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  1. River City Corals

    Show me your mushrooms

    I’ll play
  2. River City Corals

    Maxspect Gyre Problem

    How bout calling tech support?
  3. River City Corals

    Coral Giveaway!

    Share the love!!
  4. River City Corals

    Reefer 350 For sale

    Trade for woodwork or contract work?
  5. River City Corals

    Dustin’s Redsea E-260

    Congrats on new tank. One suggestion I would make if you done mind is “open the rock work a little so you have better flow” and maybe move away from glass. It’s hard to tell in pictures but might have a tough time cleaning with rock so close nice tank!! The Red Sea tanks look great
  6. River City Corals

    80 gal Acrylic tank

  7. River City Corals

    80 gal Acrylic tank

    I would always recommend a bean animal overflow for you it incorporates 3 drains. Look it up on the internet. Nearly silent and fool proof when set up correctly
  8. River City Corals

    Best frag tank?

    I got mine at Sierra pet supply. $119 each
  9. River City Corals

    Best frag tank?

    Good luck finding the low boys. I have two that were on order forever. Seems they only make a certain amount then distribute and go go back to production Be careful drillingvthem if you get one. Thin glass so no pressure at all when drilling
  10. River City Corals

    I’m almost back!!!

    House it getting close and my old house is sold. Am being told my move in date is June 25th. The house is kinda on the small side (3500 sg ft) but I’ll make it work lol attached is a picture as of last week. Sheet rock is now completed too
  11. River City Corals

    I’m almost back!!!

    Yes. Busy but can’t wait!!!!
  12. River City Corals

    I’m almost back!!!

    Kinda !!
  13. River City Corals

    I’m almost back!!!

    I’m thinking boat will fit in large side. It’s 23.5 feet front to back. As far as large tank. No we downsized DT but do have a few nice frag tank that I ordered and picked up recently. Will all be one system with one set of equpment
  14. River City Corals

    Free diamond goby

    Very healthy diamond goby free to whoever can pick up today I’m in camas/washougal area
  15. River City Corals

    Free diamond goby

    Late tonight? What time Richard he’s all urs
  16. River City Corals

    Free diamond goby

    Text is best. 360-335-7952
  17. River City Corals

    Calcium Reactor Output

    My recommendation is to dril your effluent into the return chamber of your sump for best results
  18. River City Corals

    The Sell Off - The Meat & Potatoes

    Hey Greg they are there just scroll to the right a bit. I think he is asking $300
  19. River City Corals

    WTB Vortech MP-10w power supply

    They can be picked up pretty cheap on flea bay or amazon
  20. River City Corals

    CNC Auction 3-8

    Jeff I’m confused. How come parvo99 did not win this. His 904 timestsmp was after alephnull at 904 also. Just looking for clarification.
  21. River City Corals

    RMS multi light kit fs/trade

    If these would fit hydra 26 I would be all over it
  22. River City Corals

    ISO high end rainbow acros

    Hit up Reefjunkie
  23. River City Corals

    RODI Garden Hose Adapter

    Second the DIY version from Home Depot or Lowe’s. Easy to do!!!
  24. As title says let me know if you have one your not using
  25. River City Corals

    Looking for hydra 26 or 52. Must be Hd version

    Found one. Mods please close