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  1. icepikbiker

    You pick the sale this weekend!

    Ok, I voted $50, now someone vote for 20%.
  2. icepikbiker


    What you doing with it?
  3. icepikbiker

    Check these out..

    I want to show my wife because I know she will like them and want them, but I don't want to show my wife because I know she will want get them.
  4. icepikbiker

    Better than the bedroom Aquarium........

    I like that there are "coral" on the surface so it would look like you were snorkeling in bed. Would be cool to do a whole upside down tank.
  5. icepikbiker

    Corals for sale! And do you have?

    What larger ones do you have? I would also be interested in one.
  6. icepikbiker

    And that's why you don't order T5s off Amazon...

    When I ordered my old T-5 fixture it came with 6 bulbs. Each bulb had a cardboard sleeve then they were taped together and then bubble wrapped around that then was packaged in a hard cardboard tube. I was very happy with the seller, don't remember if it came from Amazon or another seller.
  7. Sitting in to hear ideas for Majano eradication. I let one get into my tank a few years ago on a piece of live rock, It showed up under my carpet anemone and thought it was a baby (I was new to the hobby back then) now they are everywhere and I'm about to nuke the tank because of them.
  8. Are we going off what we told are wives we paid? What we actually paid? or retail? for me there is a big difference between the three. lol
  9. icepikbiker

    TPA Huge Shipment in!

    Dang it Chris! Why you guys always get good shipments in on the weeks I don't get paid, I'm gonna have to talk to Garrett about his order dates, lol.
  10. icepikbiker

    Coral Battle Thread!!!

    That was the reason I got rid of my huge carpet, I was moving on to SPS and didn't want him to kill them. But he did go to a good home in a much larger tank then mine.
  11. icepikbiker

    FS: LEDs, pump, and misc stuff

    Would you guys be able to meet up sometime somewhere and then I could pick it up from Gil&Fin? Also what would be the easiest way to pay you for it Noob?
  12. icepikbiker

    FS: LEDs, pump, and misc stuff

    That is awesome, now does anyone live in Vancouver and work in Portland, or vice versa? Really could use this pump for my mixing station build.
  13. icepikbiker

    FS: LEDs, pump, and misc stuff

    Anyone from up that way planning any trips to Salem area that would be willing to pick up the pump for me?
  14. icepikbiker

    Jebao Pumps...waste of money

    IMO, Koralias are good as constant flow power heads, but need to be cleaned often and are loud (the restart clicking) when used as a wave maker. I switched from Koralias to RW-8s mainly for the quite operation, but still have most of them around maybe 1 or 2 have died.
  15. icepikbiker

    Spin Streams

    That's what I thought. I think my flow would spin it to fast.. Sent from my HTC One_M8 using Tapatalk