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  1. Wow! I want some of that microbiome in group 4!
  2. I still have some corals I got from him at the most epic tank breakdown in history! A great guy, who will be sorely missed.
  3. Since we use freshwater to make our tank saltwater, I doubt that regional differences in the microbes would have much of an impact. I think most of these microbes don't survive once the water is salted, and then the microbial community is dominated by species that come from our live rock and corals, etc... On the other hand, if we were using seawater collected from different areas in the ocean to use in our reef tanks, then I would expect to see more regional differences in microbes. Edit: Oops, now I see that Mark was referring to the microbes in water collected from our Oregon Coast. I'm not sure whether those colder-water microbes would survive in the warmer reef environment that we create in our tanks, but I don't really know.
  4. We'll need to interrogate you at some point regarding your bacterial husbandry. You must be doing something right! 😎
  5. Did you dip those corals that were acquired from 5 stores and 11 individuals? I've always wondered what coral dips did to bacteria...
  6. Yes, my balance score was low for my high diversity tank. Interesting!
  7. Most of my tanks are similar to yours nutrient-wise. In my high nutrient tank that had the high diversity score, my nitrate runs about 20 ppm. I haven't tested phosphate in that tank in a while, so I will have to check it out.
  8. Interesting. What do you keep nitrate and phosphate at in that tank? My high diversity tank is also my high nutrient tank.
  9. Whoa! It's John! How did you set up that tank, John? I got my starter live rock from Robert for my 95th percentile tank.
  10. One of my tanks was in the 95th percentile. Can you beat that? 😜
  11. I got 3 for my Reefer750, because I wanted to reduce the likelihood of shading. It’s probably more PAR than I need, though. Once my mounts arrive, I’ll post some pics on my tank thread. This should give you a sense of what 3 look like on a similar-sized tank as yours.
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