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  1. FS Neptune Apex Controller

    Dang!! good deal Kim. If the EB8 deal fall through, let me know, i'll take it
  2. Pearlberry frags fs

    is this the og ora pearlberry Bill?
  3. Can i see these under daylight please!
  4. New Red Sea display!

    Nice build Jeff! Lets pack it with sps but those light though 🤔
  5. For Sale - Geo 610 Calcium Reactor - $125

    I will take it jeremy but i cant make to the fragswap tmr! Can we meet after?
  6. Got my dream skimmer!!

    Now im just waiting for you to break down the 90g in a FEW months and buy back that skimmer cheap hahahaah "evil laugh"
  7. Black box leds are awesome!

    Lol it's like comparing a hyundai to an aston martin you get what you paid for!
  8. Thats what i figured lol! I'd jump on that deal even though i dont need it hahah
  9. I'm a little confused! Are you selling the carbon fleet, regulator and vertex reactor for $380? That's a hell of a deal!
  10. Deltec sc1455 skimmer

    Smelled like starbuck coffee?
  11. 48" ATI Powermodule 8 bulb

    Running this same light on my current system and it's a beast, worth every penny! Glws man
  12. Deltec sc1455 skimmer

    Dam you dont have a bk or something with that system of yours? love deltec though i had one in my old 100g before and it was a beast, pull out dark coffee color sh*t!
  13. What fish should I add?

    @CuttleFishandCoralGet me one then
  14. What fish should I add?

    Got a pair of flame wrasse from CnC few weeks ago and they are my fav in the tank! Beautiful and worth the $$