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  1. Thanks Cuttlefish and Corals

    Max out my 19.53mb for today :(
  2. Thank you Jeff for always bring in exotic fish at a great price too. I'm excited for the QT services with SH.
  3. I have a complete setup 29g biocube FS. Tank, stand MP10 Hydor ATO Heater Pump OR S206 LED Asking $250 for the complete set up. I can bring to the meeting tomorrow if needed. Text me at 5037348103. I'll try to upload picture later. Thanks for looking.
  4. Son's 250 gallon SPS dominant tank!

    MattV OG Burning Candle MattV All American Milli MattV Orange Envy GB Superman Milli GB Full Throttle GB Megatron Danik's Bubblegum Milli Tom's Optimus Prime Tom's Mystique Tom's Peterpan Upscale OBT
  5. Son's 250 gallon SPS dominant tank!

    Few Pieces From the Pacific Northwest!! These two were from Jeff at CnC! Jeff always brings in fire!
  6. Son's 250 gallon SPS dominant tank!

    These guys need a hair cut!
  7. Friday Afternoon Eye Candy!

    No love for sticks Jeff?
  8. Is the bag of redsea pro salt on the background fs? If so pm price! Tia
  9. Open House at Holly's - $10 frags

    Can i stop by just for the beer? And enjoy your sps! Rumor has it that you have a killer tenuis
  10. Best magnetic frag rack?

    Thanks! Just ordered one!
  11. Looking for recommendation for good magnetic drag rack for 3/4 thick acrylic! I'm owning a frag rack from black rock reef and it's great but it seems like they don't make it anymore!
  12. Son's 250 gallon SPS dominant tank!

    Yah it has crazy hairy polyps! Hope it turns into something nice, this frag went through alot and probably got mutated lol
  13. Son's 250 gallon SPS dominant tank!

    RRUSA Wolverine!
  14. Son's 250 gallon SPS dominant tank!

    Old school bubble gum with gafted green pe/tip on right side, weird!