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  1. spilo

    What does your screen name mean?

    Mines short for spilopleura.. type of piranha I use to keep back in the day
  2. spilo

    Any tuna fisherman

    So I'm gunna assume you guys are also on ifish? What's your names over there :o I just lurk around on that forum and soak up all the info lol
  3. spilo

    Any tuna fisherman

    Picked up 3 halibut around Nelson island friday.. no tuna in sight tho.. saw a nice 10ft shark.. landed a ling that had a big bite taken out of it aswell.. I don't know much about tuna yet but it's next on the list
  4. Mine took off like crazy but definitely slowed...probably my fault... slacking a little on the maintenance lately... 60hr weeks whoopin my butt right now
  5. I'll get mine up tomorrow.. ment to today and forgot
  6. spilo

    Go figure.

    I have the apex app on my phone... basically if it isn't updating I know powers out...
  7. spilo

    OR T247

  8. spilo

    OR T247

    Come oooonn need my tower lol.. this light is practically brand new
  9. Took a few trys for me to count them all... then I had the wife count.. and we came up with the same
  10. spilo

    OR T247

    Bumpidy bump
  11. spilo

    Apex base unit

  12. K so me and the wife both came up with 31 And still 5 on the palys
  13. They did just release the new halibut quota and it will be open that Saturday... so expect all the boats... we launched our boat last halibut weekend Friday night at almost midnight and there was kind of a line lol