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  1. Guess where am I?

    Adam please fix the picture so we can see it. I just load up frm my phone.
  2. Rock, paper, bounce!! :)

    I think your shroom got tumor, let me cure it!
  3. Need advice on PAR meter on leds

    Look at your light fixture lay out. If you have about twice more blue & violet vs white then you may want to add 30% from your reading to get close to true par reading. If you want to increase power you need to rearrange the sps position, low light species going down and light hungry species going up. Yes you will burn the dragon type acropora if you have it up top.
  4. Picture at March 11 2016 Picture at March 21 2016, color up and some new growth tip on pic Under Onyx LED at 100% all channels
  5. Before and after picture under led fixture

    15" - 20" above water
  6. Before and after picture under led fixture

    It was under radium led hybrid for a week at 270par before moving it to higher par led.
  7. Before and after picture under led fixture

    Acropora generally is very finicky. Removed it from comfortable environment such as mariculture bed will make the acropora stress out. Plus long shipping duration added to the stress factor. Rapid changes in lighting condition from mariculture bed to exporter holding tank will shock the zooxanthellae algae also. Sometimes a simple situation just moving to diff spot in the same tank can trigger color down. Once settled down in the new place it will color back up. Color is the from of adaptability of zooxanthellae algae to absorb or deflect available light spectrum for photosynthesis. So some may have green or blue that is dominant color and some may have red that is dominant instead base on available light spectrum in each tank.
  8. Before and after picture under led fixture

    Lighting is only one of many variables to color up sps. Just don't be discourage when you received color down acro, it will bounce back. Some will take more time to color up.
  9. New kid on the block...GB Sweet Ace

    I don't have a before picture. I have this one that I am coloring it up, I'll update later on this one. Not sure how it will color up.
  10. New kid on the block...GB Sweet Ace

    It is under DIY Led.
  11. What light should I get???

    For zoa and lps you have lots of choices, almost any fixture you pick up will do to grow lps and zoa. You also have to take into consideration that many lps corals now days come from very deep water so fixture with heavy blue spectrum will be needed to keep them. Other than LED fixture you will have interval cost of bulb/s replacement. In regards to Ocean Revive, they are great units and serve the purpose for the price point. I have used it and no complain from me. This situation is true with other brand of china led units. It is not specific to OR, all china brand led units will have major variance within the brand itself because china made diodes are mass produced without binning / qc. For this reason of spectrum variance one person will have diff experience of success than another person given the same brand and model. Bo is coming up with cree unit that suppose to address these service factor issue and spectrum variance issue.
  12. GB Godzilla Millepora

    Colors just keep showing up on this millepora
  13. I have seen many hitch hikers but this one top it all

    I think it is a baby ribbon worm, Baseodiscus mexicanus http://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-2488421-stock-footage-banded-ribbon-worm-baseodiscus-mexicanus-hunting-underwater-in-australia.html
  14. I have seen many hitch hikers but this one top it all

    I would rather safe than sorry...lol Especially when a creature showing striking coloration like that, could be either bluff or venomous.
  15. Few more acro teasers

  16. My acro collection

    TBD-2 is similar to JF Terra Nova, with more blue it will get darker red
  17. GB X-Factor Acropora

    Before cooking After
  18. sps pack

    Good price for a nice collection Jorge. Rainbow Nasuta alone will cost the whole pack and still short.
  19. Few Acros teaser

    Nice collection Tom!
  20. Update! Some Sweet Eye Candy!

    Super nice corals Jeff!
  21. Coral ID

    Reverse Joker's Acan Lord