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  1. Get a pair of harlequin shrimp
  2. Bump. Ready to go. Will sell complete or in parts
  3. I’ve had him for over a year full QT and conditioned. Very fat $500
  4. The scribbled and scopas are sold! Sorry been dealing with new puppy
  5. I have a beautiful scribbled foxface snd scopas tang for sale. They went through fullE. qt and have had them for about 6 months foxface is 3-3.5” $40 scopas 2.75-3” $30 model citizens and need to go ASAP. Breaking down garage tank FYI scopas is in the back, the tang up front is my Gem
  6. Drilled 40g breeder-with simple stand and simple sump $75 add heater, filter sock, wave maker, too off bucket with float $50 add rock $25 150. If you want it all, will include copper and extra sock Prob find a pump as well. Just need light rock is in sump still wet so can be easy set up
  7. Haha thanks Brian. For a non reef project
  8. Anyone got a Dj strip they are not using?
  9. Anyone in Vancouver got a used pump on the 400-800 gph fir sale?
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