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  1. Cats are better than corals

    My cat found the joys of outside and now never comes in to snuggle or see me... at least my fish can't abandon me for a better back yard lol
  2. June Meeting at TPA!!!

    Hoping the hubby and I can make this meeting and see everyone! ?
  3. My 16gal upgraded to an 88gal

    ?thanks to you! I'll have to come get some more for my addiction soon! ?
  4. My 16gal upgraded to an 88gal

    Soooo rude!
  5. My 16gal upgraded to an 88gal

    They are so much bigger now I need a better shot haha and I have added some stunners that I got from Jeff!
  6. My 16gal upgraded to an 88gal

    And my most recent pics! Oviously these are phone pics with blues. One day I'll take the time to take real pictures of my pretties!
  7. My 16gal upgraded to an 88gal

    Well I have been telling people I would get back on here to keep in touch now that I don't see all of you at CuttleFish (miss you Jeff!) and with hubby getting on today figured I would finally introduce my beautiful 88 gallon tank that we replaced the nano with! I would like to add this beauty would not be possible with out Jeff and all the wisdom he gave me over the time I was lucky enough to work with him and all the epic corals he supplied to this tank! As you'll see I'm a little addicted to Gonipora ? the old onethe new one!!! everything moved over from the 16!added a bit more close up of some of the ones I moved over!
  8. T5 lighting

    We just switched to the 8 bulb ATI and love it! The colors are awesome! Not sure the exact bulbs we have up there we switched them a few times after we got it. Kinda just have to put in a few different and see what you like!
  9. Clownfish Antics

    That's awesome! We had a clown in the shop that did that too! The Goniopora did the same thing.. got super upset at first then was fine! Side note... that Hulk is beautiful! I need that color Goni in my garden!
  10. Wrasse ID?

    Hard to tell with all the blue.. what colors was it?
  11. Frozen Food Ruined AGAIN.

    We precut as well! Seems like we have all forgotten it one time or another haha. Precutting also makes it easy for someone else to feed the fish if you are gone on and have someone else feeding.
  12. January 2017 Photography Presentation at Holly's

    It was a great time! So cool to finally see where all that stuff she takes home goes! ???? Thanks everyone for putting it on! The food was awesome and the conversation was even better! ????
  13. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas! Eat and be merry! Spent my day wrapping and baking so I know thats what I'll be doing tomorrow!!
  14. Open Christmas Eve

    Happy to help! Merry Christmas!! Jorge knows what's up, he's a rockstar! ????????
  15. Sirena's Red Sea Max Nano [emoji177]

    Looking awesome!! Good job on doing the move by yourself!