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  1. beer503

    Garf bonsai colony fs

    I have a large bosai colong fs! Frag plug pic for size reference! $300obo! First come first serve! Thanks
  2. beer503

    Vertex Rodi system FS

    Thanks!! With the pressure pump it is about 75-80psi in my area! I’ve never measured the waste water settup large di tank like Jeff at cnC
  3. beer503

    Vertex Rodi system FS

    I have a vertex upgraded to 5 stage 150gpd with pressure pump (and a back up pump). Also have all nee membrane and filters! $250 for everything! Im in se portland 5037348103
  4. beer503

    Aqua UV 57w FS

    Hi! I have a complete set used aqua UV 57w for sale! Bulb is about 6m old! Askinf $275 obo! Located in se pdx! 5037348103
  5. beer503

    Cuttlefish and Corals makes the big time !!

    Awesome!! Congratz CnC!
  6. I have a medium size Sohal tang i’d like to sell! About 4”-4.5”! He’s being too aggressive to his tank mates! $200
  7. beer503

    Canon 60d gears parting out.

    Bump!!! I'll do package deal if you buy the whole thing. LMK thanks
  8. Used, good condition Canon EOS 60D with accessories $250 100mm macro 1:2.8L $550 EFS 18-135mm $200 50mm $50 Misc items Cash local deal only 5037348103
  9. Beautiful fish! How long have you had the Achilles??
  10. beer503

    Despretly need a new light

    I also have 2 hydra 52 non HD fs! Seems like you have a lot of options for new lights lol
  11. beer503

    Tierra Del fuego colony fs

    Sold! Please close
  12. I accidently broke a big chunk of tdf from my colony! $125 obo for this piece wysiwyg! First come first serve no holding