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  1. Any Recommends for Refugium Lights

    Thanks for the recommendation. That looks to be more of what I was considering price wise. I don't want to go hog wild for some macro algae.
  2. Any Recommends for Refugium Lights

    I was wondering about the nutrients vs growth of chaeto. I'm not knowledgeable about how much light it needs, but it seems like a basic light would work. A friend offered me a eshopps curve that has cree LED's for $40, but that seems pricey for something that's not completely necessary. I also don't want a light that will overheat and cause issues.
  3. Any Recommends for Refugium Lights

    I want a cheap refugium light that is compact. I'm sure people on the forum have tried different lights, any good recommendations?
  4. 30 Gal Biocube +Liverock+1 clown fish=$40

    Gone Gone Gone
  5. 30 Gal Biocube +Liverock+1 clown fish=$40

    Still available.
  6. 30 Gal Biocube +Liverock+1 clown fish=$40

    I'm available after 7 Pm this evening and this weekend.
  7. 30 Gal Biocube +Liverock+1 clown fish=$40

    If someone wants this I lowered it to $40. If anything it could be a good garage rescue tank.
  8. 30 Gal Biocube +Liverock+1 clown fish=$40

    IF someone wants to make me a lowball offer (within reason) I would be open to accepting it. I'm more looking to free up the space that it occupies, rather than making a few bucks.
  9. 30 Gal Biocube +Liverock+1 clown fish=$40

    My number is 253-753-4552. I'm in Corvallis. I also have a magnetic probe rack available for an apex system and a pH probe.
  10. Soooooo...... this tank had a crash when I went on vacation 3 weeks ago. My house sitter....sucks. My main display tank is all good to go and I have been considered finding this tank a home before this happened. Luckily it is not infested with any hair algae just cyano. Three other fish that were in the tank perished. There is one remaining little clownfish in there that is very personable and is apparently a fighter. He was is and most likely still is a male given the time frame his female died. I know the photos aren't the best but this system has been beautiful in the past and I am sure someone could come along the "pretty woman" this tank back into better shape. This has always been my stable backup tank that I have never had to worry about the parameters being out of check. Believe me when I say it took some out of the ordinary circumstances to get it to where it is now. I lack the motivation and time to give it the appropriate amount of attention to whipping it back into shape. I am working full time, have three dogs, am up keeping my main display, and my dad is going to be coming to stay with me next week (unexpectedly) for probably over a month for a job he'll be working at in my area. It would be nice to not have this system in the room that he will be staying in. The system will come with...drum roll please: -Sick as hell stand, modify as needed -Filter socks -Live rock that lives in the tank and sump -Volunteer Kenya trees -Return/sump pump -Sand -*Maybe* some sand sifting critters -1 badass clownfish -Heater + Controller http:// http:// http:// http:// The sump pump is approximately a year old. The remora skimmer had it's pump replaced within 1.5-2 years and has been cleaned regularly. The system has a drilled overflow that could be modified to suit your needs. Currently, the system is using a Sky Blue A150W Kessil with a gooseneck attachment. I'm not exactly sure on the age of this light but purchasing it to come with the system is an option. It's also open to anyone not interested in the system since it, hopefully, will not be needed.
  11. Apex Schtuff

    The MPR and PM2 module have sold. VDM+cable, Salinity probe, and pH probe are still available.
  12. Apex Schtuff

    Does anyone want to make me an offer on these items. I'm pretty interested in just finding them homes at this point.
  13. Apex Schtuff

    Okay I got very disorganized when I made this post. To those that have read it I apologize. The prices are as follows: PM2 module $50.97 Salinity probe $75 pH probe $36 MPR $20 VDM + cable $70
  14. Apex Schtuff

    Righty-O. I've made the decision to downgrade one of my tanks and have decided to part out my apex parts. Everything is functional and in solid condition. I can ship if anyone is not willing to pick up in Corvallis, but won't pay for shipping (everything here is relatively small so shipping will be very minimal). PM2+Probe $87 http:// http:// VDM+Dimming Cable $70 http:// MPR (a few months old with box) $20 http:// Salinity Probe $75 http://
  15. Parting out APEX system

    The base unit, energy bar, temperature probe, and wxm are gone. Sorry. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk