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  1. NEW Par Meter Booking Thread

    Hello from your new par meter booking agent! The club now has 2 par meters available for loan to paid members. We typically have a waiting list to borrow, so when your name comes up, you can either take the one that is available or wait for the other - either way, you will not lose your place in line. Meters available: Apogee SQ-520 Full Spectrum Smart Quantum LED PAR Sensor This page has information you'll need, including links to software downloads for PC and Mac. You'll want to make sure you're able to use the software before borrowing this meter. Apogee has verified tech support for operating systems Windows XP through 10, as well as Mac 10.10 and higher, and they offer to help out if someone runs into compatibility issues. Apogee MQ-200 Quantum Separate Sensor with Handheld PAR Meter Huge thanks to @Smann for this generous donation! To borrow a meter: be a paid member of PNWMAS pay a $50 refundable deposit, given back upon return of the undamaged meter agree to fully reimburse the club if damage or loss occurs - full cost of a new meter is $345 (+ $55 for the sensor wand if that is also lost/damaged) return the meter to me after your week with it is up (if you live extremely far away, another club officer or board member closer to you can accept it back) I prefer to avoid members transferring the meter directly to other members, because I don't want anyone to find themselves responsible for damage caused during a prior loan. Returning it like a library book protects all parties involved. Waiting list current as of 4-15-18: Nanoreefer32 - no response; turn skipped, but place in line retained Paratore - in line for USB meter - skipped until new lights installed Kingfisher - currently borrowing USB meter wantanewtank youcallmenny - USB sroberts - USB

    Bumping this up! You have till April 30 to get the discounted rate for a vendor table at the event. Last year, we had a blast and made a lot of money for Tanks for Teachers. We're expecting another great turnout this year and hope you'll be part of it!
  3. April Meeting At Cuttle Fish and Coral!!

    Whoever made that pan of brownies deserves their own special thanks, because mmmmmm! And special thanks to Scott for whipping up some bacon for this picky eater! I pretty much never fill my plate at potluck gatherings, but I did at this one. Thanks to all who brought something to share!
  4. April Meeting At Cuttle Fish and Coral!!

    I’ll bring a baby maxi-mini for them.
  5. April 15 Grand prize!!!!!

    This party is going to kick fish tail! Proper thanks to Jeff & Kim for organizing all this!
  6. Food for April Meeting

    Sounds like some type of burgers are happening, yes? I'll throw in a vote for bacon, in that case, because that is what I like between my buns. (Realizing now that could be worded better, but where's the fun in that?!) Just a suggestion, and no hard feelings if we already have a full grocery list. I won't starve as long as there is bread (buns).
  7. Food for April Meeting

  8. CNC Bonus Group Buy Inverts!!

    One fire shrimp for me!
  9. March 2018 Meet at Hollys Pics

    Great job with the hitchhiker talk and the photo recap, Bert! Excelling at two major jobs there! We are lucky to have you! Special thanks to Holly for opening up her home, to all the club officers who pitched in to make the meeting a success, and to everyone who came out to socialize and support the club! We have such a fantastic group of people here! More exclamation points because I love them so!!!!!! What, you don't all have a bottle of turpentine in your fish med cabinet? Consult with Bert or Miles recommended first. Yep, all your fingers are still there, Andy! Technical assistance during the talk appreciated.
  10. NEW Par Meter Booking Thread

    Added you! Both meters are available. Which one did you want to borrow, the handheld or USB?
  11. Missing bags of frags

    Yikes. I hope they turn up.
  12. NEW Par Meter Booking Thread

    @Nanoreefer32 & @Paratore - either of you ready to borrow a meter? I should be getting both of them back this weekend.
  13. Tiny Tank, Tiny Budget Contest

    Ooooh, sounds like a perfect time to get my pico back up and running! I broke it down after I never really got anywhere with it (rough time with corals bleaching, never found the right fish, etc.), but I'll attempt again.
  14. March meeting grand prize !!

  15. March Picture of the Month - Angelfish

    Not my fish, but I did take the picture.
  16. Reef Worx Expo

    I'll be there!
  17. NEW Par Meter Booking Thread

    Hey, all! @lewisriverfisherman sent me a question I don’t really know the answer to, since I still haven’t gotten around to using either meter myself. Maybe someone can help him out? @albertareef? Can you please explain the difference of the par meters to me as I know nothing about them. I have an AI Prime Hd light. Which par meter would be better for me? The full spectrum? Thanks for your time! Brandon
  18. NEW Par Meter Booking Thread

    Perfect. I’ll PM you a time/place.
  19. NEW Par Meter Booking Thread

    @ocboat, I have the USB meter ready for you. Good times to meetup would be morning/afternoon hours for me this week/weekend, so just let me know what day works for you.
  20. OSU film on plight of coral reefs released!

    Ahhh, sorry my text is huge! It does that when I copy/paste on my phone.
  21. OSU film on plight of coral reefs released!

    I registered for a free ticket and received this additional info: 6 p.m. Doors and table exhibits open 7 p.m. SNEAK PREVIEW: Saving Atlantis – a feature length film by Oregon State University 8:30 p.m. Panel discussion/Q&A with Saving Atlantis film makers and OSU Researchers I wonder what the table exhibits are? Probably fundraising for a save the reefs cause. I would say I’ll be there early to check that out, but there’s laughter in my head at the mere suggestion of being early for anything.
  22. February 2018 Stylaster Frag Demo Pics

    He'd have to dye his hair for that! But I welcome anyone who wishes to share the rainbow hair stage with me.
  23. February 2018 Stylaster Frag Demo Pics

    I love seeing photos from our meetings; it feels like we're have the fun all over again! I took a few pictures at this one, as well. Bert is such a dedicated documenter, he rarely ends in the pics, so I made sure to remedy that as soon as he walked in the door! Our club VP and overall terrific guy, badxgillen joined me in adding a splash of color to the group! Groovy tie dye, dude. Is it just me, or is Sean giving a look of, "WHY would you take my photo?!" Well, I did, and I'm posting it here! Gotcha! His lovely wife Darcy put up with our club shenanigans rather well. Lewisfisherman & theclark, labeling themselves and eyeing the tasty selection of appetizers. Miles here, doing a bit of socializing with dog and baby, reefers by association. Our gracious host, Stylaster, standing by to control the amount of drool falling into his frag tank as members came through to eye up the goods. Dodge & Jeremy, checking out the display tank of wonder: 312 gallons of colors and textures galore! How does the lemonpeel hybrid do with all these corals? Well, there's your answer! Black Lemon didn't wait for Roy to tell his business to anyone; he just showed us! Apparently, this is the only fish in the tank who cannot be tricked into a trap. The tangs will be feasting away and having a grand time in it, while the angel looks on all-knowing and wisely stays out. Who can blame him for wanting to leave such a rich buffet? He probably has it better in this tank than he did on the reef in the wild! Look at those beggars! Always at the front of the tank wanting more food, despite being incredibly well fed. Vlamingi enjoying a bit of personal attention from his human. Ahhh, yeah, that's the spot! Scratch right there! Impossible to view without a sense of calm washing over. At least until the envy sets in! Time for some fragging! I joked the loser of the raffle would get this frag of putty being sawed off, but there ended up being enough of each coral that everyone went home with a frag of each! (Except for Beth, who left without taking hers. If you're reading this, let us know! She couldn't remember her username at the meeting, so we don't know who to contact.) Intense concentration from these guys! If you enjoy playing Where's Waldo?, you can play Where's Bert? and Where's Karen? in this photo! Old Man Max checking in on how the fragging demo is going. He's thinking of starting a tank now that he's reached retirement age. Miles getting in a bit of bonding time with my 14-year-old fur monster. Big thanks to Roy for welcoming Princeton to the party! Yours truly, happy to have spent the afternoon with fine friends of the reef keeping variety! See you at the next one!
  24. Fellow fish lovers and coral enthusiasts, now is the time to clear the date on your calendar for February's PNWMAS meeting! February 10th at 2 pm Held in @stylaster's home in Kelso, Washington 244 Sparks Drive, Kelso WA 98626 Owner of Pacific Corals and keeper of a spectacular 312 gallon reef tank, Roy is one of the club's coolest! He's happy to have us all geek out with him this month with some coralicious activities, including an organized frag swap raffle (details below) and a fragging demonstration on an LPS chalice coral and an SPS acropora coral. Attendees will learn some tricks and walk away with a free frag! To participate in the frag swap raffle, just bring a labeled frag or two. All frags will be separated into one of three tiers: beginner, mid level, or high end. This primarily relates to the value, so we can keep things fair. You'll be given a raffle ticket per frag, and when your number is called, it's your turn to choose from the level matching what you brought. Be generous with your cuts, do your best to keep from bringing pests with you, and enjoy trading for something new! If you have more than 2 frags or other livestock you'd like to trade, prearranged trading/selling is always encouraged. Appetizers and beverages will be provided by our host, with all attending welcome to bring something to add to the mix. We'll also be raffling off gift certificates to the best shops around, so don't miss your chance to win! Paid members of the club receive one free raffle ticket just for showing up, and all attendees will have the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets. See you there!
  25. February 10th Meeting @ Roy's!

    Thanks for powering through! I will definitely add some after looking through yours and deleting my dupes.