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  1. Check out a Formosa wrasse they will hunt all day for pests snd bugs. I happen to have a really god one right now too!!!
  2. Those are tough ones to get ahold of right now
  3. I am in aggreance Yellow coris wrasses, green coris wrasses, Formosa wrasses and pretty much anything in the halichoriis family is a good utilitarian fish. If you venture my way to the ReefBox I have many to choose from as I’m sure Jeff and or Patrick or even Terry do as well. currently I have 3 yellow coris wrasses 2 Christmas wrasses 1 marble (checkerboard) 2 Formosa wrasses and a couple leapord wrasses oh and a cook pastel wrasse all of which would be a great choice
  4. In case u wondering what D.O.D. means .....deal of the day!!
  5. Grade Ultra rock flower anemone (hand picked for me in Florida) $45 each. 13 to choose from Saturday only!
  6. Zoa frags buy one get one free! lots to choose from. Many multiple polyp frags available!!! with post pics of examples!
  7. I’m sure I got desks for you!!
  8. Stop pointing out the truth all the time lol !
  9. Thank you. Not a 100%. But dr says as long as no impact sports then I’m good!!
  10. Hey everyone. I’m back open healing is going well. Lots of new stuff just in , fish, corals and dry goods!! Hours this week WED-SUN 12-6
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