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  1. Not much growth but nubs a few more nubs coming out and colors look solid
  2. Hey all I’ve been pondering this a bit and without going into much detail wanted to say thanks to all the people I’ve met and friends I’ve made here but it’s time for me to say goodbye. I’m not moving or anything just focusing on other things. In life right now.
  3. This guy trolled us all lol. He responded to one pm and then ghosted everyone
  4. I’ll be traveling up to but the whole set u!p!!
  5. Looking for a couple 48” T5 bulbs preferably blue+. Used is fine it’s just temp till new bulbs arrive.
  6. I’m guessing so but prob should respond or close the thread
  7. Pending pick up tomorrow to Dave Zoradi
  8. This light is back up for sale, deal fell through $400
  9. It actually doesn’t get that warm to be honest. But is an awesome light for sure !! Just love my radions
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