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  1. czczcz

    Smart idea for mounting power strips

    Great idea. Always hated mounting these things. I need to mount a couple in a new stand, thanks for sharing!
  2. I had a ton of debris when I ordered some awhile back, not a whole starfish though. When I cured my pukani rocks it took forever, I probably still didn't do it long enough as it still grew a ton of algae. I cooked a few other pieces of pukani in acid and that time didn't have any issues, so it certainly does leach for awhile.
  3. czczcz

    Any tuna fisherman

    Hey Ken, Too funny. Didn't know you were a reef tank guy also. That's awesome. Look forward to fishing with you again.
  4. czczcz

    Any tuna fisherman

    No, I don't run a tuna boat, just a volunteer ironworker
  5. czczcz

    Any tuna fisherman

    I rarely post over there but when I do it is czczcz. This thread needs some TUNA in it! Feel free to say hey if you see me around Garibaldi / Rockaway, I'm down there all the time.
  6. czczcz

    Any tuna fisherman

    Yeah heard about that one, pretty crazy, good to hear all were safe.
  7. czczcz

    Any tuna fisherman

    I fish with Mark on the Long Fin, have fished with a couple boats out of BTM, never fished on Bud's or Dick's boat. 22 by 11 still sounds like a lot of fun, glad you guys were able to find some on the inside. Hoping to get out someday this week. Got restless on Saturday evening and headed for the high tide on the jetty and got lucky and stuck a ling cod. The bass bite is always pretty consistent, but fun to get into a better fish.
  8. czczcz

    Any tuna fisherman

    Wish I knew I needed to be looking here for open seats Just chilling in Rockaway Beach today, would have liked to be grinding iron. I fish sport commercial with a group of guys out of Garibaldi regularly during the summer. Best fishery in the state - Oregon Albacore TUNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. czczcz

    Store Eye Candy!

    Awesome fish as always. Kole Tang I picked up yesterday is happy and doing well this morning.
  10. czczcz

    what skimmer should I get for a 75 sps tank?

    I have had no troubles with the 130 myself. Took a little tweaking in the beginning but has been in the tank for 8 months now, with no issues, really quiet. I have it on a 72, with a 20 sump.