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  1. Yep they are the best! Suprised only one person asked so far lol
  2. Updated list! Thanks for checking! Make me offers! Still have lots of liferock $2/lb
  3. All hana checkers are sold!
  4. Yep it’s a nice one!
  5. Hanna Akalinity is sold!
  6. Sorry for multiple posting lol! 19mb limits upload
  7. Geo 618 calcium reactor with vertex modified 2nd chamber! Full of media! Also come with bnib panword 40px pump for back up! Sold Aqua 57w uv with 7m old bulb and bnib bulb $250
  8. Zen reef 30 holes frag rack (extra strong magnet! Worked great on my old 3/4” acrylic) $35 Custom zen reef 96 holes frag racks with extra strong magnet $65 arms medias for cal reactor $30 for both
  9. Hana calcium checker no reagent left (sold) hana phosphorous ulr checker with 13 reagent left (sold)
  10. Se pdx aroud 115th and holgate
  11. Apex Wav module 2 years old ($200) brs 5 stage 150gpd with pressure pump ($250)
  12. Brs high capacity gfo Nib $35 Brs refractometer with calibration fluid $25 Hana KH checker with 4 full bottle of reagents ($45) SOLD tiger shark mag float! Worked great on my old 3/4” acrylic $75
  13. Hi! I’m cleaning out the garage and still have a few reef stuffs fs! Hydor ATO with tom aqua lifter SOLD Two finex 500w titanium heater! $25 each (sold 1) Fuge led 2 blues 1 white! Grow cheato like weed ($30) Jebao pp20 up to 5k gph ($40) (SOLD)
  14. Updated list! Thanks for looking!
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