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  1. New Red Sea display!

    Nice build Jeff! Lets pack it with sps but those light though 🤔
  2. For Sale - Geo 610 Calcium Reactor - $125

    I will take it jeremy but i cant make to the fragswap tmr! Can we meet after?
  3. Got my dream skimmer!!

    Now im just waiting for you to break down the 90g in a FEW months and buy back that skimmer cheap hahahaah "evil laugh"
  4. Black box leds are awesome!

    Lol it's like comparing a hyundai to an aston martin you get what you paid for!
  5. Thats what i figured lol! I'd jump on that deal even though i dont need it hahah
  6. I'm a little confused! Are you selling the carbon fleet, regulator and vertex reactor for $380? That's a hell of a deal!
  7. Deltec sc1455 skimmer

    Smelled like starbuck coffee?
  8. 48" ATI Powermodule 8 bulb

    Running this same light on my current system and it's a beast, worth every penny! Glws man
  9. Deltec sc1455 skimmer

    Dam you dont have a bk or something with that system of yours? love deltec though i had one in my old 100g before and it was a beast, pull out dark coffee color sh*t!
  10. What fish should I add?

    @CuttleFishandCoralGet me one then
  11. What fish should I add?

    Got a pair of flame wrasse from CnC few weeks ago and they are my fav in the tank! Beautiful and worth the $$
  12. Tank and stand

    Danggg sad to see this tank taken down man! So much $$ invested :( if i give you my whole colony of green slimmer, would you come back?? @Jorge
  13. Thanks Cuttlefish and Corals

    Max out my 19.53mb for today :(