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  1. momo3419

    200 gallon deep dimension

    PM sent. This would ideal for moving all my livestock from my 180 to a 4" footprint.
  2. momo3419

    Acan zapped

    Well, my acans were zapped a while ago by my pesky torach. Most of them still have a couple heads left but one of my favorites which I got from Ocean in a box when they did the large Australian acan order a while ago. Well it just has a silver left does anyone suggestions on how to nurse up back to health? If I'm not able to nurse it back I would be interested in getting a frag from someone who got another frag of this acan. It was the red and green ultra they had. Thank you for any help!
  3. momo3419

    Used Fish for sale

    Pictures please!
  4. momo3419

    equipment for sale

    I need to sell this stuff ASAP! please make offers!
  5. momo3419

    equipment for sale

    Hello, I have some extra stuff laying around that i don't plan on using and Im trying to upgrade my skimmer so time for some of it to go! 1. Aqua-C Ev-240 skimmer With mag pump. I believe its a 18 but not 100% sure. 450 Or best offer http://www.marinedepot.com/AquaC_EV_240_Protein_Skimmer_In_Sump_Spray_Injection_Protein_Skimmers_For_Tanks_150_to_350_Gallons-AquaC-AC1171-FIPSISSIHT-vi.html 2. SRO 2000 INT skimmer- 325 or best offer http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/super-reef-octopus-sro-2000int-6-in-sump-protein-skimmer.html 3. Millwake SMS 122 (Green box) 50 or best offer 4. MH setup two units and ballast- 100 OBO I also have a large Leather about 10" and two Kenya tree rocks to sell. Pm me any questions Thanks for looking!
  6. momo3419

    Zeo system

    I have been doing some research into the Zeovit system. Does anyone here run the system or know someone who does or used to? Other then the reactor and the handful additives what else needed? What needs to be taken off my current system? I know this is vague but Im just starting to look into the system to figure out exactly how much its gonna cost as well as the day to day routine. I was looking at the avast vibe reactor anyone know much on it? Thanks in advance!
  7. momo3419

    Hypo salinity and Ich in my tank...

    Yes, Im not trying to cure it at this point. Rather just reduce the amount of parasite on the fish. Im amusing my best bet is just to wait it out. I did not know of a lowered salinity would have any benefits. At this point my main focus in getting the fish into healthier state and at that point I can determine the best course of action. Just verifying here. Dropping down to 1.021 range would have zero benefits? Also Ive had ich before on the blue tang just never this bad. The purple is still new to me.
  8. momo3419

    Hypo salinity and Ich in my tank...

    Well, A true hypo salinity from what I was reading was keeping fish in a tank at 1.009 range. While I know this is way to low to just run with the tank as is. Thats why I was thinking of trying a semi hypo salinity. Im not to worried about my main corals being I have not moved them from my 90 over. However my Nems and some softies are in the tank which are not coming out easily. Has anyone kept nems at a lowered salinity? Say in more of a FOWLR salinity setting at 1.023 range? Im assuming inverts like snails and crabs won't be in much trouble. Typically from what I gathered a hypo salinity treatment is one of the only CURES for Ich but thats dropping salinity way down. It also puts less stress on the fish being they can stay in a single tank. Hints my reasoning for thinking maybe I can reduce the amount in the tank with a light Hypo treatment, allowing me to reduce any other stressing factors in the tank. I.E. Letting the UV run and reducing nitrates back to zero which is where my tangs were before the move. My gathering of how a hypo salinity treatment procedure is done. Keep in mind I'm still gathering information on this topic. 1. salinity is dropped to the range the reefer choses 2. 3-4 weeks after last sight of ich proceed to step 3 3. over the course of several weeks salinity in raised back to 1.025
  9. Hello, With my recent upgrade to a larger tank my tangs seem to have gotten ich (blue and purple). Thinking it was just from the move I added my Uv and other equipment over. Now it seems to have gotten worse. Heres where the hypo salinity question comes in. What is safe going down to 1.021 range? I know this is not true hypo but being a 180 its impossible to take everyone out. Do I need to be worried about softies? (mushrooms, Kenya trees and GSP) And My nems? Theres to many to take out.... And other inverts? Im going to start a more aggressive feeding routine with selcon and garlic in mysis and LRS. any other suggestions? Also my UV is undersized for the tank I think. 25 watt aqua Uv last tested five days ago nitrate 5-10 salinity 1.025 alk 8.1 Thanks in advance.
  10. momo3419

    sump leaking?

    Yesterday I got a new to me 180 from steelhead. move went well. but now I'm noticing a slow possible seal leak from the bottom of the sump tank. which is a 40 gallon breeder. Thinking the bulk head was leading to the leak I tightened that. Hopefully that was problem but i would like some insight on this. If anyone has a extra sump they are willing to part with shoot me a PM that way I get an email being I'm still very busy getting stuff figured out. As of now I have the skimmer and filter socks on to help clear up the tank and keep the coral and rock alive. Fish are in my frag system for the time being. Thanks in advance
  11. momo3419

    Oregon blue tort frags for sale

    Any more available? I've been looking for one for a while.
  12. momo3419

    Going Out of town...feeding methods

    Im In Gresham. Im thinking between pellets and maybe frozen once a week they should be fine. I think I have it handled if anything goes south. I will have internet where Im at. I should be able to post if I need any help. Thanks for the advice.
  13. momo3419

    Going Out of town...feeding methods

    What Webcam Would you recommend for use with an Apex?
  14. momo3419

    SPS in my tank

    Theres the photos!