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  1. Good deal but is 39.00 unless you continue on auto ship, also you gotta spend $10 more to get free shipping good spot however
  2. Will be after July 4 weekend. Tanks will be cycling by this weekend and then head to Shasta for one last hoorah! Before stuff gets real
  3. Welcome to the club. Lotta good info and people here always willing to lend a hand!!
  4. Orchards , right off 500 and 4th plain!!
  5. You are correct!! Hard at work getting stuff moved in and set uoup
  6. H there Jeff and Welcome back!! Let’s see some pictures of your tanks
  7. How old is the membrane? With on 23 ppm at tap ur membrane should takes care of that if fresh
  8. Manny hit me up. I can help you
  9. Manny I gave found tat a couple good water changes and quality food speed up recovery
  10. What size of bulkheads and how thick is glass
  11. What size you need? Pm me
  12. Anyone got a small frag I could purchase?
  13. 90% SPS the rest are high end shrooms and zoas!!!
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