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  1. I have a 3.75" Bandit Angelfish for sale. It has been in my tank since mid 2016. It eats frozen food and seaweed sheets. It nips at SPS polyps from time to time. Price is $650. I'm located in Bellevue, WA. Local pickup is preferred. I might be able to work out shipping.
  2. Peng

    Black Tang FS Very Healthy

    Pacific Island Aquatics sells them for $450 with 7-day guarantee. http://www.pacificislandaqua.com/store/c2/Fish_.html Chris at SKA had them go for $500. I bought my joculators 500 each and Blue Zoo sells them over 1000 each. I don't usually like to comment even if I strongly disagree with the price because it's rude to do so. But I felt that I had to give some optional sources on this one to help the potential buyer get more informed.
  3. Peng

    Bayer ratio for dipping

    I used to do it with a ratio but now I add it to a level where the water is very cloudy and I almost cannot see the corals. I usually dip for 5 mins. It works with all types of corals and I mostly have smooth skin acros. There really is no standard.
  4. Peng

    Question for SPS keepers (identify problem)

    One trick I learned was to measure my nutrient level by checking cheato's growth. For my tank whenever cheato stops growing and fade/die my corals bleach & when cheato grows well my corals do well. Since zoothanthelae & cheto are both algae, it helps me a lot and I havent checked PO4 or used activated carbon for a long time now. Whenever I use activated carbon the cheato would start to die and then corals bleach. But because I used to bleach many corals by depleting the nutrients, at least 50% of the bleached acros came back with different colors or stayed faded.
  5. Peng

    Question for SPS keepers (identify problem)

    If by faded colors you meant pastel colors (the ones you would see on zeotanks) then maybe there isn't enough nutritents. Some corals, once bleached, never get their original colors back or take a long time and take on very different colors. If you have too much phosphate they should be brown.
  6. Be a doctor and drop 50k for them to get it done. But then having time for even a 200g becomes a problem. I'm doing my tank for as long as I can until that day comes around.
  7. Peng

    Wtb purple tang

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/322057552039 NY Aquatic has them w/ good price. I bought one over a year ago and it's still in my tank but much larger.
  8. I believe that Ocean Revive works very well too. I've seen numerous people using this light and they have awesome colors.
  9. Any suggestions? Ocean Revive or AI Prime?
  10. Data from RC. 15000K 6" above the water surface, reading: 1400-Water level. 153-10" below water. 65-22" below water.
  11. My SPS corals in frag tank (14g) have been losing their fluorescent colors and getting more and more pale under my Kessil light. Especially blue and red seem to go away fast. I just found a guy's PAR reading of these lights and I'm pretty shocked by how low their PAR is... Middle of the tank 100PAR !? URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2yEq0TsOfU I think I'm ready to try Ocean Revive.
  12. Peng

    Shoal tang. To a good home.

    People should only consider this fish when they have a very big tank with only a few other tangs.
  13. Peng

    How to successfully keep SPS Corals!

    Interesting, is that because of algae control? I dose during the day time because it's when photosynthesis and growth take place.
  14. Peng

    The switch!!!!!

    Can you share your light combination front to back? Thanks! Oh never mined... you just replied