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  1. WTB- Red Sea Reefer 250 or 350

    I think I saw a 350 at Upscales
  2. New ReeFi LED product in prototype and testing phase

    I think so. I’m sure Daniel will share some of those specs as he gets closer to releasing.
  3. Looking for a Prime, Hydra 266?or 52. Maybe. radion

    Hi Brian: I have a Hydra HD 26 that came with my Red Sea 170. I replaced it with one of Daniel's Reefi lights. I would give you a good deal on it. The only catch is that is has an odd end to the power cord where it plugs into the Red Sea power bar. It would be necessary to get some kind of adapter for it. Send me a pm if interested, and I will send you a picture of what I am talking about. Andy
  4. New ReeFi LED product in prototype and testing phase

    Cool! So you will possibly also have a pendant model with the new spectrum? I love the pendants too, so I would be excited about a pendant with the new spectrum that you have been talking about.
  5. Hello: We have tried unsuccessfully several times to contact you about renewing your sponsorship for 2018. Could you please respond to this message or send an email to me lexinverts1ATgmail.com? Best, Andrew Bouwma
  6. GB No Kiss Tonight

    I like it. Sort of like "home wrecker" but more subtle.
  7. GB No Kiss Tonight

    What was the inspiration for this name, Rudy? :-) That is a nice looking Tenuis!
  8. Interceptors

    I have some
  9. Live rock pics

    It's alive alright!
  10. Lexinverts' Red Sea Max reef tanks

    Here's a blue shot of the seahorse tank. Gorgonians and ricordeas are going wild!
  11. Lexinverts' Red Sea Max reef tanks

    Time for a reset on the Red Sea SPS tanks! The Bali green slimers had grown out of their space, and I had some mushrooms growing over everything. I can't wait to start over with new rock work. Now that's a bucket full of slimer! Thanks a bunch for your help with the breakdown, @badxgillen!
  12. Tank cycle

    The easiest way is to add some of this stuff, along with a few invertebrates to feed the cycle. Ammonia is cheaper, however. https://www.amazon.com/DrTims-Aquatics-Nitrifying-Bacteria-Cycling/dp/B001LUMZ4C/ref=pd_sbs_199_6?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B002DVTFGE&pd_rd_r=XMDNGR2KW75MCKVY5MFT&pd_rd_w=uNAZZ&pd_rd_wg=uyjyF&refRID=XMDNGR2KW75MCKVY5MFT&th=1
  13. Chaeto Reactors compared to Algae Scrubbers

    Whatever you want to call it, I find it to be credible in this case, and informative.
  14. Chaeto Reactors compared to Algae Scrubbers

    General debris. Plus, it is hard to keep the chaeto from getting all matted up due to flow in the reactor. None of these options is maintenance free. They all take some fiddling.