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  1. I have sent you a message on the algae scrubber. Thanks - Tim
  2. Any chance you will be in Portland or at least further north any time? I'd love to buy the Pencil Urchin, I've been looking for one for a while. Thanks - Tim PS I am in Tigard so south Portland.
  3. I've got a bit of a zoanthid overload and want to invite some Sundial snails over for a free meal. I understand that they are normally considered a pest, but in my case I could use some... I am in the Portland/Tigard area and can pickup in the metro. Thanks
  4. I'd like it. Can we meet up in Portland this weekend? Maybe you will pass by, as I live in Tigard. Please let me know. Thanks - Tim
  5. I've had various float based designs over the years, but once I moved to Hydor ATO, I was sold. Extremely accurate control with over/under alarms and timers to prevent over filling. I have it setup to turn on a 12V 1/4" wet solenoid that is connected directly to a dedicated RODI system, meaning I never have to fill up reservoirs.
  6. Hello Tim,

    I've been watching the chiller for sale and have been wanting to get a cheap used one myself. I am relatively new on PNWMAS, but was a member years ago when it was still TheReefTank.com. Anyhow, its taking a long time to get past the 25 posts so I can do classifieds. It says I'm at 25 currently, but I still can't respond. I don't know that much about chillers, but want one for my 28 nano for these 100 degree days. Can I plug the chiller in and program it to just not let the tank go past 78 degrees? If it is reliable then I would like to come get it. I'm Brian and I'm in Salem but would make a trip to Tigard to get it. Your chiller seems about $100 closer to my price range than others. I'm a bit surprised your post is still up in fact, given the heat wave of 10 days ago. I'm writing here in hopes of getting a $150 chiller before someone else does.


    Thanks for reading

    1. timfountain


      The chiller is way too big for a 28 nano unfortunately, as much as I'd like to sell it to you! This is rated for a 120-170G (depending on the require temp reduction). The pump for this should be 1000gph, so the nano would be blown away.by a pump that size! I'd look at a much smaller peltier type chiller that sits in the tank/sump/overflow....




      - Tim

    2. Snappy


      Darn. Good to know. Cheapest I've gotten a reply back on so far has been $250 though. 

      Thanks for the reply, good luck selling 

  7. Up for sale is a 1/4 HP Ecoplus chiller. It's just collecting dust in my garage and I have never needed to run it on my tank. It is used but <2 years old and <6 months of use (used it when I was in TX). Great condition, super clean, no scratches, dings, dust or rust, I figure someone can use it in this weather. I am in Tigard/Bull Mountain. You pickup please. $150
  8. So I lost 3 fishes - 2 Chromis and a flame angel. There was a lot of stressed out fish by the time I got the generator going in the evening but so far no outbreak of any stress related diseases. I did a 25% water change 2 days later. Corals didn't seem to mind the temporary darkness, lack of flow and drop in temperature.
  9. So how long before O2 levels start to drop? Am I likely to see a spike in Nitrate, Nitrite and Ammonia when the power comes back due to anerobic bacteria die-off? I'll get her stiring. Tank volume is high enough that temps are too bad yet. She just bought a 4KW generator from Lowes, not sure if she will be successful getting it setup though....
  10. I just got a call from the wife on landing in SFO. Apparently the tank has been without power since 7:30 this morning. Never been out this long before. Can anyone offer general advice about what to do and what not to do. Fish are still upright and swimming but apparently all the corals are slumped and recessed. I guess the temp is dropping. I'm not home yet and delayed here in SFO. I feel so powerless. Tank is a Red Sea Reefer 350 (92 Gallons) and lightly stocked. Worried I am going to lose everything. What a mess! Thanks - Tim
  11. Now $50, I put new filters including, per-filter, carbon, DI and a new 75GPD TFC. This is essentially brand new and I put more into it than I am asking....
  12. Still available. $50 you pickup, otherwise I'll just keep it as a spare....
  13. Tigard. Still available. I think this is a good deal but if I am off, please let me know.... - Tim
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