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  1. I sell Lollipops at RAP NY


    Plenty of crazy colors !
  3. Camera talk

    Lots of practice and a good lens make good picture Options are endless to the point that you have to limit / budget yourself. Knowing what you are trying to accomplish with the camera will dictate what you have to buy. New camera body being release recently so the previous model will drop in price. Some people like to shoot video also, most of the new models are capable of doing 4K video
  4. GB Fire Tip BTA

  5. GB Fire Tip BTA

    Sold! Thanks jonas503
  6. GB Fire Tip BTA

    Not sure if I have any by that time
  7. GB Fire Tip BTA

    @ 295.00 each
  8. GB Fire Tip BTA

    Found it laying around in the ocean, finders keepers...
  9. WTB: High End Nems

    One of 20 or so in the USA, does it count as rare enough?
  10. Controlling effluent flow

    I am not sure about noise, I would think be the same as other peristaltic pumps. As far as replacement tubing I am sure from Pacific Sun or generic brand will be available. As with other equipments, none is set and leave alone, still need to check regularly for parts wear down. For example, pump can break a seal and water on the floor.
  11. Controlling effluent flow

    Pacific sun calc feeder doser
  12. Pink Party Hummer

    True reefers there...good thing everybody sober
  13. April Meeting Store Tour 3 Meetings in One!

    Thank you all for coming! It is always a pleasure to meet face to face. Enjoy your new additions.

    Marked your calendar for this exciting event coming up at Golden Basket Reef. Meet Jason Fox, The Coral God in person.

  16. Guest speaker ideas?

    Jason Fox did a nice presentation in Houston Reef Currents about his approach to reefing, his system, and his collection trip, video on you tube Steve Tyree offers a more sophisticated approach to reefing and full of knowledge. Either will be a good choice. Laura Birenbaum will be a good choice also, topic about aquaculture coral in closed system
  17. LF: High End Zoas!

    I am back at the shop
  18. LF: High End Zoas!

    Speckled Krakatoa @ 200.00 pp Leprechaun @ 200.00 pp Hyper Jubilee @ 200.00 pp JF Blood Shots / Direct Lineage @ 200.00 pp Rainbow Incinerator @ 100.00 pp CB Bloodshot Krakatoa = Speckled Krakatoa being rename
  19. 1,500-W Bathtub heater for my Reef Tank?

    I have heard EB8 could stuck at on position, may want to find a way to avoid this
  20. New frag tank build

    So you are trying to out competed your DT :-)
  21. Brian67 200 gallon starfire

    You are up in no time. Tank looking nice.
  22. Got aiptasia :(

    The best is wild copperband and racoon bf. Copperband is always my first choice, those aiptasia will be gone in no time. If you have mojano also then you need wild racoon bf.
  23. Got aiptasia :(

    You can also use peppermint shrimp. Put the shrimp in a net and quickly flip the net with shrimp to the back rock work and leave it there while you feed the trigger. The shrimp will come out to the rock work and trigger will not bother them. If you just throw the shrimp into the tank the trigger would take it as food.
  24. Got aiptasia :(

    Have you thought of using Wild Copperband or Racoon Bf? they are very effective in removing aiptasia and mojano.
  25. Wild Caught Aquarium Fish

    Also to further the discussion, a few concerns has been raised from fish breeding. 1. Genetic Handicap In the wild many individual fish as the sources of egg and sperm and with breeding limited number of brood stock only. 2. Natural resources piracy. Countries with natural resources along the amazon river brought this issue in one of the cites meeting. Their argument is that commercial fish breeding of amazon aquarium freshwater species in Florida and South East Asia Countries causing the already poor people loosing their income from the local resources. These people has no alternative income other than collecting freshwater aquarium fish. In Indonesia and Philippines a lot of reef got destroyed by bom fishing for food fish. The aquarium industry in both countries providing alternative income to these bom fishermen to collect aquarium fish and coral. They get proper training to collect marine fish without the use of cyanide. Again the advance of marine aquaculture threatening the fisherman income and the worst case scenario they will be back to bom fishing. In Bali I have seen government program of breeding panther grouper, the goverment selling to the fisherman 1/2" fingerlings so they can grow them to sell to aquarium trade and selling bigger size baby panther grouper for ocean rearing by fisherman to sell in the fish market later as human consumption. This mutual benefit has spread over to several different species of clownfish and cardinalfish It doesn't matter in which side of fence one standing, there is always pro and con. Finding a mutual benefit for both to coexist at the same time sharing common goal of sustainability sometimes hardly look upon.