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  1. Hey everyone. Looking for a pM1 module for my apex so I can run my frag tank with same apex unit. Let me know what you have
  2. Anyone got a ph controller like a Milwaukie or pinpoint they are not using?
  3. Very nice of you Rudy. Way to support the community!
  4. I think he means ”show me the money”!
  5. Look at the numbers on the box You can usually cross ref on the internet and order from home
  6. Hanna phosphate checker with 10 reagents but only one curvette. I’ve used with success for very long time (broke the other falling in sink) just tested today works great $20
  7. Looking for a magnetic frag rack (or two). Need ASAP. Let me know what you got thanks
  8. Bump, willl be posting on larger forums as well
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