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  1. Thanks guys hoping to move a bunch to the new 150 frag tank when it gets here
  2. Every colony in this tank was grown from a frag of 1” or less. I believe in simple. I do use apex to monitor things, a nyos skimmer, a cheap dc return pump, 4 MP 40’s, twin 300 watt heaters, a GHL Doser (160 ml a day of CA and ALK) and the lighting is powered by 4 radion xr30 pros mounted in an Aquatic life fixture
  3. This is the aquariclip I believe
  4. Got an orange filter and testing it out
  5. John how about getting a John guest 1/4” coupler and attach new line to old line and pull though. That’s what I’ve done in past and works great
  6. Come get it today or it goes to dump by 2 pm text and I’ll set it out otherwise it’s goin pre drilled with 1.5” overflow
  7. Make offer. Great for mixing salt water, use for rain barrels, water storage or on the farm
  8. thought I would post for free before I break it up and take to dump. Built by me. Front sales counter with unique granite top or use it as a wet bat or craft table FREE. Can be stained any color or painted by you. Decide fat as it wi be gone this weekend either way. Can driver
  9. I have two (200) gallon mixing barrels for sale with pump this is a turn key set up and works flawlessly. Ever need a large amount of water for a change snd not have enough? Never again. With 200 gallons mixing and 200 fresh ready to go, you will always be in good shape. These barrels were almost $400 each and the pump another 175 . I am asking $450 for the set up. Includes all plumbing you will just need to make a stsnd
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