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  1. Fish for sale

    All 4 pending
  2. So New the Word Newbie Doesn't Even Apply

    Welcome to the forum holly! I knew you would find your way on here eventually.
  3. Fish for sale

    Being forced to downsize and consolidate tanks. These are the for sure ones that dont have a home now. They have all been in captivity well over a year now. Very healthy fish, went through a thorough quarantine before going in my tanks. Will also trade for a 48" 4 bulb t5 fixture. Male Naoko Fairy wrasse 3"- $50 Orchid Dottyback 2"- $20 Starry Eyed Blenny 2"- $20 Sixline Wrasse 1"+ $10
  4. Large Purple Tang

    Ive seen this fish in person, its a beautiful healthy fish. Its been around for atleast 4 years now.
  5. I will check on mine tonight, but it wasnt looking very good
  6. March POTM Winner - Acros

    Wrong picture? Im seeing earthbounds tank?
  7. Let's talk QT tanks

    Mine is pretty much the same as righttirefire's.
  8. Lex was kind enough to bring mine by yesterday, so im ready.
  9. Share the Love....( Matt V sps )

    Share the love!
  10. Second dobie pads! Amazing things! Toilet bruzhes work very well to clean skimmer cups
  11. 48" T5

    Pm'd you
  12. Bowen's IM Fusion 10

    You will find you dont like your rocks that close to the glass. When algae starts growing it will be really hard to clean in those spots.
  13. Free frags!!!!

    Encrusting monti
  14. Particles in water driving me crazy!!!

    Possible bacteria bloom?