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  1. itskris

    Rainbow in Spain/OE Auction ( for James)

    I'll shoot that off to you tomorrow. Do you ever get to cuttlefish and coral?
  2. itskris

    Sump: to clean or not to clean?

    That wet vac for a bucket (bucket head is why it's called) is super powerful and the auto shutoff when full doesn't work. 3 bucket heads and 3 major water spills later... i don't recommend it.
  3. itskris

    Rainbow in Spain/OE Auction ( for James)

    $110 Jorge. Let's finish this calcium reactor lol
  4. itskris

    Aquarium maintenance companies

    Agreed!! Hands down the best
  5. If you're in the hobby and know what your doing... Have some time to work about 20/hours a week from our office in Lake Oswego... and would like to make an extra $1500/month hit me up! I'm looking for content writers for the reef hobby! Email me at kristoffer.trujillo@gmail.com for more information.
  6. Put me down. Honestly I don't get into this forum enough. Here's my number: 972-832-4083. Text me with what I owe and to who
  7. Awesome! When do we pick up and where do we pay?
  8. itskris

    Free frags!!!!

    Got any better pics?
  9. itskris

    FREE Hermits 5+

    Gone! Thank you
  10. itskris

    FREE Hermits 5+

    I'm in beaverton but frequent most areas in PDX.
  11. itskris

    FREE Hermits 5+

    I believe these are Thin Striped Hermits: http://www.reefcleaners.org/aquarium-store/thin-striped-hermit Please text me at 972-832-4083 First come first served. One is golfball sized. The others are quickly getting to be that size. These unforunately will be killed if no one claims them by Wednesday.
  12. itskris

    Looking for local Portland programmers

    I work with a few different CRM platforms that don't really have sufficient reporting for my clients. Looking to build out a reporting suit that utilizes the API from the platform. I had a buddy start the work but he took a full time job a couple months ago and the project has just been sitting idle. It has so far been developed in c#. I'm not a coder. So I defer to the coder for what he would program it in. I would like the project started from scratch as we will want some additional functionality built in. This is a remote position to start out... Only because I'm out of office space. Looking for a new office mid January then this will be an in office job. Full time. Once this project is done there are plenty more. I have a team of PHP guys. I want something faster.
  13. Looking for programers in the Portland, Oregon​ area. Send me a message if you are a programmer that can do something other then PHP. Please pass this along if you know or might know of anyone. Looking to hire immediately. Job posting will be up on a few places later this week. Kris Trujillo 972-832-4083