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  1. I have a IM lagoon 20 w/everything except light will come with the following tank, pump, marine pure blocks , heater filter floss, live rock, sand, nano glass magnet and the following lawnmower blenny, wheeler goby, rare yellow pistol shrimp , snails this tank Is running and will be plug and play, NOTE: THE CORALS and cleaner shrimp IN PICTURES ARE NOT INCLUDED $150 no trades at this time
  2. A credit card is good it start peeling its foot without damaging it once it has started to move
  3. So Brian are you going to actually set this up in your current house or just preparing it for the move?
  4. Many you should buy them all
  5. I have a new Simplicity dosing container for sale 3 compartments (2000 ml each) $40
  6. You say this is a “frag pack” is there a pack price or just or just selling by each type ?
  7. Hey David the only thing I would add for added longevity is to paint or seal the platform the barrels sit on. You will be amazed how much water end up on them
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