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  1. Thanks! Just ordered one!
  2. Looking for recommendation for good magnetic drag rack for 3/4 thick acrylic! I'm owning a frag rack from black rock reef and it's great but it seems like they don't make it anymore!
  3. Yah it has crazy hairy polyps! Hope it turns into something nice, this frag went through alot and probably got mutated lol
  4. RRUSA Wolverine!
  5. Old school bubble gum with gafted green pe/tip on right side, weird!
  6. Tom's firebolt!
  7. Old school MattV Topaz i keep for a friend. It's a fast grow and nearly double in size
  8. Unknown RR pieces Jeff from CnC imported a few years back. When through all kind of crash and tank transfer and it's starting to take off again. This one gonna be nice.
  9. The RR Lady in Pink under blue! this old camera can't take good picture under blue :(
  10. Thanks for the kind words guy! i'm actually beginner with camera skils too! took like 20 pics to get one good one lol!
  11. Ups!! reach max upload limit
  12. Few pictures tonight after feeding!!! It's been awhile, tank was struggling with GHA and it's all gone now...phewww! Pictures were taking with Nikon D300 and avast porthole
  13. Beautiful pic Brad!