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  1. 93 gaL cube+everything $1200

    I can upload more photos upon request. Whoever purchases the whole shebang is responsible for transporting and will come with a treasure trove of other goodies that I haven't even thought of listing and that are laying around. If delivery is a must there will be a hefty fee that will require a transport deposit and is subject to location. If this option is chosen the system must be paid for upfront and is non-refundable should the potential buyer decide to bail after the system is broken down. I haven't listed this system on craiglist.
  2. 93 gaL cube+everything $1200

    Hi All, I'm looking to sell my whole system and everything that comes with it. I'm listing it with a super low ball price in hopes that someone will come and snatch it up hassle free. The only thing I am willing to part out at this moment is my Marine Beta. He's a special guy and I would like to find him a good home. I've had him for a minimum of three years. He eats out of your hand and is often out during the day, even though they are nocturnal. He's a very social fish, which is abnormal for them, and often comes to the glass when someone approaches the tank. He's extremely beautiful and likely 4-5" long. The blue and yellow coloring is very vibrant. He has cohabitated with shrimp and crabs before. Although, I think he eventually ate them. It's hard to tell. I'm asking $80 for him. What comes with the system. Tank: 93 gaL starfire cube with overflow and no scratches. Dimensions are LxWxH=30x30x25 inches (not exactly a cube but close enough). The tank was made is 2013 and is in exceptional shape. The stand is 29.5 inches tall with two openings and a carbon fiber looking skin over the frame. Will come with all the featured coral and fish. Listed in full below. Circulation for the tank used an Ecotech mp 40 wQd with wireless quietdrive driver purchased 2/25/2015. I clean the propeller once a month in vinegar. System is very well cared for. Sump/Refugium+ Skimmer: underneath there is an Eshopps R-200 sump. This sump is exceptionally quiet. You can barely hear water flowing through it. There is are fittings built in for an automatic top off. Here is a link to the sumps specifications: http://www.eshopps.com/products/filters/refugium/r200/ Ones of the compartments houses the Reef Octopus Classic 152-s purchased 11/1/2015 from marine depot. https://www.marinedepot.com/Reef_Octopus_Classic_152_S_Protein_Skimmer_In_Sump_Protein_Skimmers_for_Aquariums_Reefs-Reef_Octopus-CV25195-FIPSIS-vi.html Comes with titanium Finex 300W heater with guard and Finex temperature controller purchased august 2016 (comes with a backup brand new finext titanium heater) Lighting: Radion Gen2 it's a xr30w with wide angle lenses (I may still have the box that this came in). I still have the regular lenses that came with it. Comes with one power supply to operate it and comes with an extra power supply. Serviced and repaired by Ecotech after a failure, hence having two. The lead time was too long for the repair so I purchased another PS. Comes with a custom hanging rod that has been bent and attaches to the backside of the tank frame. Pretty classy. Fish+Critters: Sand sifting starfish (probably two in there. It's hard to tell) Conch Mating black & orange oscellaris Bonded blue spotted watchman goby and pistol shrimp Pacific Blue Tang (has some facial scarring) 3-4" Large Marine Beta 4-5" (optional, read description above) Coral+Things: 3 large bubble tip anemones. The two larger ones are around 10" in diameter during the day. The smaller of the 3 is 6-7". Deep acro colony, split up after the coral fell off the rock 2 frogspawn colonies. One the size of a pommelo 6" diameter the other is a cluster 2 large detached heads of frogspawn Another smaller colony probably 3" diameter Another small colony probably 1.5-2" diameter Orange montipora colony Purple and neone yellow green acro Deep purple something acro, struggling Blastomussa colony pink & light blue Large devils hand mushroom Random small acro-pink color Purple gorgonias in 3-4 locations Multi colored-purple, light plue, and some pink when in full color favia coral 2.5" long probably 0.5-0.75 wide Pink and baby blue favia 3" diametere. half of the colony is present. It was recently stung and is in recovery large light blue green lobophyllia with minimum 5 heads 2 heads of colored lobophyllia--vibrant version of colored lobophyllia here https://secure.liveaquaria.com/product/437/brain-coral-lobophyllia?pcatid=437&c=597+321+437 there are mushroom corals all over the place. The rock work has hydrophorna on it and will require some cleanup if you want to eradicate it struggling red and green man of war colony (I believe that's the name), almost dead Extras: -I believe I have all of the boxes for the more expensive equipment Any remaining salt I have 4-5 filter socks 2 refractometers wifi to hard connector used for a controller Hammerhead magnetic cleaner (probably) an extra pump Chemical test kit putty for attaching corals phosban charcoal addictives nitrate reducer calcium finex 300w titanium heater backup pump for the system, it's brand new and in the box seaside aquarics 8" aquarium viewer I have a whole chest of stuff and part of a cupboard of items that I will throw in
  3. WTB Nano skimmer

    I have a remora hang on the back skimmer, the nano.
  4. Looking for larger rimless tank

    I have a 93-gallon rimless I have been considering listing. My mom offered me my upright grand piano and if I have to choose between the two, which I do for space and humidity reasons, I'm going to pick my piano. I have photos of it and can provide dimensions. It's Starfire glass and with no scratches. I'm not sure if you would be interested in the sump with it as well but it has an Eshoppes r-100 sump refugium, very quiet. My number is 253-753-4552. I recently cleared photos off my phone and can take some if you are interested later.
  5. Any Recommends for Refugium Lights

    Thanks for the recommendation. That looks to be more of what I was considering price wise. I don't want to go hog wild for some macro algae.
  6. Any Recommends for Refugium Lights

    I was wondering about the nutrients vs growth of chaeto. I'm not knowledgeable about how much light it needs, but it seems like a basic light would work. A friend offered me a eshopps curve that has cree LED's for $40, but that seems pricey for something that's not completely necessary. I also don't want a light that will overheat and cause issues.
  7. Any Recommends for Refugium Lights

    I want a cheap refugium light that is compact. I'm sure people on the forum have tried different lights, any good recommendations?
  8. 30 Gal Biocube +Liverock+1 clown fish=$40

    Gone Gone Gone
  9. 30 Gal Biocube +Liverock+1 clown fish=$40

    Still available.
  10. 30 Gal Biocube +Liverock+1 clown fish=$40

    I'm available after 7 Pm this evening and this weekend.
  11. 30 Gal Biocube +Liverock+1 clown fish=$40

    If someone wants this I lowered it to $40. If anything it could be a good garage rescue tank.
  12. 30 Gal Biocube +Liverock+1 clown fish=$40

    IF someone wants to make me a lowball offer (within reason) I would be open to accepting it. I'm more looking to free up the space that it occupies, rather than making a few bucks.
  13. 30 Gal Biocube +Liverock+1 clown fish=$40

    My number is 253-753-4552. I'm in Corvallis. I also have a magnetic probe rack available for an apex system and a pH probe.
  14. Soooooo...... this tank had a crash when I went on vacation 3 weeks ago. My house sitter....sucks. My main display tank is all good to go and I have been considered finding this tank a home before this happened. Luckily it is not infested with any hair algae just cyano. Three other fish that were in the tank perished. There is one remaining little clownfish in there that is very personable and is apparently a fighter. He was is and most likely still is a male given the time frame his female died. I know the photos aren't the best but this system has been beautiful in the past and I am sure someone could come along the "pretty woman" this tank back into better shape. This has always been my stable backup tank that I have never had to worry about the parameters being out of check. Believe me when I say it took some out of the ordinary circumstances to get it to where it is now. I lack the motivation and time to give it the appropriate amount of attention to whipping it back into shape. I am working full time, have three dogs, am up keeping my main display, and my dad is going to be coming to stay with me next week (unexpectedly) for probably over a month for a job he'll be working at in my area. It would be nice to not have this system in the room that he will be staying in. The system will come with...drum roll please: -Sick as hell stand, modify as needed -Filter socks -Live rock that lives in the tank and sump -Volunteer Kenya trees -Return/sump pump -Sand -*Maybe* some sand sifting critters -1 badass clownfish -Heater + Controller http:// http:// http:// http:// The sump pump is approximately a year old. The remora skimmer had it's pump replaced within 1.5-2 years and has been cleaned regularly. The system has a drilled overflow that could be modified to suit your needs. Currently, the system is using a Sky Blue A150W Kessil with a gooseneck attachment. I'm not exactly sure on the age of this light but purchasing it to come with the system is an option. It's also open to anyone not interested in the system since it, hopefully, will not be needed.
  15. Apex Schtuff

    The MPR and PM2 module have sold. VDM+cable, Salinity probe, and pH probe are still available.