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  1. It will be a partial show tank, big fish, too down views more utility!!!
  2. Sounds great. We will be closed this weekend. Meeting wife in AZ for a couple days
  3. Haha it is!!! I am actually starting “the big tank today” full of water 250 gallons just plumbing it do I can turn on pumps
  4. Let’s add to today’s special. All coral frags buy 1 get the second one 50% off!!! Good selection to choose from
  5. Def can be finicky fish but can be kept in the right conditions.. even a captive Bred mandarin might be a good choice they are just small at first but eating good
  6. 15% off any Koran or Emporator (I have all different sizes in stock) and get a free clean up crew !!
  7. John , May know where those came from. I’m very happy they have found a great person to care for them!!!!
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