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  1. 1 hour ago, pdxmonkeyboy said:

    I jason fox uses no LED at all besides reefbrite all blues. Reefbrite all blues and mostly actinic t5.





    But yeah.. chill on the whites. I put my radiums from 7 hours to 5. We shall see. I am trying to make some big sales to treat myself to two 72" reefbrite xho strips.


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    Jason Fox use t5 blue+ as the primary grow out light and color up using reefbrite blue stripe.

    If you want to run MH for 4-5 hours like he does, make sure you have enough t5 blue +, t5 actinic and reefbrite blue stripe for 12-15hrs photoperiod

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  2. A lot of us usually miss the void space between the base of the acropora and rock or frag plug, it is the most likely area where eggs deposited and out of sight.

    If you see worm/s flying out from a colony make sure you cut at the base and dip.

    Clean and scrap the spot it was on before placing back the colony with new epoxy and glue.

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  3. On 3/2/2018 at 1:09 PM, TheClark said:

    Does anyone dose KNO3 like this guy?

    Stump remover is Potassium Nitrate as the main ingredients


  4. The word ban is not the correct word to use.

    Ever since Marine Resources and Fisheries Department established by the new Indonesian goverment, there has been overlapping regulations that the coral export association can always work it out. In this recent situation, Quaratine Office that issue Health Certificate had been under Management Authority for wildlife which is Department of Forestry. With recent establishment of the Fisheries Department the QT office now under the management of Fisheries Department.

    As of Wednesday 5/2, under the direction of Fisheries Department, QT Office will not issue Health Certificate or Domestic transportation permit for all corals and anemone. Without HC live cargo will not able to load as airlines cargo hence no export can be done because of no HC. Also exporter can't receive the supply from collecting station because no domestic wildlife transportation permit issued.

    Many people over reacted and interpreted this situation as a ban. However, what I have known from past experience government office will kill current procedure/s abruptly just to replace with a new one that will align with the decision and control of both Fisheries & Forestry Department. As of now Forestry Department acting as Widlife Management Authority of Indonesia continue to issue cites permit base on current year coral quota, anemone do not need special permit just like aquarium marine fish.

    For the time being we only can wait till the new procedures established to resume coral and anemone export.

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  5. 44 minutes ago, sroberts said:

    Rudy - What is the chance of stopping by your shop this weekend.  Is there a time when it would be open to site members?


    Sorry, I won't be around Apr 21 - May 7.