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  1. I would ck Spectra Pure they specialize in fikitration. I find their filters and membranes last longer
  2. Don’t forget @CuttleFishandCoral Jeff always has some nice stuff!!
  3. 40 gallon breeders are 36 longv I believe. 18 wide
  4. I have 14 fish in my 150 and still corals and algae use it faster than they put it back in. I only feed once per day though
  5. No.... I just dose 5 ml per day and in about 2 weeks I hit saturation point to where I was no longer reading zero each test then I adjusted my dose to what I wanted. I wanted to be at 10 ppm and now dose 6 ml per day to stay there
  6. Algae and such also consume so if you are using that much and want to keep that high you need to continue dosing till it reaches a saturation point then it will slow down
  7. Hey Jonas thanks. I know how to calibrate and have the solutions I just could not find settings in fusion
  8. Can’t seem to remember how to calibrate my Ph probe in Apex using fusion....anyone help here?
  9. Tridodium phosphate there is a good read on R2R I’ll see if I can find it and paste it here. Be careful go slow!
  10. I usually move stuff on same day I’ve done big tanks all in one day having PRIME on hand helps in case you get ammonia spike. Just think out plan for worst and hope for best have plenty of heated water and match your parameters. The biggest issues I have come across is plumbing so have glue couplers and pipe ready if needed
  11. Photo is blurry but I think you can get the gist
  12. Not sure on the answer but many of the kits come with option for drinking water I would think if you put a T after membrane you would get RO WATER before going to DI chsmber
  13. Hey john how is your coralline growth?
  14. viper55

    SPS Issues

    So now that we have a little more info. I’m leaning towards two issues. Your tank needs to mature and your nutrients are a little too high Are you doing anything to export nutrients such as GFO. Vodka dosing or just relying on water changes?
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