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  1. Coral Shipping 101!

    No exact science in shipping, just common sense. It is something that you have to do it often to master. Live fish and coral seller / vendor will be reluctant to share the knowledge because it is consider trade secret. When I first started shipping I learned from shipments came in to me. I just observed how the shipment were packed and follow what work the best. Some common sense: - Double / Triple bags - Use quality bags that can be secure for no leak. Zip Lock bag is not for shipping long distance. - Use heat / ice pack when necessary during extreme temp. - Do not ship when temp in the teens, heat pack wont help much and has its limitation - Use cooler box or Styrofoam liner with cardboard box outer. - Box will tumble in UPS/FEDEX conveyor belt, securing the inside may minimize damage. How to get cheaper shipping? The only answer is volume. Vendor shipping rate from UPS/FedEx is base on dollar value of shipping volume. UPS vendor shipping rate is base on weekly performance and FedEx vendor shipping rate base on quarterly performance. Both UPS and FedEx require aquatic animal shipping certification before you can ship live fish or coral. Sales Rep from both company can guide you through the process. Any third party shipping company to use? Plenty, but again your rate will depend on your dollar volume of shipping regularly. You will not see immediate lower rate before shipping often for a few months. Do I need to buy insurance? No insurance for Live Animal Shipment. Shipping live animal with FedEx / UPS / Airlines pretty much as is. Where to buy shipping supplies? Uline or local companies.
  2. We are moving!!!

    I thought all done yesterday...lol
  3. Led diode identification

    You should be fine replacing with Royal Blue because none of china diodes are bin so even when it is stated violet / uv you will get closer to RB spectrum anyway. Put some thermal grease when replacing diodes.
  4. Two New Zoa At Golden Basket Reef

    GB Thunder God GB Spiked Gatorade
  5. Wtb large chunk of GSP

    I have metallic green colony 4" diameter for 35.00
  6. Stratocaster Paly

  7. Stratocaster Paly

    Which line of Stratocaster are you looking to purchase? A few lineage out there. I may have PZ Stratocaster for 100.00 a polyp, that is local and no shipping.
  8. DIY LED for 90g reef (rapidled.com)

    Make your design a 3 channel instead of 2 channel. You need to separate true uv or violet from white otherwise you will be wasting uv / violet if set in the same channel as white. Because when you dim white you also will dim uv / violet in that channel, you may want to run uv / violet at 100% all the time not dim most of the time. Plus UV / Violet maximum drive is at 700ma and white can be up to 1.5amp on XP-G2, they are not suppose to be set up in one channel. It will be better to do 1:1 ratio of CW and WW and you will not need red & green diodes anymore. You will get all the green, yellow, orange and red spectrum from WW diode and casting more natural spectrum than single red or green diode does. Your overall spectrum will be more like 12K with the ratio of white and RB as per rapidled recommendation. You need 2:1 (RB:CW) to be able to pull closer to 20K spectrum. Since you plan to control the fixture it will better to be able to pull closer to 20K and you can adjust / dimming to make it more white. You will find out that most corals other than sps will not take white spectrum easily, the main cause of bleaching in aquarium are too much white led and tank temperature. You have 10 RB per channel, you can go up to 14RB per channel and run it at 1amp, the same for white channel, you can have 14 diodes also per string at 1amp. Instead adding 4 RB I would suggest adding 4 Blue / 470nm, blue & RB can be set in one channel. You can add RB to your white channel to complete the 14 diodes per string. This additional of RB act as supplemental so will be OK to put them in one string as white. This particular rapidled set up is an old school and old design / layout. I build like this layout over 5 years ago and will give you more white crisp look of the tank with less color pop. Daniel's reefi incoporated current design lay out with separate channels for each type of diodes for better control of overall spectrum posibility via control adjustment. You can achieve the same control capability with your diy if you are adding Storm or Bluefish controller, these are programmable and open source program available that you can download for free. Theclark is very experience programming this type of controller.
  9. Color enhancing fish food

    Add this algae powder, Astaxanthin powder to feed recipe to improve fish color
  10. SPS BOGO Frag Sale!

    Nice selection Jeff! Hurry up to take advantage of this sale before I clean up Jeff's sps rack...
  11. Black or clear silicone for new tank?

    I am with reefnjunkie, too many black silicone being used now days, I doubted if color of sealent will make a diff in strength. Black silicone is more expensive and may be more less available, I think this is more like cost decision rather than strength issue. Joel @ Wave will know more about this subject since he worked with black silicone building his own glass tank quite a few during his time at Wave. I hope he will chime in to share his experience.
  12. Auction of a High End Acropora Frag Pack for TFT

    Very nicely done Troy! PM me if you want to come to pick up your GB frag
  13. Reefing is a dark hobby

    The idea of sustainability in the reefing trade is an excellent approach. Unfortunately this video was produced by a group of industry hater to round up donation for their own gain. This group is hoping that people would spread the video and this false representation will gain traction. The group been harassing fish collectors by pursuing them in the collecting site when taking video. Hawaii has one of the best conservation that taking into consideration both natural resources, tourism industry, and fisherman / fish collectors. Only select area of reefs around Hawaii islands can be collected for aquarium industry and the state taking record of total take and mortality. So far the state of Hawaii has been satisfied that conservation policy working and fish collection for aquarium will continue.
  14. Auction of a High End Acropora Frag Pack for TFT

    ***** I'll sweeten the deal, when it hit 300.00 I'll throw in a frag of this GB Out Of The Park Acro *****
  15. Some Nice Zoa At Golden Basket Reef

    Son, it is a single polyp of spartan acro :-)
  16. Some Nice Zoa At Golden Basket Reef

    That one is Juggerhawk, you know Mohawk X Juggernaut...lol
  17. Scott / Spectra is the winner, a well deserve prize for a great help to the reefer community here. Congrats Scott!!! https://www.facebook.com/goldenbasket/videos?ref=page_internal
  18. Rapidled Corona Unit Raffle Drawing Result 07/24/2016

    Congrats Scott!
  19. How to unglue pvc

    It is stated in the video that need to do this in well ventilated open area because of toxic fume in the process.
  20. First Annual Oregon Reef Expo Pictures!

    Thank you all for a great event! Really appreciate all the help. Surely looking forward to next year.

    We are ready for you! Lots of nice corals in one place, WOW...

    Change of plan. Raffle will be done day after the show and winner will be posted at GB facebook page. There 1 unit New Release Rapidled Corona 419.00 value and all vendors will have frags or gc to add. No entry fee to the event and every one can enter name once for raffle.
  23. Welcome! Make a trip tomorrow Saturday to Portland, we have 1st Oregon Reef Expo.
  24. July Oregon Reef Expo Frag Swap

    Tuna_bullet is VW Reefs with vast collection of zoas. He will bring zoa heaven to ORE.