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  1. Great work on this @badxgillen! Looking forward to it.
  2. I would also try to give each colony a quick dip in Melafix—2 to 3 minutes, no more than that. Jeff should have Melafix, otherwise Petco usually has it. Melafix is harsh, but I recommend it because it is the only thing I have heard people have used on brown jelly (usually with lps).
  3. I would frag off the brown tips with bone cutters, about a quarter inch into the healthy tissue. So, I would frag between your red and yellow lines, closer to the red lines. Good luck!
  4. Great microscope work, John! There are definitely cilliates there. But those little brown spheres on the slide also look like dinoflagellates to me. It looks like the cilliates are eating at least some of them. Maybe the algae colonize where the cilliates are feeding...? What a mess! What did Jeff suggest that you do? If it were me, I think that I would take everything out that I could and dip it in KCL (food grade, 1 tblspoon per gallon) or Revive or maybe Melafix. If I couldn't take out a piece to dip, I would hit it with a turkey baster and crank up my UV sterilizer. Good luck!
  5. These pictures actually look like dinoflagellates. Didn’t we see that on a Monti in your tank a while back? Do you see bubbles in the strings of brown? If you do, I bet they are Dinos. If it is Dinos, you might try a UV sterilizer and frequently blowing them off of your corals with a turkey baster. In my experience, if I blew them off all surfaces several times per day and ran a UV sterilizer, they eventually went away.
  6. I would send in an ICP test ASAP to ATI or Triton. If you are seeing ‘brown jelly’ on your corals I suspect that is a result of some other stress and not the cause itself. @albertareef recently had a similar experience of slow decline and it turned out that he had a piece of metal mixed with his media in his calcium reactor. good luck!
  7. ATI is replacing ATI Essentials 3-part with a the 2-part ATI Essentials pro. The new supplements will be available in the USA by January 2019. I like this idea, since it will free up a channel on my doser and will free up space in my cabinet for other stuff.
  8. Very cool! Looks like spawning. I’ve had bristle stars produce an excretion like that too.
  9. I have tried Triton and I have had good success with it. However, Triton has had some issues keeping their supplements in stock in the USA. I switched to ATI Essentials because it is much cheaper than Triton and it is always in stock in the USA. Since I switched, I have had the same type of good results using ATI as I did using Triton. ATI also offers ICP testing for less than Triton charges and with similar results. I currently recommend ATI over Triton.
  10. That looked like Dinoflagellates, not Cyano. Keep up the higher flow, and clean it with a turkey baster every day. Usually it will go away, unless there are other issues with your tank chemistry.
  11. https://www.afp.com/en/news/15/surviving-bleached-barrier-reef-coral-more-resilient-heat-doc-1bg5aj2 Corals in the Great Barrier Reef are becoming more resistant to bleaching.
  12. This was a great idea @Flashy Fins and @Gumby
  13. It is nice. I think I have a frag of it. @CuttleFishandCoral didn't you think that it was some kind of efflo?
  14. This first comment is not related to the clam. If you are dosing BRS two-part, you should run your alk no higher than 8. If you run it higher than that you will start to battle with pumps seizing up all of the time. I run my alk 7.7-8. As for the clam, as long as your parameters are stable, it should do fine in a 3 month old system. The one thing I see that you’ll want to correct for the clam is the low nutrients. I think that your nitrate should be a little higher. 2-5 is ideal in my experience. I also like my phosphate to be around .08, but .03 is probably ok.
  15. I saw those there. Nice! Sorry I missed you, Daniel.
  16. I'll see everyone tomorrow! It looks like it will be a nice day for a meeting.
  17. Ok, please let me know by Friday evening if you are able to come to the meeting and exactly what you want me to bring. Thanks!
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