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  1. NEW Par Meter Booking Thread

    Hello from your new par meter booking agent! The club now has 2 par meters available for loan to paid members. We typically have a waiting list to borrow, so when your name comes up, you can either take the one that is available or wait for the other - either way, you will not lose your place in line. Meters available: Apogee SQ-520 Full Spectrum Smart Quantum LED PAR Sensor This page has information you'll need, including links to software downloads for PC and Mac. You'll want to make sure you're able to use the software before borrowing this meter. Apogee has verified tech support for operating systems Windows XP through 10, as well as Mac 10.10 and higher, and they offer to help out if someone runs into compatibility issues. Apogee MQ-200 Quantum Separate Sensor with Handheld PAR Meter Huge thanks to @Smann for this generous donation! To borrow a meter: be a paid member of PNWMAS pay a $50 refundable deposit, given back upon return of the undamaged meter agree to fully reimburse the club if damage or loss occurs - full cost of a new meter is $345 (+ $55 for the sensor wand if that is also lost/damaged) return the meter to me after your week with it is up (if you live extremely far away, another club officer or board member closer to you can accept it back) I prefer to avoid members transferring the meter directly to other members, because I don't want anyone to find themselves responsible for damage caused during a prior loan. Returning it like a library book protects all parties involved. Handheld meter is currently with club officers in Corvallis and will be returned to Portland at the December meeting. Waiting list current as of 11-9-17: youcallmenny - in line for USB meter, will pickup at December meeting Nanoreefer32 - no response, turn skipped but place in line retained Optimusprime3605 - arranging pickup for USB Oregonic - in line for handheld Willapa - in line for USB Paratore - model preference? pdxmonkeyboy - either model Bicyclebill - model preference?
  2. NEW Par Meter Booking Thread

    I have the USB meter right now. No response from nanoreefer32, so I’m skipping ahead. Sent you a PM.
  3. Swim bladder

    Try feeding peas. Easy to use frozen by removing the skin and breaking into tiny pieces, so the wrasse can swallow it. Just a few should clear up gas, if that's all it is. If that doesn't work, you may need to vent with a needle. Not for the nervous hand, but if you dare, you should find this video helpful. It's unlikely to come to that, so don't freak out too much yet.
  4. Holiday Party Save the Date!

    Looks like autocorrect had a field day! I think I’m more of a spoon...
  5. Holiday Party Save the Date!

    Everyone on this forum is welcome! Bring the family (there will be pizza!), cash for any raffles you’d like to enter (tickets are cheap and the prizes are stellar!), and a wrapped gift if you’d like to participate in the white elephant exchange (it’s optional, but really fun!).
  6. Holiday Party Save the Date!

    Just bring a wrapped gift worth about $10. (No one will complain if you go over that, but it's a good price point most can afford.) Reef related, reef themed, or not - whatever you think will be popular with the crowd/feel like giving. We usually limit how many times any particular gift can be stolen when we're playing. Bring a gift and leave with a different gift is the idea.
  7. 29 Gal Nano

    Welcome! Looks like you’re off to a good start. It stinks when a fish disappears. Unfortunately, the mandarin most likely starved and was quickly cleaned up by your invert crew. I used to keep dragonets (mandarin and ruby red) in the same size tank, but it got to be a pain breeding enough food for them. Even mandarins trained to eat frozen will struggle to get enough to eat in tanks under 100 gallons, sometimes larger. They’re copepod monsters with insatiable appetites. If you want to give it another go, look up breeding methods for tisbe copepods (important to get this specific type) and set up a breeding station. Mine was a series of 1-gallon jugs with airlines that I fed phytoplankton and crushed fish food. Harvesting was the only task I found to be a pain, but even that wasn’t really hard, just more of a job without much joy in the way of copepods not being nearly as pretty to look at as the critters in my tank. I might give it another try this winter, as mandarins are one of my favorite fish and helped convinced me I had to have a saltwater tank. It’s also good to get into the habit of quarantining fish early on. Reef2reef has great information in that regard in their fish disease forums. You may not have any problems now, but the more fish you add, the greater the risk. Good luck!
  8. Holly's Amazingly Awesome $10 Frag Sale

    Sounds like I missed a fun party! Next one, I'm there.
  9. Well I guess I'm back... Again haha

    We all knew you’d be back! Long tanks are my fave, and it sounds like you have sweet plans for this one. Looking forward to seeing it progress.
  10. NEW Par Meter Booking Thread

    Nice try, line cutter! For Portland members, it would get a bit crazy to allow that, since almost all are 15 mins away from someone. Corvallis is quite a drive. @youcallmenny has asked to pick-up the USB meter at the holiday party instead, so that opens up a turn or two beforehand. @Nanoreefer32, would you like to go for the USB meter? Available now!
  11. NEW Par Meter Booking Thread

    Update on par meters! @youcallmenny and I have had some trouble coordinating our schedules, but he's soon to borrow the USB meter @Nanoreefer32 is next in line - do you have a preference for the USB or handheld? USB should be available sooner. @Exodus currently has the handheld meter (he skipped ahead slightly since this meter was already in Corvallis and not going to make it back to Portland till December) Is anyone else waiting in the Corvallis area? @Oregonic is next in line for the handheld meter, but since the plan for it to return to Portland is at the December meeting, it makes sense to fit in anyone local to Corvallis before then.
  12. Holiday Party Save the Date!

    Is that... a shirt? Or actual tattoos? Either way, ewwwww.
  13. Holiday Party Save the Date!

    In the light of day, it occurs to me I was thinking of a gavel, but I admire Sean’s flair for the dramatic in assuming Kim would go straight for the kill!
  14. Holiday Party Save the Date!

    Hey! Respect the gauntlet! I don't want to see Justin Beiber undies any more than Kim does. What you guys google on your own time is your own business.
  15. What do you want for raffle prizes ?

    You make a great point. Ok, let's go with this one, and I'll whip up some pink dye! The only problem I foresee is being mistaken for cotton candy, but nothing a pair of googly eyes can't fix.
  16. Good afternoon

    You're not a real reefer till you've flooded something.
  17. What do you want for raffle prizes ?

    I'm determined to win the bunny, but I'm not calling it George. Needs to be as pretty as this one, because I'm vain like that.
  18. What do you want for raffle prizes ?

    Is dam(n) even a curse word? I guess I let f-bombs fly so frequently, the former doesn't seem much of anything anymore. Gosh diddly darn!
  19. What do you want for raffle prizes ?

    [language filter], I hit the button before I was done voting. I think an MP10 and/or MP40 draws a crowd, so those are always great prizes. I wouldn't mind seeing another jellyfish tank as a prize. That was the item I really wanted at the frag fest, but as the announcer of the prizes, I decided it was probably best not to enter for it. (Well, partly that, and partly forgetting to buy myself some tickets and realizing so as I was drawing the winner!) Gift certificates for local shops are always a hit, as well.
  20. Holiday Party Save the Date!

    Oh, I think I managed to rid the club of that thing! I won it a couple of years ago (along with live pods, so the gift wasn't total crap) and took it to my workplace Christmas party. My boss's partner, the least likely person alive to want something like that (rich conservative guy in his 50s) won it and gave everyone an "eat [language filter]" look. I found it hilarious, but safe to say, that gift was thrown in the trash at the end of the night!
  21. Holiday Party Save the Date!

    Not strictly, but most people tend to bring something reef related or reef inspired. There is sometimes a bottle of liquor or other unexpected item. Last year, I got a gift bag that had non-aquarium items but with reef themes - socks with octopuses on them, a Christmas tree ornament of Dory, and something else I've forgotten. I remember an auto fish feeder being one of the gifts that was stolen the max number of times, as well as the bottle of alcohol.
  22. Good afternoon

    Whoa, those are some massive colonies! Anyone willing to come all the way from Montana to our frag fest belongs on this forum!
  23. Fantastic pictures, Bert! I’m seeing a lot of this event for the first time, despite having been there, and I’m wowed! The raffle ticket sales were such a success, I only made it out of the prize room to announce winners and for Laura’s talk. Looks like the vendor room was madness, too. The best kind, of course - photosynthetic madness! I wish I could recall what was so funny in that image of me laughing hysterically next to Sean and Holly, but whatever it was, that is fine photographic evidence of the fun we all had!
  24. Holiday Party Save the Date!

    It can get a bit rowdy during the white elephant exchange. All in good fun!
  25. Nwfragfest Guest Speaker! Laura Simmons!

    Much better than my recording! I need to work out the technical difficulties I had for the next event. I recorded with my camera, which can only film 10 minutes at a time and resulted in some awkward gaps where the recording stopped mid-sentence and picked back up two sentences later, as well as my phone, which recorded video but screwed up the audio (long beep sound through the whole thing). Both my camera and my phone shut off around the same time at the end of the talk (phone died, camera overheated), so I didn’t get the Q & A portion at all. Definitely stuff to sort out for the next one.