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  1. Clown and Mandarin

    yes - they'll still eat pods, he's always foraging around. But, they've been raised on Calanus and pellets so they'll eat that too. I shut off the power heads and pumps and then spot feed the area he always seams to return to. Right now i'm doing pellets in the morning and Calanus in the evening, no spiking in nitrates so my tank is stable with the extra feeding. Just wanting to make sure he's eating.
  2. Clown and Mandarin

    Nice picture of the clown and mandarin I picked up a couple weeks ago at cuttlefish. Made themselves right at home!
  3. Clown and Mandarin

    Yep - it is.
  4. question - i'm moving to a bit bigger tank and I have some CaribSea Arag-Alive sand that I didn't originally use and still in the bag (about 9m old). I can see through the clear parts some of the green/pink bacteria growing in there. am i better off getting new sand or I should be good? Thanks!
  5. I have a very small tank that's been up and running for 8m with a few small coral frags doing nicely. I have some bare LR in there but have too much in there for the tank size and really just want to pull it and put in a few nice colorful colonized rocks in there. Let me know if you have something - THANK YOU! - Matt
  6. Does this mean my tank is happy?!?!

    ha! next is a Jesus rendition to be on par with the web sightings in toast and potatoes...etc..... I don't think a coralline algae one has been documented yet!
  7. I have a very well behaved 10 year old that will definitely want to come w me - kids allowed? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Since it'd been so long since I had a tank, it never ceases to amaze me all the little things that I forgot and get to discover again... How I can just stare at the tank and not get bored I post because my little tank has been cycled for a a number of weeks now, all numbers dialed, diatoms dieing off and then low and behold GHA started to take hold, and fast I might add. Only have a couple fish in there right now with a small clean up crew. Before the GHA had a change to take over everything, I took a trip down to Upscales yesterday and picked up a couple of emerald crabs.... Only appropriate time in life to say "I love my crabs!!!!!", they had a vegetarian FEAST last night and super fun to watch them go to work Daughter I couldn't take our eyes off the tank and man they mowed it all down!
  9. Been a very long time since I was on here, but finally have a new tank up and running. It's only a 6g nano, but it's a start. I know this is a the main tank thread but I really wanted some opinions from the broader group on stocking (it won't take much)! As with any tank though, it'll be swapped out with something bigger down the road. I've built the following config scenario's that I want thoughts on (good, bad, no way in hell!)...etc. Or if there are other thought's, Please let me know! Obviously want coral too - but budget has to ease into it all..... Thanks for all the thoughts and opinions! Config 1 Firefish Flaming prawn goby OR Hi Fin Red Banded Goby Pistol shrimp * Be nice to have some swimmers in there - but too small for any swimmers? Config 2 Firefish Neogonodactylus wennerae ( Caribbean Rock Mantis Shrimp ) * Interesting tank BUT – it’s glass which the Mantis could break, sand is shallow (only about an inch deep) and the may not be a good idea to have a firefish as it could very well be eaten. Right?? Config 3 Firefish Hawaiian Harlequin Shrimp Pair * Another cool mix scenario. - M
  10. What is the best way to find a specific fish? Local, wait until they happen to get one? I see there's sites to order from online but by mail seems dicey.... Don't have a huge tank so I have to be particular. What's the best practice here.... Thanks! - Matt
  11. let me know when and where - I'd be happy to help. I have a meeting I need to be in from 10-11, outside of that I can pop over. Matt - 503-329-7659
  12. well that was easy! will do.
  13. Perfect. I'm on the west side out in Hillsboro so not a bad drive, I drove over there last week to look around.
  14. Equip trade for Coral??

    Now that I'm back, trying to stock some corals in my new tank. Have a few items from aquariums past I'd love to trade... Corals Or if you have some lighting - I need LED's for a little 6g tank 10" x 10". If you'r up for trades - let me know what you have and we'll work something from there. Eheim Professional 2224 Canister filter - handles up to about 65g tank. CPR Bak-Pak 2R+ Reef Ready Protein Skimmer. It will need a maxi-jet pump but it's an awesome skimmer and get's great ratings. I do have pic's if you'd like me to post or send. Thanks!!! Matt
  15. Thanks! I'll let you know what I pull it together - tank finish cycling this morning!
  16. it's 12"H X 10"W X 10"W and thanks!
  17. 6yrs ago after selling off all my tanks to fund my pup's broken leg surgery - I've got water in a new tank! Was a long hiatus, but I was gifted a struggling tank and thought what better time. It was a fresh water with a snail population that was way out of control, got the the remaining stock into the hands of a new home, cleaned the tank up and ready for the reef. Pulled the existing light and filter. Was debating on doing a skimmer at all, but had to get around oxygenating the water well so and the skimmer I found seemed to fit perfect so solved the issue and then some. Current setup: Hydor Slim Skim, Sicce Voyager pump, Cobalt Neo-Therm 25W heater, 10lbs live rock and a few pounds sand. Need to get a lighting solution but it's currently cycling so I have a little bit of time... not much though; seems to be hitting the ground running as the nitrate spike is coming down. Going to work on the rock a bit, in a a 5g tank, space is used up quick - one of the upper rocks is a bit too large. Super clean install and equip will support a bit larger tank down the road.
  18. Fluval Chi - SW Conversion....

    Ahh no worries - He mended up awesome, but man he did a number on his leg - the elbow socket was busted in three places.. Screws and pins later, he's the bionic dog And now - that sounds about right, even missed the smell of the saltwater!
  19. Fluval Chi - SW Conversion....

    thanks all! i didn't forget how much i loved the hobby, but had to block it out for a while I'll post some pics once I get it populated and some lighting on there.