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  1. I’ve got two running over my frag tank, which is sps heavy. You can stop by sometime and see them in person if you want.
  2. Don’t forget Mindstream. It is now on sale. They are shipping in about a month. 10 parameters: Alk, ca, mg, k, salinity, ph, O2, CO2, temp, ammonia. It’s pricey, but not that different from the other options.
  3. It looks like two of the polyps might be closed up in your tank. A close up shot would help
  4. Looking great! That’s a lot of progress in 1 year. Looks like the monti you got from me a year ago is doing well.
  5. @EMeyer have you seen this thread on Reef2reef? https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/bacteria-in-a-bottle-myth-or-fact.403226/
  6. You’re going to give my fish a heart attack 😀
  7. This is fantastic, @EMeyer. I can't wait to see part 2! Your results suggest using extreme caution when using bottled bacteria products. This is a bummer, since I am about to start up a quarantine system with one of these products. I know now to make sure to start with some live rock or a pre-cycled sponge filter. I wonder if the bacteria product you used might have overheated in transit to you before you used it. Can you use your microbiome analysis to see whether your bottle does contain viable bacteria as a way validating your treatment?
  8. I’m interested Jorge
  9. Wow, you brought a lot of sps on the plane. I’m not sure how you get your acros to look better in your booth than in most of our display tanks. That is dialed in!
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