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  1. Used, good condition Canon EOS 60D with accessories $250 100mm macro 1:2.8L $550 EFS 18-135mm $200 50mm $50 Misc items Cash local deal only 5037348103
  2. Beautiful fish! How long have you had the Achilles??
  3. beer503

    Despretly need a new light

    I also have 2 hydra 52 non HD fs! Seems like you have a lot of options for new lights lol
  4. beer503

    Tierra Del fuego colony fs

    Sold! Please close
  5. I accidently broke a big chunk of tdf from my colony! $125 obo for this piece wysiwyg! First come first serve no holding
  6. Like tittle said, i have 2 10g tank and 1 40g breeder, 1 bucket of dead rock! All for free. You must come and pick them up! Forst come forst serve and must tKe them all! Thanks 5037348103
  7. beer503

    Canon 60d with lens package $1275 obo

    Bump: $1200 OBO. Great camera for taking macro pics of corals too Canon EOS 60D 100mm macro 1:2.8L EFS 18-135mm 50mm Misc items $1,200
  8. beer503

    SPS For Sale! cut to order

    Se pdx! 1”+ frags
  9. Not sure if this post is allow in here but it is somewhat reef related! Been usinf this camera for couple if years to take pics of my corals! https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/ele/d/canon-60d-with-full-lens/6570767706.html
  10. You have a pic in white? :)😜
  11. Ok count me in too please Brad!
  12. beer503

    FS: Zoas and more 10 percent to TFT!

    Ugggghh! i wish my regals leave my zoa alone. Great corals and prices like always Kim!