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  1. PaulV

    Nuvo 40 Set Up

    I am the second owner of this set up. I was told that the tank was up and running for about a year. I did a leak test but never set it up. Everything is in a new condition. Asking for $500. Setup includes: IM Nuvo 40 Tank IM Nuvo 40 stand (black) IM Ghost Protein midsize skimmer IM Spin stream (2x) IM Custom Caddy Media Basket (2x) IM Magnafuge LED Refugium Light IM Mini 38 return pump (476 gpm) Aqua Gadget - DIY Aquarium Mesh Screen (missing mounting clips)
  2. PaulV

    Guess where am I?

    Do you need a special permission to view? Because I can't open it! =(
  3. PaulV


    Awesome tank! Sick yuma/ricodea collections!
  4. PaulV

    Randall's shallow reef

    Wow love the new tank and the rockscape! What kind of corals are you planning to stock the tank with?
  5. PaulV

    WTB: Yumas

    Looking to fill my empty nuvo 16 with lots and lots of yumas. PM me if you got some for sale! Thanks!
  6. PaulV

    Super glue scam

    I agree with Mandinga.. We use this to build models all the time! Bob Smith glue is probably the best [language filter] glue I ever used. I didn't know it was reef safe. Had one of these for 3 years now, still half full! http://www.hobbytown.com/Shop/BSI109-Bob-Smith-Insta-cure-Gap-Filling-8-oz-CA-Glue/
  7. PaulV

    Seattle Reefers?

    Thanks Scott, no wonder I couldn't find anything on google....
  8. PaulV

    Seattle Reefers?

    Hi! I haven't been on here in quite awhile, been pretty busy with getting settled living in Seattle. I'm finally ready to set up a reef tank once again! I tried searching to see if there's a community forum like PNWMAS for the greater Seattle area but I couldn't find any. (not that I'm leaving PNWMAS, just became a paid member!) Found GSA and PSMA which doesn't seem to be thriving forums. I also briefly browse around Reef Frontier but last post was from 2014? Any suggestion to where they might be hiding? Thanks ahead of time! I look forward to becoming an active member on here again
  9. PaulV

    A Special offer :O!!

    Oh yes. I will definitely pm you once everything is set up and ready for corals! Couldnt stay away for too long
  10. PaulV

    A Special offer :O!!

    Ohhh This is perfect! I am finally settling in and getting ready to set up a nuvo 16 soon. Count me in
  11. How well do you think this will work? So tempted to get one! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/bird-s-eye-jellyfish-possible-japan-aquarium-table#/
  12. Dang what a crazy beautiful cube. wish I saw this sooner!