Monday.
  2. IntoTheMystic

    Salt Creep Removal

    Definitely try vinegar. Best salt creep remover I know.
  3. IntoTheMystic

    Black spots

    I wonder if these little shards of carbon or GFO are being picked up by the powerheads and acting like flechettes, lacerating the tissue of these colonies. Maybe the tissue is retracting from the insults? Keep a close eye out for bacterial infections.
  4. IntoTheMystic

    June Hatfield Marine Science Center Meet 2018

    Just want to say what a pleasure it was to host you folks again and meet some new faces. Really a lot of fun for Kat and I both! Also want to thank the folks who brought the food. Brandon, the ribs were devastating and having a bonus plate of leftovers was most unexpected but most appreciated! I appreciate everyone's thoughts and ideas for next year's meeting. I don't foresee any difficulties making that happen. Hopefully, I'll be able to make it to a meeting or two somewhere in the valley sometime in the coming months and am already looking forward to doing this again next June. See you then and thanks again for coming! Sid
  5. IntoTheMystic

    June Hatfield Marine Science Center Meet 2018

    Well then, this dovetails nicely with the shameless plug/reminder I was planning on posting this afternoon. For those that want and/or need formerly live rock, please make sure to remember to bring your totes, milk crates, bus tubs, dumpsters and other vessels to convey them! There might also be a few tanks available of different sizes looking for new homes. See you all tomorrow at 12 for the meeting. If you'd like to come early and check out the Visitor's Center remodel, and it's a huge improvement lemme tell ya, the VC opens at 10 a.m. See you all tomorrow. Looking forward to it!
  6. IntoTheMystic

    June Hatfield Marine Science Center Meet 2018

    Good question. Those fishes and corals went to colleagues in Portland, Detroit and Shreveport. I never lost sight of the fact that many of those corals and a few of the fish came to us by donation and felt a deep sense of responsibility to ensure that they would continue to be looked after by pros that I know personally. After they pass quarantine in each of those facilities, they will be on exhibit again, delighting people from all over the world. The legacy of this organization's generosity from over five years ago lives on and the reach of it has expanded significantly. Props to you all!
  7. IntoTheMystic

    June Hatfield Marine Science Center Meet 2018

    Hey folks! If anyone needs formerly live rock to clean, cure and incorporate into your systems and you're planning on coming to HMSC in just a few weeks(!) , bring totes, buckets, clothes baskets and any other storage bins and load up while you're here. I have 200-300 pounds to liquidate, as, sorry to report, those tropical marine exhibits and holding systems have been taken down over the last several months due to budgetary/coverage considerations. As we all know, coral systems need a lot of extra time and money to maintain properly (especially if they are an exhibit) and these considerations ran right into the cold reality of budgetary constraints triggered by the recent remodel. No one wanted these exhibits to go away, myself least of all, but no one wanted to allocate the funding to rebuild the systems or the infrastructure necessary for long-term success. So, here we are. I won't rule out the possibility for one or two coral exhibits sometime down the road (and I was really, really looking forward to building and maintaining an LPS system in my lab in the West Wing) but for now, the die is cast. If you've been jonesing for a bunch of live rock for an existing or upcoming system, please swing by on the 30th and load up! See you then! Sid
  8. IntoTheMystic


    You guys nailed part of the ID of this critter for sure. That's def an aeolid nudibranch. Which one, I cannot say. I've never dealt with these before. I'd try to siphon as many as I can with a piece of rigid airline and do some images searches for a more precise ID. Good luck with these!
  9. IntoTheMystic

    June Hatfield Marine Science Center Meet 2018

    Nope. That animal is currently on exhibit and looking very good! Thanks for asking.
  10. IntoTheMystic

    June Hatfield Marine Science Center Meet 2018

    It's a lot of fun for me to host you guys! I'm very much looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and reconnecting with you all. I'll have some 'scopes set up and will be doing some kind of animal health procedure. Those that want to glove in and help out will have the opportunity to do so, as well. After the big Visitor's Center remodel recently, my lab is in a bit of a state of transition as well, with old systems coming down and new ones currently under development. Please come early and spend some time checking out the new VC, too! It was a major upgrade and I think it will meet with your approval. We're pretty stoked about it. I'm also looking forward to whatever culinary delights the gifted chefs in this outfit are planning for this meeting. As mentioned, there's a Weber grill available, along with ovens for reheating, fridges for storing and staging and a nice courtyard area. Who knows? I might have to throw down and bring something to contribute to the potluck as well. Might even be edible. See you soon! 🍺 Sid
  11. IntoTheMystic

    Help identify unknown pest in my tank

    I have never dealt with this gangster but given its appetite and its ability to quickly construct a tunnel of that length and diameter, I figured it had to be some kind of eucinid or similar badass ravenous worm. Sorry to be way late on the thread. Past week's been a blur. Good luck with this thing and keep us posted. Ya reckon it could be trapped? Something irresistible and funky like garlic carnivore gel or a chunk of raw fresh shrimp marinated in fish oil in a worm trap might work. I'd sho'nuff be motivated to bag this trophy.........
  12. IntoTheMystic

    Harlequin Shrimp & Asterina's

    Nossir, around 3% of the species in the Asterina genus eat corals.
  13. IntoTheMystic

    Harlequin Shrimp & Asterina's

    Sadly, those exhibits were taken down a few months ago due to the extensive remodel in the Visitor's Center. Lots of dust, noise and debris = bad for critters and acrylics alike! However, the long-term result was many fewer Asterinas and I never saw them eating coral tissue again. This approach removed them from 1 exhibit almost entirely (found 1 about every two months) and put the reproductive hurts on them in two other exhibits. They mostly reproduce by binary fission, which is why so many of them appear to be misshapen. The key is to keep up with the manual removal before the lights come on. I was harvesting them first thing in the morning five days a week. They like eating the algae and biofilm on the acrylic, where it is easiest to get to and they have the best grip. It will take a while but manual removal can work.
  14. IntoTheMystic

    Harlequin Shrimp & Asterina's

    Harlequins are cool animals and will most likely take care of the Asterina problem but the problem is that they are obligate star eaters. They eat the tube feet off the stars but around 3% of this genus will also eat coral tissue. After they munch all the Asterinas and brittle stars, they will starve out, which is problematic. An ethical way to get around this might be to move them from one of your systems to another or cut a deal with two or three other PNWMAS members to help them keep their Asterina populations under control. It's a bit of a biosecurity risk but might be a better alternative. The first time I saw these sea stars eating SPS tissue in one of my exhibits, I decided to proactively manage these suckers by manually removing them. Each morning before the lights came on, there would be dozens on the inside of the acrylic. I used a fine-mesh net to harvest and remove them. It took months and short of natural controls, you can never get them all but it made a definite impact. After a while, I only saw them occasionally but kept up with it. I'll admit that this approach is a bit tedious but it does work and it rewards the OCD coralhead that lives in most of us. Asterinas are mostly photophobic. If you go the manual removal route, use that to your advantage.
  15. IntoTheMystic

    White Growth on Arabian Dottyback

    Pretty hard to see what it might be in that image. If you can get a better shot or three and post them, I may be able to provide a bit more information.