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  1. Lexinverts

    Photosynthetic gorgonian fs

    I don’t think I did. This one has really fine branches and I didn’t have a very big colony when you stopped by. I gave you pretty much every other one I had though.
  2. Lexinverts

    Photosynthetic gorgonian fs

    I think I got a piece of the same one from Roy. It is really unique. Roy said it was indopacific, but I don’t think it has a hobby name.
  3. Lexinverts

    What is your favorite encrusting montipora

    It's a bright orange with dark green polyps, very different from sunset. It's a fast grower. It is in the middle of the picture below. Just behind the forest fire digi. And here's a pic of a frag:
  4. Lexinverts

    Live amphipods & mysis for sale

    Hey Eli, If Nakul doesn't take them, I'll snag the amphipods from you. I could give you 20 bucks or some more coral frags. Andy
  5. Lexinverts

    What is your favorite encrusting montipora

    I like citrus mistress, mystic sunset, and superman in addition to the ones that Greg mentioned.
  6. Lexinverts

    Coral Giveaway!

    Share the love!
  7. Lexinverts

    What's a good ATO for a 20G sump?

    You could do it, but Reef Angel already exists and it is a Arduino-based controller. It is pretty cheap and easier than building one yourself. http://www.reefangel.com/
  8. Lexinverts

    What's a good ATO for a 20G sump?

    You also need to get a small pump for the controller to control, but pumps are cheap. I have a some used ones that I could sell you for cheap. I am close by in Corvallis.
  9. Lexinverts

    What's a good ATO for a 20G sump?

    I have two Tunze osmolators, but they are very expensive. I am also using a unit from Autotopoff.com that is much cheaper and works really well. I am using the "double w/ bracket" controller. http://www.autotopoff.com/Standard/index.html
  10. Lexinverts

    Wanted BRS Dosing pump 1.1ml

    I have one too, if you still need one
  11. Lexinverts

    Can rapid growth cause color fade?

    Your alk is way too high. The first thing to try is lowering your alk to 8 or 9. I'll bet that change alone will make things improve.
  12. I would definitely stop the vodka dosing. You may have done this already, and I may have missed it in the OP. As you seem to be aware, vodka can lead imbalances that result in cyano and/or dino outbreaks. It can cause your nitrates to get too low while not reducing the phosphate very much. In this scenario, cyano is able to out compete other types of algae that normally keep it at bay. Been there, done that! Removing the sand could help, but I am not sure that it is a long term solution. Consider an algae scrubber or a chaeto reactor for keeping nutrients from getting too high. (I see that you said that you already have macro, so maybe this was not sufficient..) I would also try stopping dosing the phyto and zooplankton, in case that is contributing to your problem. I have often had issues with cyano after dosing acropower, so perhaps your supplements are contributing to the cyano issue. If I were you, I would keep up with the siphoning and water changes, and keep disturbing the cyano/dino wherever you see it. When I had issues, I would use a turkey baster to blast the sand and rockwork every morning and evening, and this seemed to help things correct themselves. A final thought would be to slow down the water changes if the cyano is gone and you start to see dino being establishing, since water changes seem to bolster the growth of some kinds of dino. Good luck! We've all been through this one time or another.
  13. Lexinverts

    CNC Bonus Group Buy Inverts!!

    Kim, if it isn't too late, I'll add 10 snails onto my order.
  14. Lexinverts

    CNC Bonus Group Buy Inverts!!

    Hi Kim: Please put me down for 3 cleaner shrimp. Thanks! Andy