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  1. Lexinverts' Red Sea Max reef tanks

    Seahorse tank!
  2. Viewing photos

    It is photobucket trying to get us to pay for the service of hosting our photos. It used to be free. It's not you, it's them!
  3. Lexinverts' Red Sea Max reef tanks

    No, it is Photobucket. They want me to pay them to have access to all of my old photos.
  4. Lexinverts' Red Sea Max reef tanks

    It's the original Bali Green Slimer.
  5. ReeFi LED info

    Ooh, can you ask them about the Luxeons? You still need to see my LED color combo sometime!
  6. Lexinverts' Red Sea Max reef tanks

    Came back from a 3 week trip and the corals are growing out of the water!
  7. ReeFi LED info

    I like the printed look. I also think that the lights are an excellent value. You won't find that kind of power for $300 anywhere else.
  8. August Annual BBQ! Swap Meet and Raffles Galore!!

    This sounds great! Unfortunately, I need to take my daughter to girl scout camp in Florence. I'll see you all at the next one. Andy
  9. Fred and Ginger

    Yes, thank you!
  10. Fred and Ginger

  11. Fred and Ginger

    Sirena, those babies that I have been raising are getting big. I could find a replacement for Fred in there for you. Andy
  12. Want to trade cuttlefish

    Are the feeder minnows from salt or brackish water? Or do you just throw freshwater minnows in the tank and hope they get eaten quickly? Colby has a bunch of molly-type fish in with his seahorses in the 600 gallon system. I wonder if they would be easy to breed to use as feeders for the cuttlefish. Andy
  13. OFFICIAL: sps grow out thread

    The two branches were not actually connected by tissue, so there was no need to superglue.
  14. OFFICIAL: sps grow out thread

    Here's mine. I lost one branch to rtn, but the other branch is doing well.
  15. All Things Aquariums 1 year anniversary celebration

    This sounds like a good time, Erin!