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    Yes, except no amex.
  2. Jebao DC 12000 Driving 5' Skimmer

    Nice! Run more efficient overall including less electricity. You got the black stinky skimmate? Jeff / Bluzreef you need to start producing and selling this needle wheel impeller. Awesome modding!

    No, your tank will be incredible with our corals in it
  4. Anyone have a nem safe colander? Or any ideas

    Pond plant basket at lowe's or hd is good to use or since you already have the bow, just line it with fiberglass mosquito mesh.
  5. Local Pickup?

    Yes, we do local pick for ebay winning. We will automatically contact you via ebay email for pick up info. Lots of nice corals for this week end auctions. Many new release zoa!

    Would like to buy some Pink Hippo Zoa. PM me please what do you have and how much. Picture if available will be better.
  7. Lazy Leopard

    He is playing hide and seek
  8. Tank is moved!!!!!

    Brian my old back prevent me from helping you (naughty)
  9. The Story of a Darth Maul Morph Nicknamed The Clarkatoa

    Here you go as promised the GB Krakatoa, close family to Clarkatoa
  10. Chain of events

    Again, I have discussed the matter with Kevin and you take it up to him. Cheers!
  11. This is not Right-The FACTS-As I know them

    I have personally discussed matter with Kevin / Mr. President. My involvement in this subject end here.
  12. Chain of events

    "People in glass houses should not cast stones. We were not the only ones; at least one more domain (PNWMAS.COM) was purchased by another individual who is very involved in the forum. Somebody who works for an LFS who opposes these actions. This persons intents were the same as mine - to provide the community a place to go. Said person has now cast stones and proclaimed their hypocrisy." President already accepted explanation and dealt with this issue by acquiring the right to pnwmas.com name.
  13. This is not Right-The FACTS-As I know them

    "Rudy I am more concerned with why one of your employees during the time the site was down registered the domain PNWMAS.com. That is something we are going to have to discuss at a more appropriate time." Simple enough, as you talk here about how you would like things proactively done. Mattv register the pnwmas.com because he doesn't want anybody else has the change to have it that when the club needed to rebuild the site and need .com name is there and secure. He did that knowing that a person with admin password can accessed and destroy the site and anybody could messed around with the club name also. Please try to obtain email conversation in circulation from any of bod members. You will now how your admin team being called as, does the term "****turds" seems nice to you. On that email even stated that you are along with his idea, I hope it is not true. The intent and purpose of a new website is there in that email. That is why I say somebody put words on your mouth without you knowing it.
  14. This is not Right-The FACTS-As I know them

    Both Jeff and Bo are dear friends to me. Lets not assume the worst about them. They are free to sponsor at any site. That is their business not us to discuss.
  15. This is not Right-The FACTS-As I know them

    All what we have been discussing about the issue facing PNWMAS is healthy. It is not healthy when we try to argue with each other, lets value each other opinion / voice and leave it that without any response. All of this is politic after the fact and I am sure the bods is busy talking about it. A much bigger issue is how the site went down. We were told that it was attacked / hacked. The information that came to me is that it was not attacked / hacked per say at all. Someone with admin password logged in to pnwmas site and deleting files and database to kill pnwmas site. This is concerning and why a person would have malicious intent like that for just a reef forum?
  16. This is not Right-The FACTS-As I know them

    True. This listing is actually pertaining to US and It's Territory only. It doesn't concern to the whole world. What it does however is affecting us domestically, because NOAA can pursue to make a regulation regarding this issue. Lobbyist will see it as a time to raise funds for fighting whatever bill it may come about. Every so often this hobby always facing this type threatening situation but always can reason with law maker because no one want to OK the worst possible bill.
  17. This is not Right-The FACTS-As I know them

    I came up with the term "RIVAL SITE" so I need to explain. It is a free country that anyone can put a reef forum or whatever forum they like. When you open up a new reef forum and pooling resources either man power or even soliciting man power from people at pnwmas, yes it is more like a rival site to me. If you don't see it fit, call it whatever you like. It is a fishy business...lol
  18. I have to say good bye

    Kevin, there is two sides of the store always. There is many thing that apparently you don't know before making decision as it is. I am in no business here and also not taking side. I love the community and will speak out if I see something wrong the way it managed. As far as my knowledge is that 3 admins working hard to restore the pnwmas site. They are Jay, Adam, and Darryl. I don't here anybody else helping. Right after they are done bringing up the site, they were ousted from admin. There is also this matter of rival site being put up, www.westcoastreefers.com I was personally asked to be sponsor that I declined. There is copy of email circulating around that implied you were supporting this very idea of new site. I hope no one put a word into your mouth without you knowing about it.
  19. It's Back

    While the admins working hard to restore the site, a rival site pop up here, www.westcoastreefers.com I was asked to be a sponsor there but I declined for the reason that I still believe in PNWMAS being restore and up and running again. Unfortunately these people that actually done work all this time to restore the site while other busy forming a rival site, were being ousted from admins position. Mr President and Bods need to sit down and take a hard look at what is going on here? Go with bylaws! People that already jump ship should not be in the position to control PNWMAS!
  20. I have to say good bye

    I am sorry it has to end this way. Chance to loose a few more good and honest people in this organization, very sad.