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  1. old salt

    Tacoma bound!

    No and no. Not in tacoma, well petco lol
  2. old salt

    Heating suggestions

    This thread is making me wonder how much I pay to heat my tank in the garage. I've thought of insulation on the garage door to save costs and I'm only in the 76-78 range.
  3. old salt

    Purple tang

    So I have had my purple tang for little over a year and he has been a very happy and healthy dude. I just noticed that he is looking a bit pale, like a ptco fish or the fish you see in Dr's office's. He eats well both SA dry and a regular helping of sea weed from his chip clip. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.
  4. old salt

    Purple tang

    Thanks Jorge, I'll what I can come up with
  5. old salt

    Purple tang

    Mandinga, all four things you mentioned seem good and that's why I'm not so so worried. But I'm gonna have to look into the stray voltage thing I've only heard about and don't really know what it is. Thanks for the advice everyone.
  6. old salt

    Purple tang

    I drop in a few frozen treats a week not rods but mysis. I feel like it's a low stress environment with good nutrition and that's why it's so puzzling to me.
  7. old salt

    New propagation tank

    Found this little gem on Craigslist last week and picked it up today. Not quite sure what direction I want to go with it yet. I wanted something for the garage that could serve as . . . Hope to have water in it in the next few days. Let's see what happens.
  8. old salt

    Dollar per gallon

    Does anyone know when petco will have their $ per gallon sale. Gonna try and set up a crazy propagation thing in the garage and I need a few 30's and a 40
  9. old salt

    Dollar per gallon

    PetSmart and Petco are kind of the same to me and I really don’t go there to buy things. i try to stay local and for someone that lives in Olympia that means Renton or pdx unfortunately. But when they have those sales I feel like I’m getting one over on them so that’s ok. matty, I would take that 40 off your hands the only thing is that I don’t get to Portland but every other weekend or so. I could give you heads up before I go that way if it’s cool.
  10. old salt

    What pumps..?

    So what I've got is the rw15 on a 120 that's 48x24x24 and think it's more then plenty, if I go more then about 60%-70% I've got sand blowing around. It really blows the pants off of my tuze pumps. The only catch is depending on how you chose to run it with the wave modes it is louder then my tunze pumps.
  11. old salt

    pic's for fun

  12. old salt

    A pic

  13. old salt

    Red slime Rx

    well i did a 25% water change and things started to look like normal but this morning i found my skimmer going crazy. looks like im just going to have to do another water change and probably closer to 40%-50% this time.
  14. old salt

    Red slime Rx

    So I just treated my tank just the way the instructions say on the box I've waited a few days and now I'm ready to turn on everything as it was before. But when I turn on my skimmer it goes crazy and overflows. Any help would be appreciated if anybody has experience with this.
  15. old salt

    Red slime Rx

    I did a 25% and it died down and I thought it was back to normal. But this morning the skimmer was going nuts again. So it looks like I should have done a larger water change. I'm gonna do another one and see what happens.
  16. old salt

    Red slime Rx

    Alright so I did a 30% water change and everything seems to be back to normal, with the exception of the algae problem which is gone. looks like I won this battle.
  17. old salt

    Red slime Rx

    Not yet I was gonna give it a few more days
  18. old salt

    Red algae Rd questions

    So I used the red slime medication and did everything as the instructions said. It has been several days since the medication has been added and I still can turn on my skimmer because it just goes crazy and overflows. Does anyone have experience with this. any help would be appreciated
  19. old salt

    new rw-8 loud

    I have the RW-15 and it works great, I’m actually not using it to its full potential. It is loud as the fan winds up and down but I think I can deal with it for the price. I’m also going to get the doser form jebao.
  20. old salt

    what skimmer should I get for a 75 sps tank?

    I just leveled up from a coralife to a vertex and I love the construction and how quiet it is but I don't get that super dark skimate that everyone talks about, probably me and not the skimmer though.
  21. old salt

    Kessil owners rejoice

    I just got my 360' s last week and then I find out about this, it is amazing. Especially since I have no type of controller on my tank as of now and now don't feel as rushed to get one.