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  1. MACNA In New Orleans!

    Please visit Golden Basket Reef at booth # 280.
  2. CFM Bay Area Show 08/05/2017

    Stumptown Corals and Golden Basket Reef fires coming to CFM Bay Area show this Saturday
  3. How to successfully keep SPS Corals!

    50% skills and 50% luck :-)
  4. Gryphon Band Saw-200.00 Firm

    Why don't you just buy the lower box and keep the motor / upper assembly?
  5. SPS problems

    Very possible you are starving your sps with 0 NO3 level, at this non existence NO3 level your alk should hover around 7-7.5
  6. I sell Lollipops at RAP NY

    For those that are going to RAP NY this weekend, stop buy Golden Basket Reef booth # 519 for some Lollipops
  7. I sell Lollipops at RAP NY


    Plenty of crazy colors !
  9. Camera talk

    Lots of practice and a good lens make good picture Options are endless to the point that you have to limit / budget yourself. Knowing what you are trying to accomplish with the camera will dictate what you have to buy. New camera body being release recently so the previous model will drop in price. Some people like to shoot video also, most of the new models are capable of doing 4K video
  10. GB Fire Tip BTA

  11. GB Fire Tip BTA

    Sold! Thanks jonas503
  12. GB Fire Tip BTA

    Not sure if I have any by that time
  13. GB Fire Tip BTA

    @ 295.00 each
  14. GB Fire Tip BTA

    Found it laying around in the ocean, finders keepers...
  15. WTB: High End Nems

    One of 20 or so in the USA, does it count as rare enough?
  16. Controlling effluent flow

    I am not sure about noise, I would think be the same as other peristaltic pumps. As far as replacement tubing I am sure from Pacific Sun or generic brand will be available. As with other equipments, none is set and leave alone, still need to check regularly for parts wear down. For example, pump can break a seal and water on the floor.
  17. Controlling effluent flow

    Pacific sun calc feeder doser
  18. Pink Party Hummer

    True reefers there...good thing everybody sober
  19. April Meeting Store Tour 3 Meetings in One!

    Thank you all for coming! It is always a pleasure to meet face to face. Enjoy your new additions.

    Marked your calendar for this exciting event coming up at Golden Basket Reef. Meet Jason Fox, The Coral God in person.

  22. Guest speaker ideas?

    Jason Fox did a nice presentation in Houston Reef Currents about his approach to reefing, his system, and his collection trip, video on you tube Steve Tyree offers a more sophisticated approach to reefing and full of knowledge. Either will be a good choice. Laura Birenbaum will be a good choice also, topic about aquaculture coral in closed system
  23. LF: High End Zoas!

    I am back at the shop
  24. LF: High End Zoas!

    Speckled Krakatoa @ 200.00 pp Leprechaun @ 200.00 pp Hyper Jubilee @ 200.00 pp JF Blood Shots / Direct Lineage @ 200.00 pp Rainbow Incinerator @ 100.00 pp CB Bloodshot Krakatoa = Speckled Krakatoa being rename
  25. 1,500-W Bathtub heater for my Reef Tank?

    I have heard EB8 could stuck at on position, may want to find a way to avoid this