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  1. viper55

    Tank breakdown sale

    Will make package deal on tank, stand lights (t5/radion xr30) pump skimmer all you need is sump and wave maker $275 OR.....I’m gonna clean up build new stand and raise price. It is very nice 93 gallon cube 30x30x24 w external over flow. Plumbing will be included
  2. viper55

    Fish and reef equipment fs

    You need the snowflake eel I picked up
  3. Fist thing that comes to mind is Walter white and Jesse pinkman!!!
  4. viper55

    Tank breakdown sale

    2nd in line penfibgvto Natedog
  5. viper55

    Tank breakdown sale

    Pics in am. Not home tonight
  6. viper55

    Tank breakdown sale

    Torch is spoken for
  7. viper55

    Tank breakdown sale

    Will update as I clean, test etc 93 gallon cube w/external overflow with stand 125 u/clean or I will refurb stand and clean 200.00 this tank has a lot of potential to be very nice DT will include plumbing no name skimmer works well $20 eheim return pump $40 almost new set (2) jebao rw-8 $60 radion xr30 Gen 2 150.00 ORANGE/RED Acan colony about 4.5” around fat and healthy $50 I’ll count heads later small torch frag $10 2 heads FLASH21 Several heads krypotonite csndy can $10 per cluster Very healthy and fat 18” snowflake eel from breakdown. $49. Needs to go soon. Very colorful pin cushion urchin $15 more to come
  8. viper55

    250g envison tank fs

    Who got this bad boy
  9. viper55

    Battery operated air pump

    C’mon man!!
  10. viper55

    Battery operated air pump

    I may have one of those as well. Ok get back to you on that
  11. anyone know where I can get one or have one I can borrow for the weekend
  12. I can do it myself but looking for someone that can help. I know we got lots of talented peeps here
  13. Looking for licensed Washington electrician that can help me out in new shop. Pm me please